About Sex Toys in Bangalore

Bangalore: Silicon Valley of India. Garden city of India. Sex-toy lover of India.

The capital of Karnataka, Bangalore, is the third most populous city of India. With the title of leading information technology exporter, Bangalore adopts people coming in from all corners of the World. Historic sites, hill stations, scenic countryside and old towns exist in contrast to the hip urban life of pubs, start-ups and traffic-jams. As the city is full of hustle and bustle, folks often find them to be either in constant company or no company at all. And in both situations, one often craves release that will get them through the week. As a result, there has been a considerable rise in the demand of sex toys. A lack of physical sex toy shops in the city has opened the doors, or rather links, to the world of online sex toy shops.

Let’s find which sexual technology is loved most by our technology lovers.

Sex Toys For Men in Bangalore

Too many hands spoil the broth and one hand may fail to make it better. Spice up yours with some special ingredients like sex dolls, fleshlights, male masturbators, etc. These male sex toys are made to give you sleek, warm, soft and a realistic feel. Male chastity and cock rings will give you rock-hard erections and prolong ejaculation.

Penis and Performance Enhancers

A lot of pressure to perform the best is often put on men, which might lead to lack of self-confidence or tension. Penis enhancers are sleeves that give extra length and girth to please your partner. The inside of the sleeve is warm and soft. You can cut the top to adjust it to your size and let your tip feel your partner.

Get the right boost and stronger stamina with delay creams, penis enlargement pumps, penis erection sprays, gels, serums, sex power tablet, supplements, etc. that are designed only for your and your partner’s pleasure.

Lubricants and Condoms

To get in easy and enjoy your stay, lubricants and condoms are the best tools for your tool. Some lubes are suitable for masturbation as they are warm on contact, non-sticky and easy to clean. Flavored condoms will have your partner daydreaming about tasting you, even at work!

Sex Toys For Women in Bangalore

Women are conditioned to play by rules most days, juggling work and home. But not in the bedroom! Loose control by playing around with vibrators, dildos, wand massagers, butt plugs and smart sex toys. With various frequencies and safe materials, sex toys will give a new life to your clit, a-spot and g-spot. Nipple clamps and vibrators will give new sensations to your nipples for extended periods of time.

Energy and Performance Enhancers

Sometimes your head might be in the game but your body fails to catch the signal. Add a little fuel to ignite the flame with energy and performance enhancers like pills, shots, supplements, drops, etc.

Lubrication and Self-pleasure

Rain and cramped spaces are the best combination for excitement. That’s what our bodies say too. Get into the tight spaces easily with help of water based lubes. Heighten your senses with some gels, drops, balms, oils on your vulva that will help increase your sensitivity.

Intimate Hygiene and Care

To enjoy a long-drive every day, you gotta take care of your car. Maintain good health of your intimate bits with tampons, menstrual cups, kegel balls, cleaners, shaving cream, shavers, aftershaves.

Sex Toys For Couples in Bangalore

All work and no play, make couples a dull cliche! Play some fun games in the bedroom with sex toys made for couples. Win over partner with BDSM and bedroom games like flogger, mesh collars, gags bondage games, card games, dice games and many more. Vibrating sex toys will get you and your partner reach the finish line together.

Condoms and Lubrication

Use flavored, studded, warming, cooling, lubricated, non-latex or extra-thin condoms to give your partner and yourself warm and tingling sensations as you avoid having unplanned pregnancies and UTIs.

Lubricants help to slip in the spaces that give the most pleasure and eliminate pain that may be often experienced. Flavored, edible, anal, cooling/warming, organic, stimulating and tingling lubes will not just make it wetter, but also better!


Edibles on your partner are like cherry on the cake! Ravish your partner till the last drop with edible bras, undies, male pouch, body paint, cuffs, body creams, etc.

Performance Enhancers

Increase your stamina and sweeten the taste of your fluids with supplements that are safe and effective. Some supplements have more benefits such as helping in increased blood flow, recover from injuries, give firmer erections, etc.

Sex Toys For LGBT in Bangalore

Love is love and pleasure is pleasure! Strap-ons, anal sex toys, positional aids, vibrators, dildos, lubes, sex furniture, and machines are available just for you.

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