Sex Toys in Chennai
Sex Toys in Chennai

Sex Toys in Chennai

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58 products

Sex Toys in Chennai: Buy Sex Toys and Adult Products in Chennai

Chennai: Health Capital of India. The Detroit of India. Gateway of the South

Formerly known as Madras, the city of Chennai, has the most amazing weather, friendly people, and delectable food that you will never get enough of. The capital of Tamil Nadu is the fourth largest metropolis city and it is still growing. Chennai has immense love for its south Indian culture, music, and films and that is why, it is also one of the most visited cities by foreign tourists. While keeping up with the modernization, Chennai has kept its traditional roots safe. Bharatnatyam, traditional food, ancient temples and their simple way of life is still kept alive in every corner of the city. Get deliberately wet on a rainy afternoon or spend a day by the beautiful beaches of Chennai.

If you are not a fan of water, don’t worry! Sex toys have your back. Take advantage of the city’s tropical weather and explore yourself, solo or with a partner! The folks from down south are not afraid of talking about their down south. According to the GQ magazine, 39% of its population consults doctors for their sexual health frequently and they don’t mind being open about sexual topics. As a result, the demand for sex toys and supplements in Chennai is quite high.

Sex Toys For Men in Chennai

While there is not enough talk about it, a wide range of sex toys for men in Chennai like fleshlights, cock rings, tenga cups, sex dolls, anal toys, prostate massagers, male chastity are a few to name. The realistic male masturbators are becoming popular day by day in India. Fleshlights are discreet, easy to carry and give a realistic feel of a vagina, anus or mouth. The soft inside sleeve warms up as you play and it can vibrate or be lubed up to give sensations that your hand will fail to,

Penis and Performance Enhancers

Your solo time may be sorted with sex toys in Chennai and no pressure of pleasing anyone else but yourself. But when it comes to partnered intercourse, you must put the best foot forward, or maybe the best penis? Since there is a little choice left in that department, one must make do with what they have, despite problems such as erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation and such. Use stamina creams, delay spray, gels, etc. to enhance your penis to get and give better results. Penis extension will allow you to satisfy your partner with a very erect, thicker and bigger penis.


Browse through condom collections of flavored, extra-thin, lubricated, ribbed, studded, stimulating, cooling, stimulating, large condoms or a variety pack. Spend time finding the best way to stay safe and irresistible for your partner or you may have to spend a lot more time finding the cure. Better to stay safe than sorry!

Sex Toys For Women in Chennai

Fake it till you make it? We don’t think so. You make your own destiny, your own path and your own orgasms. Shop from a wide variety of sex toys for women in Chennai like vibrators, dildos, anal toys, wand massagers, strap-ons, nipple toys and sex machines. Tease your delicate spots and get hard orgasms that will leave you satisfied but not enough to stop playing.

Why go big or go home, when you go home and get big orgasms?

Enhancers, Lubricants and Hygiene Products

Stay ready for him with sexual enhancement shots, or drops for her that will increase pleasure and warming sensation.
Lubricants help to reduce the pain of being penetrated while making you more delicious and wet for him.
Your love spot deserves all the love and care in the world. Get the essentials like aftershaves, cleansers, deodorants, dilators, Kegel balls, menstrual cups, shavers, shaving creams and tampons online for various options and get it delivered discreetly.


Boost your confidence in the bedroom with sexy lingerie like roleplay lingerie, bedroom lingerie, clubwear or jewellery that will get you man’s hopes and something else up, for sure!

Sex Toys For Couples in Chennai

Let’s be honest. 50 Shades of Gray was a real sexual awakening that gave us rich taste and kinky fetishes. Everyone dreamt of having such a relationship in life and collection of sex toys for couples in our very own “Red Room”.

Make those fantasies come true with affordable and safe sex toys in Chennai like cock rings, vibrators, male chastity, strap-ons and whatnot! Choose your setting- closed doors or public play?

Bedroom Games and Edibles

One takes the control while the other submits. How about both of you submit to fate?
Get bedroom games, card games, dice games, board games, etc. Don’t forget to play rules because if you cheat, you might get punished *wink*

Sex Toys For LGBT in Chennai

Fearless in the world are fearless in bed, too.

Buy the best vibrators, strap-on dildos, butt plugs, masturbators, bondage sets, etc. or maybe buy them all? As they say, “The more (in the derriere), the merrier!”

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