Attract Opposite Sex
Attract Opposite Sex

Attract Opposite Sex

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Attract Opposite Sex

Glam up your bedroom with luxury and romance with the Arousals and Attractants Collection. Entice a hookup to more than a date, re-ignite the spark in your relationship, or indulge in your fantasies with your new beau- the collection features gels, lotions, perfumes and sprays that will leave them craving for more!

Whether you are a beginner in the bed, or a sex connoisseur, the Arousals and Attractants Collection have something for you! Exhibiting a sophisticated range of premium brands- Kamasutra, Bijoux, Dona, Climax Burst, PJur, and many more- the collection inspires you to reconnect with your sexuality.

Attract your partner with the lustrous pheromones sprays or full-body perfumes, or adorn your gracious curves with body jewelry. Relax your mornings and sensualize your evenings with scented and flavored massage oils. Hypnotize your partner with the seducing body mist and tease them to climax. Deep dive into your partner's pleasure spots with delicious fragrances and suave tastes the collection offers.

Take your intimacy to a new level with the fine selection of Arousal and Attractants!

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