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55 products

Sex Toys in Delhi: Buy Sex Toys and Adult Products in Delhi

People from Delhi have always been the ones to set trends when it comes to lifestyle preferences. The vibrant and densely populated city has a cosmopolitan nature to it. Add to it the ability to express oneself freely in the capital, anything people do, soon becomes a trend.

Whether it is food, or politics, activism or sexual life; Delhi is always in action. But what is the scene like, when it comes to sex toys for men in Delhi ? The IMB team went to look and here’s what we found about buying online sex toys in Delhi .

Over the last decade or so, adult products in Delhi have gained far more acceptance than earlier. Earlier, when one used to talk about sex toys in Delh i, only the elite or the socialite, page 3 people would know it. However, with the expat community in the capital thriving, with Non-Resident Indians flocking home in large numbers, the exposure about sex toys in Delhi is more. As a result, people are more experimental when it is about buying adult products in Delhi.

Why O Why, do people want sex toys in Delhi?

One may wonder why people want to buy adult products online in Delhi? Apart from the trends that Delhiites set for the nation to follow, one thing is for certain. People do want to explore and experience a pleasure. And Delhi people don’t shy away from it.

Like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Badoo, OKCupid and other dating apps gain popularity in Delhi, the city is thriving with healthy, young adults. Adults who are capable of spending, making healthy, consensual sexual choices and also exploring pleasure in general. Hence, the increasingly common decision to buy online sex toys in Delhi.

“There are times, when I want to enjoy myself quietly, silently, without another person. All our lives, we have touched ourselves. I don’t see the need to suddenly give it up, just as a relationship happens. I consider, my personal sexual time,” says Ronita, an anonymous buyer we randomly bumped into, when we were scouting Palika Bazar.

We couldn’t, but disagree with her. While shared pleasure is great, the much needed sexual ‘me time’ is equally great too. Of course, the easiest tool to use is your own hand. However, a lot of people also want to buy online sex toys in Delhi. That was an entirely different insight for us when it came to why people buy online adult products in Delhi.

Also, buying online sex toys for couples in Delhi is more in vogue, rather than getting them from the local Palika Bazar.

Preferred sex toys in Delhi

So, when people buy Sex Toys in Delhi , what exactly do they buy? What are their preferences and what’s the demographic now?

Some of the best selling sex toys in Delhi are vibrators. In that sense, Delhi girls are quite expressive of their sexuality. They are free and open to finding their own pleasure. Add to this demographic of women, the areas around Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad and Faridabad, the numbers do increase.

Together, Delhi and NCR contribute a significant amount of sales of vibrators in different forms. Whether from a brand, or from an unknown manufacturer in Palika Bazar, vibrators are a clear first preference for women, when it is sex toys in Delhi , that we are talking about.

Women also like to buy dildos and strapons. The women in Delhi are fully aware and open about experimenting with their sexual preferences. It is no longer about just a slight touch here and a slight touch there.

Women are inquiring into all the features of the online sex toys for women in Delhi , that they buy. They also want the entire range of experience from vibes to dildos. In fact, since the legitimization of the LGBT community and LGBT partnerships, a lot of people have also started buying toys like double sided dildos.

Adult products like lubes, arousing gels, flavored condoms, as well as vaginal tighteners, are some other preferred adult products in Delhi . These are not toys per se, but women often like to experiment with all of these for the nice, smooth, sexy feel during their lovemaking.

Last but not least, women love to buy lingerie. Women in Delhi are growingly splurging on lingerie to feel as well as express their sexual confidence. They are not shying in buying freely when it comes to buying adult products online .

Similarly, when men in Delhi set out to buy adult products in Delhi , they often prefer to buy cock rings, prostate massagers, and male masturbators. If they buy online, they also like to buy sex dolls. However, sex dolls are not a preferred toy when buying them offline. Men seem to like everything from pocket pussies to fleshlights and are quite experimental about sex toys in Delhi .

Some of the other adult products in Delhi are not toys in particular, but adult pleasure and wellness products like condoms, sleeves and sexual enhancement supplements. While these are not sex toys, they certainly add to the pleasure that people experience for themselves.

For instance, Men seem to like penis pumps and erection sprays and delay creams, when they set out to buy adult products in Delhi . Most men want to have maximum fun and hence want to experience a good, long-lasting, erection that can give pleasure to themselves as well as their partners.

Preferred market places to buy Adult Products in Delhi

Where do Delhiites prefer to go when they buy sex toys in Delhi ? Do they prefer to buy online? Do they prefer Palika Bazar? Do they source discrete looking toys from their friends overseas? Or do they follow a mix and match of these options? Where do they feel safe? What are their preferences?

When our team stepped into the Palika Bazar , we could clearly see different forms of packaging to disguise different kinds of vibrators as various massagers. Some had scantily clothed women on them, others not. They were tiny, almost unnoticeable, but still there!

So, the question is what all is even available to buy in the offline stores of Delhi?

Seemingly Delhi’s sex toy market has changed a lot. As against an occasional discrete vibrator in 2011, the market now has even dildos, inflatable sex dolls, condom sleeves, fleshlights, male masturbators and even pocket pussies.

While there are no signboards to guide you around the shops, all you need is a keen eye and look for simple things like phone covers, chargers and electronic products. Most of these shops will also have sex toys. Similarly, earlier the shop keepers would not sell sex toys to women in Delhi . However, with the younger generation coming in, they are open to talking to women about sex toys as well.

That said, people are apparently switching to online options to buy adult products in Delhi . “Ab dhandha manda ho gaya hai madam, log online jyada khareedte hain’, (The Business is slow Ma’am, people prefer to buy online more), said a shopkeeper to our team when we went to research the Palika Bazar market for sex toys in Delhi .

Preferred Online Stores to buy Adult Products in Delhi

So what are these online stores which are becoming the go-to place for people to buy sex toys in Delhi? Most shopkeepers did not know of specific websites. They mostly referred to Chinese products. However, these retailers were fully aware that people go to online stores because of the large variety of adult toys available for purchase.

“I prefer variety. The trouble with Palika Bazar is that they have limited options and hence they sort of overcharge. Also, the shop keepers who say that they are charging half the prices I will find online, are not providing toys which are reliable. Plus, like I already said, the options are clearly limited”, said Varun, one of the buyers we interviewed.

Varun is one of the countless buyers who buy from various online stores. Varun clearly prefers IMBesharam. He has gone through other websites; however, he prefers that IMB clearly has the most discreet packaging. Also, he loves the fact that IMBesharam has a vast array of collections to choose from.

What are some of the other reasons why people prefer online websites to buy sex toys in Delhi ? Buyers are attracted by the ability to chat with the supplier online and seek support in selecting the right price. The buyers from Delhi, are also appreciative of the fact that when they try to buy online sex toys in Delhi , they can actually pick the toys from a collection center, rather than getting them delivered to home. Similarly, another great feature of platforms that sell online adult products in Delhi is that they allow the Cash on Delivery option. This saves the customer from swiping their cards and putting their transactions on display.

Another benefit of using websites to buy adult products online in Delhi is that people do not have to deal with customs, especially when they approach websites which conduct their operations legitimately. Further, these products are also reliable because these websites have a brand and a reputation, instead of just some anonymous seller.

So, the scene in Delhi is hot, steamy and spunky. The Dilliwallas are not shy when they decide to buy adult products in Delhi . They know what they want, how they want it and where to buy it from!

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