Sex Toys in Kolkata
Sex Toys in Kolkata

Sex Toys in Kolkata

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50 products

Sex Toys in Kolkata: Buy Sex Toys and Adult Products in Kolkata

Kolkata: The city of joy. The city of culture. The city of desire.

Kolkata is one the most exciting cities in India that possesses everything- delicious food, rich culture, enthralling history, urban life- and gives a sense of belongingness to anyone and everyone. Travelers urge to explore the depths of the city while the citizens seem to have an urge to explore each other’s depths. With immense love for football and cricket, Kolkata has learned to love another game- the game of love! A visible and striking rise in the sale of sex toy in the city of joy is a very joyful sight as woman have taken up charge of sinking into their sexuality. Kolkata seems to have their devotion shifted from worshiping women to satisfying them, too.

Let’s find what is making Kolkata get up and take notice of sex toys to get off.

Sex Toys For Women in Kolkata

Sex Toys in Kolkata

There has to be a day in a girl's life when she has to grow out of Barbie dolls. But that doesn't mean she has to stop playing with toys. All you have to do is switch from dressing up the barbie to undressing yourself. Toys take off the pressure of pleasing your partner and there are many toys available out there for women such as vibrators, dildos, smart sex toys, remote controlled, anal, wand massagers, butt plugs, strap ons, kegel balls, nipple toys, lovenses. From teasing your nipples to stimulating the clit and g-spot, sex toys for women will have you sweating and screaming for more. Let your partner take the control with remote-controlled sex toy like a panty vibrator and experience the hottest foreplay ever.

Energy and Performance Enhancers

A woman is burdened with a sharp sense of responsibility and has to do double duties at home and work. Keeping up with never ending daily chores and office deadlines results in lack of energy and arousal when it comes to the “making” love in bedrooms. Energy and performance enhancers for women are designed to take away that burden for her. A little ounce of it will ease your way to the pleasure paradise.

Lubrication, Hygiene and Care

Lubricants are a woman’s best friend. They help and improve sex life and helps to eliminate the vaginal pain experienced sometimes during the intercourse. If flavoured, they will give you a taste that will soon turn into a craving. 

Hygiene and care products like cleaners, shaving cream shavers, aftershaves, tampons, menstrual cups, kegel balls, etc. are just as important.

Lingerie & Body Accessories

A little curiosity goes a long way. That is what we say in the bedroom because lingerie and accessories that hide just enough are one the best ways to start the seeking and seducing. And the part is one suitable for every mood- roleplay, clubwear, bedroom, leather harness, jewellery, etc.

Sex Toys For Men in Kolkata

Sex Toys in Kolkata

Why should girls have all the fun? Sex toys for men are not frequently talked about but there are many toys available for men such as male masturbators, cock rings, tenga cups, sex dolls, male chastity, anal sex toys, etc. Masturbation for men is often limited to their hand while there is a wide variety of aforementioned adult toys with adjustable features such as sucking, vibration, sounds, tightness, etc.that will give you a realistic feel.

Penis and Performance Enhancers

Worry of size and stamina are a thing of the past. Get rid of your insecurities with stamina creams, spray, gels, serums etc. Penis extension will give an opportunity to satisfy your partner with a thicker and bigger penis while giving you a second but better skin, help to last longer and feel your partner want more of you.


Condoms are widely used to avoid unplanned pregnancies and UTIs. But what if you could have fun while at it? Throw out the boring condoms and spice or sweeten your sex life with flavored condoms.

Men’s underwear

A little bold but a lot of sexy. Find the perfect combination of comfort and sexy with bold choices in men’s underwear such as briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, boxers, jockstraps, bikinis, long underwear and G-string.

Sex Toys For Couples in Kolkata

Sex and BDSM toys

The couple who cums together, stays together. And the ones who play together, cum a lot together. To make sure you stay together, add an extra ingredient to your mix that is built to be used by both of you. Couple vibrators, cock rings, vibrating panties, bondage toys, oral sex toys, sex swings and position aids, strap-ons, harnesses….the list can go and on!

Oral and Anal sex

Oral sex is very sensual and intimate, then why should it be boring? Add a little extra edibles like bra and panty, nipple nibblers, love oils, flavored condoms, body creams and oral strips or spray and watch your partner ravish you.

Available in different shapes, sizes and materials, anal sex toys for couples will bring out the kinky in you. Butt plugs, beads, dildos, vibrators, strap-ons and male prostate toys are a few to name.

For Foreplay, Romance and Sex Games

Get freaky but don’t forget foreplay! Get some help with tingling gels, feather ticklers, plush and satin masks, light furry handcuffs, nipple nibblers, body sparkles and mists, pheromone sprays, cooling mints, edible body toppings, creams, body butter, edible bra's and panty's, body paint, massage oils, bedroom games and sexy lingerie.

Sex Toys For LGBT in Kolkata

Sex Toys for Gay Men

How can we forget our colourful folks? Extra special men need extra special toys and you can find online like strokers that mimic real anus, mouth, deep throating, vibrators, sleeve masturbator, tenga cups, fleshlights, butt plugs.

Sex Toys for Lesbians

A woman who doesn’t need a man is independent. But a woman who doesn’t want a man is lesbian and independent. The lucky ones who orgasm 73% must need the right materials to score the best and you can bet they include dildos, vibrators, accessories and strap-ons of different shapes, fittings, attachments, materials, sizes, and additional features.

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