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Let’s Talk About Sex Toys In Aamchi Mumbai

Mumbai is a city that never sleeps! Being capital of commerce and cinema in India, In fact, we Mumbaikars are surely influenced by the metropolitan ideas of a grand city like Mumbai. We make movies like ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’, ‘Veere Di Wedding’ and ‘Lust Stories’. We encourage love-birds to explore their sexier side without shame or guilt and we create latest fashion and lifestyle trends, including trends like how to buy sex toys in Mumbai .

Thanks to the industry, awareness of body, sexuality and sensuality has always been the thing with people in this city. There are indications of increased spending for adult products in Mumbai . Whether you want lingerie from a high-end showroom or roadside power-enhancing oils, we ensure there’s always a perfect addition to your sexual confidence.

These adult products also include adult toys, which make the whole process more energetic, exciting and intense. It would not be too difficult to find a variety of sex toys in Mumbai . While there is a surge in people looking to buy adult products in Mumbai, the surge is by no means sudden.

Where does one buy sex toys in Mumbai?

One of the vendors who sell adult products in Mumbai shared his experience of selling sex toys in Mumbai and said that over the past few years, his sales have decreased despite the growing popularity of adult toys. This is primarily because of the convenience and preference that consumers now have when they go to buy online sex toys in Mumbai.

He also shared that his customers are from diverse age groups. Whether it is a young man in his mid-20s looking to enter the realm of sexual pleasure through adult toys, or a housewife in her late 40s trying to spice up the fading sexual excitement, sex toys in Mumbai make way into the house of Mumbaikars with ease. Sex Toys in Mumbai are super popular as birthday gifts or marriage gifts.

However, all this mostly happens either behind closed doors and disguised shop products, or people buy online sex toys for couples in Mumbai. Don’t be surprised if you are walking through the busy Fort neighbourhood browsing through the displayed products on the roadside stalls and you notice a vibrator that is passed as a “massager” by the sellers. You will be surprised at the wide variety and functionality of these products if only you would ask them without being shy.

Your “experienced” friend might have also told you ‘Horniman Circle’ (the name is suggestive enough!) in Fort which is one such area where you can buy adult products in Mumbai. However, there are things you need to keep in mind when going out to buy adult toys locally. As a Mumbaikar, you might know very well how to travel in a jam-packed Mumbai local, but if you do not know where and how to buy Sex toys in Mumbai, this guide will surely help you out.

Is Using Sex Toys in Mumbai really a Taboo?

Most of us still think that buying online sex toys , or buying them offline, and using them is a taboo in our conservative society. However, it is important to be mindful that the people from the land of Kamasutra have always been very creative about satisfying their sexual energy.

Also, as young people with private jobs continue to share their opinions with the rest of the world, the ideas of society towards sex and sex toys in Mumbai are changing organically. We are investing more in hygienic and healthy pleasures, quality adult products for heightened sexual experiences. Buying or using adult toys is no more a taboo. Rather, it continues to exert its growing presence in the private space of individuals and couples.

When we say that using adult products in Mumbai is not a taboo, we speak for hundreds and thousands of people who have found ways to sexual fulfilment through sex toys. Mumbai is also home to a vibrant LGBTQ community, which has also been proactive in buying online sex toys in Mumbai , especially after homosexuality was decriminalised by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in 2018. The city of dreams is also influenced by Hindi cinema and has been more and more open towards sexual expression and using sex toys.

Different Type of Sex Toys in Mumbai that one can buy

Adult toys are a great way to give way to your sexual expression and sexual fulfilment. But what do people prefer when they set out to buy adult products in Mumbai? What are their sexual preferences?

Adult products in Mumbai, that continue to be most preferred, include flavoured condoms, vaginal tightening gels, lubricants, etc. All these are important, metaphorically and literally, to avoid any friction and keep the state of affairs smooth and sexy. In the category of sex toys in Mumbai, you’ll find everything from a minimal but effective cock rings to sex dolls that take your sexual experience to the next level. For women users too, there are vibrators that will shake your world and realistic dildos for the perfect orgasm.

The ultimate place to buy sex toys in Mumbai is the Flora Fountain in the Fort neighbourhood where you can find dildos, vibrators, sexual performance enhancers, stimulants, accessories, and other things that could do wonder to your sex life. You might, however, have to dig a little deeper (pun intended) to find a wider variety of sex toys in Mumbai.

Where to Buy Sex Toys Online in Mumbai

Let’s be honest here! Not everyone is comfortable enough going around the busy markets of the city asking around for sex toys in Mumbai . Sure, we are in the 21st century in a modern world but the piercing eyes of the onlookers are very bothersome, to say the least. Also, you might not get a lot of variety or find the product of choice at these local vendors. Further, would you be able to completely trust the quality of sex toys in Mumbai markets? After all, you have to be absolutely sure about the safety and hygiene of such products.

In fact, no matter how much of an upward trend there is for buying adult products in Mumbai , it is still a huge problem for women, who are expected to be the custodian of morality in any society. In a society where even menstruation is hushed by family, the idea of a sex toy could be scandalous.

The marketplace for sex toys online offers a fantastic solution to all these problems. One of the biggest advantages of ordering adult toys online from a website like Imbesharam is that the packaging is very discreet. The anonymity of the buyer is maintained and your shyness does not convert into an inability to buy adult toys openly.

Additionally, while browsing through the catalog at a physical store, you are often bombarded with adult toys, one after another, giving you little time to think about the products suited best for you.

On the other hand, an online marketplace like Imbesharam displays its organized catalog at the comfort of the click of your mouse. It helps you choose the product suited best to your needs. These include different kinds of vibrators, fleshlight masturbators, sleeves, cock rings, etc. Most of these sex toys in Mumbai show an increasing trend in buying.

Similarly, a really good online portal will ensure that they provide you with the best quality adult toys from trusted manufacturers. That way, you don’t need to worry about product quality. For instance, we also offer free international shipping along with a 30-day replacement period for the products.

Additionally, the products are classified as sex toys for men, women and the LGBTQ community. We really strive to include adults of all sexualities, genders, preferences and sexual orientations. That way, your experience of buying adult products online is enhanced and you don’t have to make do with options. Instead, you can actually pick the most relevant products and freely buy adult products in Mumbai. Hence, any product from Imbesharam will always be the perfect gift for your partner and the most amazing self-gift.

Mumbai Celebs and Sex toys in Mumbai

The celebrities and megastars of Mumbai are also contributing in their own way to promote positivity and healthy sexual practices. For instance, Sunny Leone, one of the sexiest and most sex-positive stars in Bollywood, has decided to be the brand ambassador of Imbesharam and promote adult products.

This is a game changer in the current market as it encourages healthy pleasure for the fans of such celebrities. Adult toys in Mumbai is no longer a hushed thing. With a growing emphasis on sex education and positive sex, more and more people are becoming aware of their bodies, about their sexuality and are open to trying new stuff.

It looks like the land of Kamasutra is once again embracing bodily pleasures without shame. Among the metropolitans, Mumbai is surely buying a lot of sex toys for women and leading the race to become one of the leading consumers of adult products.
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