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Desire & Arousal

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Desire & Arousal

One can opt for multiple routes to get in the mood- sext with your partner, have aphrodisiac food or watch Euphoria- but the Desire and Arousal collection is what you need when you want a sure shot! An expert-recommended collection of arousal gels, performance enhancers, pheromones sprays, intimate gels, and much more- it's not here to disappoint you. Bring your best to the bedroom with our magnificent Desire and Arousal collection and re-define your lovemaking moments from eh to aaaah.

Our Desire and Arousal collection caters to vulva and penis owners with its diverse range of products designed to suit your sexual needs the way you desire. Whether you're looking for a quick-effect intimate gel, or a fancy horoscope balm, you will find your treasure in this chest. Settling for less is the 1990s, so own up your pleasure with the international brands like Imbue, Orgie, Swiss Navy, Bijoux Indiscrets, and rock it as you deserve!

Entice your partner to a spicy sex session with the pheromone spray and complement it with body jewelry for the grace to work its magic.  For vulva owners who find arousal difficult, g-spot arousal gels and orgasm enhancers are a good fit to bring to bed. Experience the wonders of tinging sensations with the application of a small amount of these gels. Enjoy your glamorous sensuality and celebrate your sexuality with these smooth and body-safe arousal gels.

Express your love for your partner, or boost your sexual prowess with the titillating Desire and Arousal Collection.

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