Tips to Make Honeymoon Sex Memorable

Tips to Make Honeymoon Sex Memorable

Honeymoons are no travel extravaganzas, but it is an escapade that newlyweds take to celebrate their marriage in intimacy. The Honeymoon is the best sex holidays a couple takes during their entire married life as it provides them to be intimate and indulge in great sex sessions without having to worry about the social world around them. Sex is thus important and should be given high priority as it helps to strengthen the new relationship bond. In India, many consider sex as sacred and save it until the wedding night, but most couples are usually tired and pass out on that day. Here are some tips that you can follow to make your honeymoon sex memorable.

Take an exploration trip:

Here we don't want you to head out to find a new place on the planet. What we want you to do is to use this opportunity to discover your partner's erogenous zones. Once in action, make your partner lie on their back and start gently kissing and touching all over their body. While you do that, try to make note of the spots where the reaction is very intense.

Play the tease game:

Sexual teasing is a very powerful way of communicating your naughty thoughts to your partner. For long, teasing is often under appreciated. Try to indulge in some kissing and caressing in public because it's only during honeymoons that couples are able to do so without having to worry about any social inhibitions. Many women are known to be attracted to men who have the knack of being able to tease sensually.

Set the mood:

Once you are off on the honeymoon, it's just the two of you, so make sure that you make it as romantic as possible. You can look at surprising your partner by booking a spa session in or around your destination. A hot massage will help you relieve the marriage and the travel stress. Follow that up with a dinner at a secluded location where you get all the comfort to talk to each other. End the day by setting up the room with scented candles, exotic chocolates, and lubricants.

Talk Sex early:

Due to demanding careers, couples are taking shorter honeymoon trips, which essentially means that they have less time for each other. The problem gets aggravated for arranged couples, as they have known each other for a very limited time. This can possibly cause some discomfort while indulging in sex, and to avoid such situations, we recommend that couples start talking about sex early to learn their comfort levels and preferences. This will help you set the right expectations.

Be experimental:

Honeymoon provides couples with the perfect setting to explore their sexual fantasies and to indulge in some sexual adventure. Try whatever tickles your

fancy—a toy or some particular sex position. Put it out to your partner and there is a great chance that he would want to try it too.

Carry sexy lingerie:

Your honeymoon is the time to be playful. It is the best time of your life to go all out with the lingerie. Make sure to pick some nice chemises, stockings, see-through lingerie, g-strings, etc. Talk to your husband about it to know if he likes any particular color or has any preference, and use it to surprise him during your trip.

Use protection: 

Lastly, make sure to use protection unless you are in a rush to have a baby. Using protection would make you both feel at ease without having to worry about any unexpected events. Condoms come in various types, flavors, etc. So stock them up so that you never run out of options.

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