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Sex Toys in Pune

Sex Toys in Pune

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50 products

Sex Toys in Pune: Buy Sex Toys and Adult Products in Pune

Pune: Oxford of the East, Queen of the Deccan and Lover of Getting Down

You think of Pune and the first things that come to mind is its educational institutions, tourist spots and rich heritage of Peshwas. The emerging educational and IT spot offers opportunities to relax amidst nature and history. Weekend trips to Lavasa, Malshej Ghat, Panshet, Shaniwar Wada, Sinhagad Fort, Ganpati Mandir are quite mandatory. How can we forget its unique food offerings? Misal pav, vada pav, pattis, jamun shot, Mastani and Bakarwadi are some of the delicacies that one must try while in Pune.

If you love their food, you are bound to love its people. Punekars are a proud and loving lot who work hard and party harder. With the rapid modernization and wide range of education and career opportunities, the inflow of youngsters in the city has increased incredibly. As a result, one of the cleanest cities in India has grown to love being dirty in the bedroom. The want of sexual exploration among Punekars has led to a higher demand of sex toys in the city even though there aren’t many physical sex toy shops.

Apparently, Punekars like their Misal pav spicy and their sex games spicier.

Sex Toys for Women in Pune

The female Punekars have bought more sex toys for women than their male counterparts. The feisty females can never go wrong with vibrators and dildos. Available with different features, sizes, usage, adult toys never disappoint you, unlike how your partners might. Smart sex toys like remote-controlled toys, butt plugs, massagers, waterproof toys, etc have been game-changers. With safe materials and smart technology, you can use some of these in showers or public for an exciting time on the go. Don’t forget to check out the hot but hush panty vibrator. It is wearable, discrete and remote-controlled to leave you out of breath, even while walking.

Lingerie and Body accessories

Boss in the meets, Slave in the sheets!
Dress for the occasion as a sexy secretary, naughty nurse or mouthwatering maid and serve him to earn your way to heights of pleasure. A wide range of sexy roleplay costumes, bedroom collection, sexy jewellery, clubwear and harnesses is available online to get you the promotion you deserve in the bedroom.

Enhancers and Lubes

Want to work on him but too tired from working in the office all day? Ignite the passion with something special and grind on all day long. A little splash of energy and performance enhancing supplements, gels, drops, balms or oils will do the work so you can get to work.

Sex Toys for Men in Pune

Penis and Performance enhancers

Orgasms help relieve stress but an already stressful life makes it tough for men to orgasm. Increase the power of your penis with performance enhancers like stamina creams, spray, gels, serums and cock rings, etc.

Penis size and erectile dysfunction makes men underconfident, that leads to underperforming. Sex toys for men, like penis pumps and penis extensions will make your penis bigger, thicker and stronger to help you fill her more to feel her more.

Sex Toys and Masturbation

Your hand will not make sucking noises, vibrations or give you the soft, warm and tight touch that partnered intercourse does. Spice up your solo time with adult toys and lubes that will arouse, enhance and give you tingling sensations. Invest in male masturbators, cock rings, and prostate massagers today!

Hygiene and Care Products

Having animalistic urges does not mean you must look like an animal. Look like a sexy human can make the animal inside her come alive with hygiene and care products like body lotion, shaving cream and grooming kit.

Sex Toys for Couples in Pune

“I gasp, and I’m Eve in the Garden of Eden, and he’s the serpent, and I cannot resist.”
Live out your 50 Shades of Gray fantasy as your inner, irresistible Christian Gray seduces your Ana into submission with the sex toys for couples from the movies and more. Vibrators, Anal beads, butt plugs, whips, restraints, gags, cuffs, cock rings, strap-ons, nipple clamps fleshlights…. the list can go on and on!

Walk the tightrope or use it to tie your partner because, “There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain. They are two sides of the same coin, one not existing without the other.”

For Romance and Foreplay

Candles, massages, bath bombs, body mist, perfumes, romance kits and jewellery tol get your partner in the mood for love. Ticklers, feathers, soft bondage, nipple balms and clamps, cuffs, blindfolds, masks and edibles to get your partner in the mood for making love!

Condoms and Lubrication

Stay safe, delicious and exciting with various types of condoms like flavored, studded, warming, cooling, lubricated, non-latex, extra-thin, etc.

Eliminate pain and add extra pleasure with flavored, warming/cooling or stimulating lubes customized for intercourse, massaging, anal sex, masturbation, etc.

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