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Want to experience an ecstatic climax without letting go of the control? We can suggest nothing better than remote-controlled vibrators. When these vibrators slide into couple play, mystique, fantasy, and ecstasy are bound to light up the room. Whether you wanna quench the clitoral thirst, want a vibrator you can thrust, or need the good old butt massage, we’ve got the essentials to satisfy all your needs.

Bid farewell to the evergreen struggle of pressing buttons or juggling through multiple speeds before hitting the right one with these aesthetically pleasing remote-controlled vibrators. Masturbation sounds so much better already, doesn't it? Well, it gets better! Equipped with advanced technology like Bluetooth Tech and wifi connectivity, the versatility of these vibrators extends from being a couple's toy for those in long-distance to a vibrator panty that you can wear on dates for extra pleasure. Getting greedy for grabbing these sex toys? Wait till it makes you cum! 


When you had a long and draining day at work and crave comfort orgasms or when the spark in your relationship calls for experimentation, we would recommend nothing other than a remote-controlled toy. An all-time favorite for sex toy enthusiasts, remote-controlled vibrators boast a cute but discrete design that can comfortably fit in your purse or your panties. Break the monotony of your sex routine as you welcome new sensations in your pleasure world with these vibrators. 

Some enjoy remote control vibrators to fulfill their fantasies of public sex. Some relish a remote control vibe to experience pleasure in letting go or let their partners take charge of their orgasms. While some people appreciate the customization these vibrators allow. Whichever be your reason to pick these lightweight, ergonomic vibrators,  this collection promises something to everyone because remote-control sex toys aren’t limited to bullet vibes but also extend to remote-control G-spot vibes, remote-control remote-control butt plugs, and remote control cock rings, too.

The best tool out there to keep your partner on their toes, the remote in hand enables you to send a ripple of pleasure when they least expect it. Wait, it gets better! The sensations enhance as you come closer to share the stimulations of a remote-controlled couple’s toy. While, it won’t be an overstatement to call these remote-controlled toys a couple’s best friend, these cute li’l vibes are perfect companions for all the single fellows enjoying the bachelor days. Somebody who understands your pleasure, goes down on you, and hits the right spot(s) without being told directions…what else do we desire?

If you’re looking for a good time, we would recommend picking up the vibes that offer you dual stimulation- internal & external! Set sail to ecstasy with these remote-controlled vibes because what is orgasm if not letting go and enjoying the moment lying bareback!


Your vibrator is your intimate companion and you deserve the one that’s a perfect fit for your needs. If you’re looking for a pick that vibes with your personality while rocking your world but, starting your search isn’t so smooth sailing, let us help by suggesting our top picks for remote-controlled vibrators that aren’t just bestsellers but have also won critiques hearts: 


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