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Why the Hell did they do it?

Why did two Indian born American boys decide to give up their comfortable lifestyles, invest all their savings (against the advise of family members and their social circle) and pursue a mission to 'Bring International Brands to Indian Hands' - and by brands we mean adult toys brand, to a country where buying a condom needs balls, talking about sex is taboo, but doing it..Oh well, we have 1.3 billion answers to it.

Because, WE BELIEVE.

We believe that Indians have the same aspirations and dreams, the same wants and needs as anyone else in the world, so why do they not have access to products that provide pleasure to mind like food does to belly, enjoyment in relationships like a movie date or a long drive, have more sex and have less stress. This is NO Brainer!! We gave the world 'KamaSutra' and then several generations later we just decided to walk back in the corner and pull the curtains close. When did our traditions and morality take our right to choices and liberty. Well..It did happen then but now the Young, Bold India is ready to catch up. Its been waiting at the sidelines for a very long time, and now the boys and girls, men and women have come together and said ENOUGH. 

Besharam stands for rising up, speaking out and carving your own path. Welcome to the world of Besharam, I M Besharam - You know you are too. We believe we can deliver happiness. And for this reason we are alive, online and thriving.

Scroll through these sections and meet our founding team, the movers and shakers of the business in US, India and worldwide. Say Hi, Give a Hi5 or just a Thumbs Up, coz if you are reading this, and you are feeling it, you are with us in our journey towards leading Youngistan in the 21st Century.   


Salim Rajan - Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Hi I'm Salim, one of the proud founders of 

I harbor a tremendous passion for new and insightful things, and have a gift of closely predicting the trends that could impact tomorrow. Migrating to the U.S. in the mid 90's was one of the initial major changes I endeavored, since then I have been living the American dream, born and raised in the culture rich country of India, I inherited the fan-ism for movies, music and embraced the religion of sports. I am a sucker for creativity and intelligence. I love traveling and meeting people from all around the world, all walks of life. I strongly believe that thousands of years of evolution and we have yet to tap the viscosity of the human mind. Life is very much like a game of football, you run, you fall, you get hurt, you get up run and you score. 

As we embark on our new journey across oceans and borders, we are both nervous for what new challenge that may come and excited for we can see our destination in sight. for no man that has not stumbled and fallen has achieved success unless he stood up and started walking again. So here's my motto..Life is a sport... Chicks dig scars.... the pain goes away.... but the glory well the glory lasts forever..... Always be yourself and believe in yourself... Welcome to the world of BESHARAM.

Raj Armani

Raj Armani - Co founder & Chief Operating Officer

I BELIEVE: We are all born equal..its upto us how fast we want to run.

Born & brought up In India and growing up in more than 6 countries, I have lived many memories and moments that have influenced what I am today. Now, a proud Indian-American, father of two amazing kids and an avid travel and sports enthusiast, I am living my passion and enjoy what I do, and I hope one day we do for India what Playboy did for America.

I have been a part of many business startups, most of them successful which has enriched my expertise in various aspects of Entrepreneurship. What I have learnt is 'Fall 7 times, Get up 8'. There is no single formula for success, but if you are determined, driven and believe in yourself, your passion will take form and you will achieve your destiny. For us, the idea of Besharam was just a palace in the clouds when we thought of it first, but slowly and gradually, one order-one challenge-one teammate and one day at a time, we have built a brand that we are extremely proud of.

When I am not working, I love to travel and experience the food & culture like a local. I love staying active, play badminton and table tennis. When I am beat, I relax to my favorite shows SUITS, HTGAWM, Two and a Half Men and others on Netflix and catch up on Indian movies quite often... If I had not been busy building the largest adult store for Indians worldwide, I probably would have been directing/producing a Bollywood Hollywood crossover movie.. Well you never know what life brings you next.

Enough about me.. I am glad you are here, and we hope you leave with a great experience that you can share with your friends.. and maybe with family too, coz I M besharam, you know you are too! Ciao


Kim Rajan - CFO & Most Respected Person in company 

My name is Kim and I am badass with numbers. The fact that the boys are profitable from Month 2 is because we planned it lean and build it ground up.

I am a UF MBA graduate as well as a world citizen. A mother of two, I like to balance my work & home life for which I seldom take on the role of #BossMom and yeah that moves the needle and gets things done. I enjoy my routines of workout and Yoga, they call me germaphobic but I think I am more of a cleanliness & hygiene loving person. I do have my days with OCD but if not for it, I would have to work double to get the same work done. 

With extensive experience in the corporate and the startup world, I am happy to be part of the vision of Brand Besharam and bring happiness to people around the world, one bedroom at a time. We are glad you are here, onwards and upwards to many great experiences shopping at


Jenny Harper: Operations Manager, US & Sweet Talker!

Hello World, I am Jenny - and I oversee operations to make sure your orders coming on time.

I am the Boss here at the US office and the boys have to listen to my instructions most of the time. That does feel good, I admit. No kidding, I have been with IMbesharam 5 months after we went live and have been managing US operations since then. I have a zest for life, enjoy my time at work and outside of it I am never found at one place. Being a nurse is my dream because I believe in caring for the vulnerable and needy. I have also many talents and skills, I speak 5 languages and almost got a job at FBI as a translator. But then Besharam happened. I love to travel, have been in most cities in America and Europe, but haven't made it to India yet. I hope someday soon when the time is right and when my Indian fellas would connect Besharam for happiness like Cadbury is to chocolate.

I love cooking and can also make delicious Indian meals like Nihari, Butter Chicken and Chicken Tandoori as well. Everyday morning I wake up to Chai and then coffee keeps me going for the rest of the day. Proud to be the youngest Besharam in our team, I am happy to be associated with, a concept which I truly believe in.


Hey, this is Sanjana, the operations manager who makes sure things rock and roll on time and we as a team deliver the best customer service experience you would expect of an international crew.

Being raised in a traditional Marwari family in Rajasthan, a state in India, I grew up to become bold and fearless. From my early years, I have enjoyed taking on new challenges and thinking outside the box, which led me to join Besharam as a Customer Service Agent in 2019. Set up to achieve new heights for myself and the brand, I grew into a leader who cherishes the values of discipline, accountability, and punctuality and would go the extra mile to get things done.

My peers think my favorite hobby is organizing tasks but I enjoy traveling more than that. My wanderlust (or work/studies) has taken me to various states in India and around the globe. I believe in taking responsibility and fulfilling them wholeheartedly, and I take pride in navigating my professional journey and personal life with this principle.

I am super glad to see you here at, and all I've to say is you have got this life once, so live it to the fullest! #playmoreshameless


Ola People, this is Pulkit the guy who makes things happen at and probably knows what you have been up to behind your parent's back! Think of me as the diligent Delhiite achieving excellence in customer satisfaction. Your pleasure is our business!

True Indian at heart, I enjoy a delicious buffet of Bollywood movies, music mixes, Indian cricket, and technology with a delightful side of poetry! When I'm not a Sanskari Indian, I'm an optimistic rebel who found a learning and loving space in the business of normalizing pleasure. Since then, my passion for the cause, determination to excel, and competence to lead have created a space for me to grow consistently and contribute efficiently to the team.

I believe my team and our customers love me because i) I love what I do, and ii) my work ethic follows the principle of Kaizen which means continuous improvement. So that's me, your Besharam Buddy, and I'll sign off now with a quick tip- What you did yesterday was just good for yesterday; today you need to be better, and tomorrow you need to be much better *wink wink*

Cheers to being Besharam! #playmoreshameless


Hello DilWalo, this is Vishal, a Delhi-ite imported from Hyderabad who handles backend operations and logistics so your orders delivers to you in time and on the clock - Yep I am the zealous Dilwala coordinating the pleasure network across India.

Whether my avatar is a gaming freak or an order guru- I'm passionate about what I do, and this passion drives my life motto. I omitted the word 'impossible' from my dictionary when I started my journey with this amazing team as a full-time Besharam. Working in a completely new industry wasn't always easy but, being a challenge lover, I take pride in how I've grown as a leader and what I have learned as a professional in the past three and a half years at

My peers enjoy my sweet mix of a movie buff (literally, any language works till subtitles are on) and wanderlust, and my bosses admire my determination for my work so, I think it's safe to say my superpower is making people smile *wink wink*

Anyways, enough about me! Have a fun shopping experience with us. Waiting for your order to ring! #playmoreshameless


Nomoshkar, It's Nirav ahoy, from the city of joy, Kolkata, moonlighting as a Customer Service Agent but in reality the mean, mean sales machine! Ask me anything about our brand and products and I will get your attention for the next 60 mins, till you give in and become a lifelong member of the besharam family.

Apart from being a sports fanatic, I enjoy listening to music, watching K-dramas, and learning how to mine cryptocurrency. I've always preferred standing out from the crowd, and the urge led me to a tabooed (not anymore, seriously) industry and this mind-blowing team. When I communicate with our valuable patrons, I see myself creating a beautiful experience for their intimate lives while breaking societal barriers and positively contributing to the firm's growth- all of it makes me fall in love with this work even more!

My motto for life is 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going and that's how I roll. I yearn to keep learning and growing which makes me the boss and customer’s favorite (still, unofficial though)! I believe we're contributing to bringing a revolutionary change in the Indian society, and I can't wait for all of you to experience it with us.


I am Anish, the Warehouse Manager at India's Office of the responsible guy who packs and ships your pleasure packets i.e.the orders.

My indulgence lies in traveling to new places and exploring different cuisines. I find myself to be a happy-go-lucky person gifted with a good sense of humor- you know who's the peer's favorite in the warehouse! My journey with started in 2020, and since then, I've been managing the warehouse operations- packing and shipping orders, taking inventory, and coordinating orders- with the boys.

I have a deep passion for what I do, making it my top priority. I enjoy taking on new challenges that have allowed me to grow every day at my job with the support of a superb team and encouraging management. Knowing these pleasure packets are bringing satisfaction and happiness all over the globe is the star highlight of my job!

Thank you for choosing to re-discover your pleasure :) Hope to see your order(s) dropping by soon! Till then #playmoreshameless


Hello, I am Irina from Ukraine, working at the Ukraine office of the backend brains managing the pleasure inventory!

Being a mom of 7 years old, I tend to hold a serious and conservative exterior. But, my soul is a child excited about adventures, travel, and meeting new people. Owing to this insatiable kid, I joined in 2021 despite it being an unconventional field for me. Balancing motherhood with this space has helped me discover new realms of myself, making me more interested in walking this journey and learning to be more besharam!

When I'm not a full-time working mom, you can find me playing active sports or indulging in bathroom singing. And, on the days I'm lucky, I can sing the entire sentences from a song ;)

That's all about me! I welcome you to and hope you enjoy shopping with us as much as we like creating this experience for you!


I am Manpreet Bedi, from the beautiful city of Chandigarh, posted at the India Office of as the Shipping Manager- the witty and friendly pleasure agent at your service!

I find myself to be an ambivert who can conveniently gel up with like-minded beings. I take pride in identifying as a Netflix binge-watcher for movies and TV series and a rebel who has always enjoyed challenging the orthodox taboos. My journey with started in February 2022, and the experience has been no less than fascinating for me. My keen eye for detail, ability to ascertain the needs and requirements of the customers, and strong persuasion skills make me one of the favorites around here!

My peers and customers know that I love my job, and they aren’t wrong, obviously! But, I also love short vacations to hill stations, especially when I’m driving on my own. My work motto encourages me to go the extra mile to fulfill the naughty desires of our valued patrons.

I’m super happy to be able to share the pleasure vision of with you :) Hoping to welcome you to our extended Besharam family! #playmoreshameless


Hello, I am Marco from Italy, the web tech leader at the USA office of the cool developer running the pleasure website!

I'm passionate and intuitive about innovation and enjoy refreshing my skills to keep up with new trends and technologies. My learning voyage with started in 2019, and since, I'm presenting my best to research and implement top web solutions that bring value to our business and our customers. The intriguing combination of a challenging workspace and a dynamic team makes my work a delight for me.

Currently, I'm based in Thailand, and I love riding my bike around Phuket in my leisure time to enjoy the panoramic views that these seas and land have to offer. I also find my pleasure in trying different cuisines (but pizza is still my favorite), reading, and playing video games.

Take your pleasure seriously with :) Signing off! #playmoreshameless


Hey folks! I'm Kritika from Delhi, working as Communications Associate at the India Office of the joyful face behind the social media texts.

I'm a rebel wanderlust who finds her solace in dark humor, tasty food, and sometimes, shopping. I enjoy standing different from the crowd, and my need to explore the forbidden brought me to in 2021. In this space, I fabricated a journey of learning and growth as a professional and a full-time Besharam. Being the youngest on the team, I learn every day from my peer's experiences and my boss's wisdom, thus, enriching my knowledge and skillset.

When I'm not attending the social media texts, you'll find me enjoying Netflix or taking a walk to appreciate the architectural beauty my city offers. I function on three principles- learning is limitless, perfection is overrated, and life is too short for regrets. I'm born a Gen-Z, yet there's a millennial hidden in me somewhere who makes me a people person!

Celebrating you for taking this step for your pleasure! Stay Bold, Stay Besharam #playmoreshameless


Hello Desis, I am Yuliia from Ukraine, and I’m the one who knows what you have ordered. I am the backend warrior who makes sure things are golden for the India team to deliver you their best while spreading smiles across the floor!

I am a Sphynx cat mom who finds her inspiration in vibrant colors, extraordinary things, and rock music, and I enjoy reflecting the same in my personality. My love for adventure and preference for standing different from the crowd brought me to IMbesharam in 2020, where my journey challenged me and helped me grow into a quintessential professional.

I identify as an admirer of contemporary art, and this space allows me the opportunity to be creative and imaginative- my favorite part of the job! I am grateful to be working with a Besharam team that inspires and improves me to bring out my best.

Well, that's all about me! Don't forget to check out the outstanding products we have in store for you! #Playmoreshameless

ABOUT IMBESHARAM.COM - India's #1 Adult Lifestyle Webstore


What is is a one stop shop for Indians & NRI's across the world to browse, shop & experience a bold & beautiful lifestyle. Positioned as India's #1 Adult Lifestyle webstore & Bachelor/Bachelorette Party superstore, it is one of the most daring & bold concept in Indian webspace. We showcase amazing products sourced from popular brands in US & Europe, present them in a multi-device capable elegant online store for you to order them instantly in a smooth & 'easy on the eye process'. We ship them to you via world class shipping carriers in a non descriptive package & take care of all duties, customs and taxes through till delivery to your door. We are in the business of bringing your curiosity, imagination, desires and fantasies right to your bedroom.

Why Besharam

Because Besharam is being bold, being real and being yourself. We believe we all are Besharam, whether we like to accept it is another story. We seldom talk about things that we see, sense, hear, feel and want to experience. Besharam gives you a window to choose what you always wanted to try. Because if you have the means you can achieve true satisfaction, healthier minds and stronger relationships, you will be more happier and less aggressive, more balanced and less impulsive. Because the times we live in needs a medium to provide a way of release, so people are more civil, our precious ones more safe. Because we want to educate people about sex, give them tools to enjoy it in their privacy and comfort and lastly because India is ready, It has been ready for many generations, now it has a voice, a window, a trusted brand and a real community - Welcome fellow Besharam, to our world where fantasy meets reality.

How It Began

It began over a cup of coffee and a conversation about how us Indians have aced every aspects of life, science, business, politics and spiritual beliefs and ancient knowhow in health and wellbeing..but still have no real access to experience a lifestyle that we desire in our relationships and private moments. The coffee got cold but the idea caught steam and right that weekend we flew in to California and met with another friend who had great experience in online business structuring. The idea became a concept, the concept became a brand, the brand became a business and the business now needed a face. The following week, we  met with Sunny Leone, contracted her to be the face of the brand and went back to the airport realising we have planted the seed of Besharam. After over 12 months of research, 5 trips to India, meeting with attorneys and consultants, getting reintroduced to our culture and lifestyle, enjoying dosa's in the morning at Juhu and lunch in South Bombay & dinner in Ghatkopar, we relived our childhood and at the same time build the structure of brick by brick.

What Now 

Rome wasn't built in a day, neither would your trust be. So now we start our day by coming to work, have our coffee, talk to our team, listen to you-our customers and run the business in the most systematic, organized and ethical manner, while keeping an eye on the prize. Your trust and faith, for many many years to come.


Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone, an American Adult Actress is now the new sensation in Bollywood. Within 6 months after appearing on Indian TV in BigBoss, she had already created a record online by becoming the MOST SEARCHED PERSON OF THE YEAR - 2012. As per Google(India) she was the MOST searched person of the year 2012, surpassing Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif for that year. She was named Penthouse Pet of the year in 2003 and was a contract star for Vivid Entertainment. Named by Maxim as one of the top 12 adult actress in 2010, she has also played roles in independent mainstream films and TV shows. Sunny Leone was born in 1981 as 'Karenjit Kaur' in Ontario to Sikh Punjabi parents. She had moved to California when she was 13. She now owns and runs her own production company in LA with her partner/husband and has won the Babe of the year at 2008 Xbiz awards. In 2012 Sunny started her Bollywood career, first as the star of Mahesh Bhatt's film- Jism2 and currently shooting for Ekta Kapoor's film - Ragini MMS2. She also appeared in a item song in Shootout at Wadala alongside John Abraham and Anil Kapoor. Due to her immense popularity in the Indian population worldwide, she also won the 'Crossover Star of the year' award at AVN2013.

Did you know that Sunny Leone is the face of the Brand And did you know that this is officially endorsed Sunny Leone sex toys website, the only one in India? Why does it matter? Because it is always wise to shop for sex toys from an established reputed website. And yes IMbesharam is the only sex toy site where you can order sex toys closely modeled as per Sunny Leone’s most intimate parts. Are you aware of the difference between a normal vibrator and a Sunny Leone one? Sunny Leone toys are a world on it’s own and our past customers already know it. Perhaps we should ask the politician who bought a Sunny Leone sex doll last year? Oh yeah, it is a real story and you can have one yourself from this Sunny Leone sex shop. You want other type of Sunny Leone toy because you are such diehard fan of her? You can find all sorts of Sunny Leone sex toys here including vibrators and flashlights. If you ever wanted to be close to Sunny Leone, you just can’t get any closer than this. All Sunny Leone sex toys are discreetly packaged and delivered to your address within few days.

Sunny Leone & Besharam

Besharam is being BOLD, being SEXY, being REAL - being yourself. So is Sunny Leone.

Sunny Leone had a very successful career in USA but when she decided to make the switch to Bollywood, she did it with grace and by winning the hearts of over a billion people by her honesty, her attitude and her personna. She has always been proud of the choices she has made in life and realizes that what has made her what she is today. She has carved her path to her success by her dedication and hardwork. While she has transitioned her life and her career to mainstream Bollywood, she is still connected with her roots. She exemplifies the modern woman is not influenced by what anybody thinks or says. She is what she is and she is absolutely proud of it.

Besharam is the company founded in America, by Indians and for Indians. We bring to you, the best of the brands, with completely honest and upfront store policies and the commitment to ensure your privacy and win your trust by consistently delivering desirable products, reliable logistics and commendable service. We believe we all are Besharam's because we all love life, want to enjoy the pleasures in relationships and aspire for better quality of happiness, both outside and inside the bedroom doors.


WE value your business and understand your concern for privacy, product quality & credit/debit card security. We source & sell products only from reputed brands and suppliers, deploy high standards of site security, take extra care to ship the package non descriptively and entrust reliable shippers to bring your order in a discreet and timely manner. We have also substantially invested in R&D so that we could come out with a custom solution to bring American brands to Indian hands, and that makes us India's Favorite Adult Store.

We will stand behind each product you order from our store, and will make good any concern you may have about the quality or service to the best of our ability. Apart from our 30days return policy and US & India based customer service support, we also have an open door policy. We invite our customers to reach out to our CEO directly should your concern be unresolved. He can be reached at or at +1.727.422.9111 to answer any questions you may have.


In this article, Aseem Nandan of KIIT School of Law, Bhubaneswar discusses whether an e-commerce website in India can sell sex-toys or not.IntroductionSex toys are openly sold in India, however, it is unclear whether it is legal to do so or not. Products categorized as sex toys, may violate obscenity laws and fall within the grey area of law. In this article, we indulge in this conundrum.Sale Of Sex Toys In IndiaFor a long time, adult lifestyle products have been in the grey market, sold often by the street vendors.In Delhi’s Palika Bazaar or Mumbai’s Crawford market, one could easily find sex toys as they are so accessible and easy to find. The last couple of years, there’s been an explosion in the e-commerce segment for sale of adult or sex toys varying from all kinds and types of them. According to the survey, most of the sex toys are... READ MORE

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A few years ago, over an innocent conversation between a trio of friends an idea was born. Instead of dismissing the idea, they decided to make it a reality and in 2011 was born. For the uninitiated, IMbesharam is an adult products e-store that allows Indians and NRI’s across the world to browse, shop, and experience a bold lifestyle. Based in New Delhi, the company showcases products sourced from popular brands in US & Europe, ships their products via world class shipping carriers in a non descriptive package and takes care of all duties, customs, and taxes up to the point of delivery to the customers’ door. Considering that we are still a country where buying condoms requires some basic knowledge of sign language and the navarasas and movies like Lipstick Under My Burqa can receive flack for talking about female sexuality, it is amazing to know that such... READ MORE

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Batman of bedrooms is an avatar Raj Armani is forced to don often. And no, it’s not some kinky role play he does to make sex more fun for him and his partner.Armani is the co-founder and CEO of erotic ecommerce startup ImBesharam. He is on a mission to make sex more pleasurable for as many people as he can possibly reach with his e-store. But that’s not why he plays the “Batman of bedrooms.”There are forces out there bent upon making his mission tough to impossible. Persistent prejudices about sex drive away potential customers; taboos stop happy happy customers from talking about it; and upholders of law throw a spanner in the works once in a while. Armani’s ImBesharam has been battling foes of many kinds for five years now.Last year began with customs officials in Mumbai seizing ImBesharam’s shipment of sex toys worth US$120,000, Armani tells Tech in... READ MORE

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Indo-Canadian pornstar and Bollywood actor Sunny Leone was roped in as the face of a US-based adult webstore due to her global popularity. The COO of Besharam had quoted earlier that, “She is every bit of besharam (shameless) and represents our brand well”. The promoters have hit the right spot it seems with casting Sunny as the brand ambassador for their adult web store. Since the adult star is making waves in the entertainment industry they assumed that she could now entertain and tease others with Besharam and in turn grab some major attention for the brand as well!This video features the very hot Sunny Leone for her adult lifestyle web store. The video is an uncensored version of the funny bloopers and behind the scenes of Besharam. You can see the sexy diva failing every time playing with a condom and calling it a baby making machine!Besharam is India’s first ever adult... READ MORE

Posted on 04/16/2017 00:28:00

In the Western world, the movie based on the Fifty Shades of Grey book trilogy is releasing this week, ahead of Valentine’s Day. In India, even as extreme right-wingers threaten to summarily marry off couples out on dates tomorrow, and as the movie awaits a censorship certificate, web sites in the country selling sexual health and/entertainment products have added BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism) merchandise to their list of wares, hoping that the book, having attained something of a cult status, will influence sales. Make way red roses, jewellery and chocolate, for it’s with edible body paint, handcuffs and whips that romantic India can choose to celebrate Valentine’s, an adult online shopping site, has the exclusive rights to sell the Fifty Shadesofficial movie merchandise in India. Samir Saraiya, a former executive at Microsoft who founded this venture in 2013, says this category is going... READ MORE

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Talking about condoms and other sex related items such as contraceptives, lubes or copper-T, has never been a good idea in a conservative society like ours. Though reports might be showing better education rates, but we still lag far behind the European or American societies whenever the topic of ‘Sex’ crops up. And, the same was the case with the sexual wellness products industry which was nowhere near the markets in the developed nations.But, in a bid to cash in the potential of this industry, few marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Healthkart and many others who are specifically dealing in this category including IMbesharam, thatspersonal, Kaamastra, Shykart, Ohmysecrets among others are there who have introduced a wide range of products including condoms, lubricants, edible lingerie and Sex toys ( You read it right! SEX TOYS! ) in India. Interestingly, the experiment worked out and the business grew very well to a staggering INR 1500Cr in... READ MORE

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Exactly an year back Flipkart started offering Sexual Wellness products on its platform to the users. However, barely 12 months after the launch, they have decided to remove all products listed under Sexual wellness category, except condoms, which are still available.In a letter sent to all their sellers, Flipkart has said, “Current listings under this category will not be visible to customers with immediate effect” . So if you search for any items categorized under Sexual Wellness, you will not be able to see it on Flipkart anymore.Surprisingly, other categories like “Lubricants” or “pleasure devices”are still shown, but upon clicking them, you will be welcomed with the message “NO MATCHING PRODUCTS AVAILABLE.”Sexual Wellness products is a Rs. 1000 crore market and it is growing at a healthy rate, however, Flipkart looks to have taken this as a precautionary step after police received an e-mail complaint about four ecommerce sites, including... READ MORE

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The ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie might not have been released in India, but ‘’ of Besharam Adult Store definitely has a collection of fifty shades of grey.Sexuality and sexual awareness isn’t new to India. It is the land of Kamasutra and erotic art and architecture. Yet, there is an unease and taboo associated with anything related to sexuality. Globally, sexual wellness is a highly lucrative market; the revenues in the US are estimated to grow to USD 52 billion by 2020. Risque or risky legality in business? Thanks to the Internet economy, customers can now take refuge in the cloak of anonymity. However, considering the ambiguous legalities associated, many big e-commerce sites like Flipkart have removed their sexual wellness category. This was done after police received an email complaint about Flipkart, along with four other sites.Does this mean that this business is getting riskier? The legalities associated with the... READ MORE

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A year ago every other e-commerce player wanted a piece of the pie. One of the hottest categories to strike the virtual retail market, sexual wellness products, appears to have lost its allure. While Flipkart and Snapdeal have discontinued it, some niche players like have shut shop.Many others are tweaking their business of selling erotic paraphernalia, or pushing operations out of India so as to circumvent the legal issues that have cloaked the market.The sexual wellness category, which covers everything from condoms and lubricants to sex toys and erotic inner wear, is at a nascent stage in India. Currently at Rs 2,000 crore, the market is slated to cross Rs 20,000 crore by 2020, since consumers find it convenient to discreetly buy such products online.However, over the past two years, several niche online players like, shycart, and privypleasures, among others, have been desperately trying to resolve issues... READ MORE

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Sexual wellness market in India is pegged to be anywhere between Rs 1,200 crore and 1,500 crore. But in India where the law on obscenity is unclear, this is a risky business  The net savvy culture that has seeped into the country over the years has ensured that people queue up for the release of everything from latest mobiles to clothes and gadgets. The latest entrant to this trend is the sexual wellness category for Indian consumers.  Sexual wellness is a wide net and can cover everything from female hygiene and care, lightening and tightening creams, energy shots and male enhancement creams and sprays, pregnancy tests and intimate washes, condoms and lubes, toys (that are not obscene looking and can pass as shoulder/feet massager). Market for sexual wellness products has evolved and though there is no verified research for this but based on projections and selling trends, it can be... READ MORE

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Its inventory sold out in the first month itself. "We didn't have any products left to sell. That's when we realised the huge demand," said Saraiya, who seeks to distinguish ThatsPersonal brand as a sexual wellness site in contrast with ImBesharam that's more in the adult entertainment category. Saraiya found support from his wife and in-laws for the venture, even as his mother remained reluctant. "It's a huge problem Indian men face. To even buy a condom, we try and visit a chemist who is distant from our house," said Saraiya, 43. Bindra said he backed the venture because he believed Saraiya could pull it off. "I have known Samir for the past several years and I knew he had the chutzpah to pull this off successfully," said Bindra, also ex-CEO of "His idea was solving a genuine customer purchase issue." The site is planning to raise another $5... READ MORE

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While the porn ban makes headlines all over the media an industry that has quietly evolved in India without making a fuss about its existence is the sexual wellness industry. The internet has become the destination of choice for all kinds of shoppers looking for everything from fashion items to luxury goods to books. They do it for convenience, price and choice. But the net also offers privacy. And that's where the sexual wellness industry finds its sweet spot online. There is no verified research for the market of sexual wellness products in India yet, but based on projections and selling trends, it can be estimated to be anywhere between Rs 1,200-1,500 crores. Sexual wellness is a wide net and can cover everything from female hygiene and care, lightening and tightening creams, energy shots and male enhancement creams and sprays, pregnancy tests and intimate washes, condoms and lubes, toys (that... READ MORE

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LOS ANGELES – The XBIZ 360 Retail Conference offered a wealth of information and tips for new and established retailers to succeed online and with physical retail store locations.The XBIZ 360 Retail Conference kicked off with “The Edge of Retail” panel featuring Erik Van Riper (Honey's Place), Dave Levine (, David Keegan (Adam & Eve), Samir Saraiya (ThatsPersonal), Raj Armani(Besharam Co. USA), Ken Hershkovitz (ECN) and Gamelink’s Jeff Dillon as moderator.With two panelists with businesses that serve India, a portion of the conversation explored the region’s shopping trends. “Why India? It has 1.3 billion people 65 percent under the age of 30 who are prominent shopper who will spend an estimated $16 billion online next year,” said Raj Armani, the founder and CEO of Besharam ( Saraiya of pointed out that “the one major difference with online in India is that they do not want these products shipped directly to their... READ MORE

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Talking about sex has been a taboo in conservative India. But, moving on with the changing world, India's scenario has changed too. Many things that found no mentioned years before are now slowly filtering into common casual conversation among people. Also the society has gradually come to accept many things that were once taboo as common place now. Likewise, sexual wellness products also have been a taboo in India since many years and so here comes IMBesharam to cater to the niche market target.  Taking a bold step, the company has launched sexual wellness products, as an innovative online solution for many. Customers can now place the order the products online and not have to let anybody encroach their comfort levels or privacy zones. “There are a few challenges that we face when doing business in Indian market, but the one that is the root of most problem is: Challenges... READ MORE

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Ever been to India with your girlfriend and tried to kiss her in public? If you have, you probably received a dozen dirty stares. Or a prying cop may have taken you to the nearest police station, to extract some money.Worst still, you might have received a lecture on public decency or been asked to declare your girlfriend as your ‘sister’ by right wing political activists. During anti-valentine drives the activists force girlfriends to tie rakhi (a sacred thread) to their boyfriends and declare them as ‘brothers’ in front of the local community.Even though public displays of affection in India are frowned upon, ecommerce startups are leaving no stone unturned to sell you that sexy lingerie, or book you a hotel room so you can get intimate in private.Over 65 percent of India’s population (which totals about 930 million) is under 35 years of age. Valentine’s Day is now a... READ MORE

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Vibrating duckling. Lucky ball masturbator. Amorino – a rabbit with a twist. Pleasure tunnel. Lovers’ candy bra. S&M intro kit. Blindfold & handcuffs set. Orgy love dice. No, I am not picking them out of Fifty Shades of Grey nor making them up for kicks. They are just a few of the many sex toys that have caught the fancy of adventurous Indians discovering the joys of ecommerce – where e stands for erotic.A big chunk of Indian society still likes to pretend sex doesn’t exist but that hasn’t yet stopped anyone from doing it for procreation, obligation, recreation, or even revenge. Lately, the recreational element of this basic human instinct has got a bit of a push with intrepid entrepreneurs launching estores for sex toys and wellness products that promise better sex.The sexual wellness market in India is expected to grow at an average rate of 34.8 percent per... READ MORE

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Typing out on your computer screen while at work will most probably lead you to a page that reads 'Access denied'. An online marketplace for adult pleasure and sexual wellness products is not considered healthy viewing, even for purely work reasons — a reflection of what some of these startups experience when they knock on investors' doors: no love at all. Experts believe that a notion of cultural taboo along with legal concerns come in the way of adult products portals such as, ImBesharam and ItsPleazure from raising funds from institutional investors, despite dynamics such as 100 per cent year-on-year growth and operating margins of over 30 per cent. "I think it is unfortunate. But I think that the reason why large institutional investors balk at the space is due to moral and cultural issues of the taboo factor around the space and grey areas around legal compliance,"... READ MORE

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Women in India are starting to become more familiar with sex products, and female entrepreneurs are leading the way for women’s pleasure. “India is going through a sexual revolution." Women in India are beginning to take more control of their sex lives with the growing trend of sex products targeting them. The appearance of women in the sex toy industry especially in India, is changing societal views on women’s sex products. Indian women who previously would be shunned for such behaviour, are today getting more aware of the uses of sex products, for their own pleasure or in a relationship. As the acceptance is increasing so is the trend of more women entrepreneurs in the country aiming to provide Indian women with sex products to meet their exact needs. Divya Chauhan is one of these incredibly influential women. She founded the website, which sells products such as full of edible lingerie, role play... READ MORE

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There’s one aspect that often gets pushed under the bed in all the talk about a digital society. How it will impact sex. The tech boom, as we found is leading to a lot of boom, boom. For NRI businessman Raj Armani waiting at the Customs queue at Indian airports is not new. At one time, a sensitive shipment of his was detained at Delhi Customs. “All through the negotiations, there was an undertone of moral indignation with which the customs official was dealing with me,” says Raj recalling some of his early experiences in his business. As founder of one of India’s premier e-commerce sites for adult products, IMbesharam, this was also not new to Raj. “There was no missing the fact that he was judging me. He told me in not so many words that I was hurting the sentiments of the people.” The sensitive shipment in question... READ MORE

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Two weeks ago, on a Sunday evening, 30 guests gathered at an undisclosed location in Bandra for a two-hour session discussing a taboo topic — kink. Hosted by Gaysi, the introductory session, aptly titled K Se Kink, featured a panel of speakers and a heady mix of audience — inquisitive souls keen to know more about the subject and 'players' who've been actively following kink lifestyle for over a decade. Among the curious lot was the 21-year-old Anushka Jadhav, who runs the gender-education initiative, No Country For Women. She recounts, "The session also showcased whips, handcuffs and feather ticklers [and a few other products I don't know the names of] provided by IMBesharam (event partners). Most guests knew how to use them. All agreed that EL James' Fifty Shades Of Grey is problematic. The session made me comfortable with the idea of kink and opened me up to the possibility... READ MORE

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Sreemoyee Piu Kundu on how online shopping has opened up a world of sex and erotica products to Indian women On her 40th birthday, Smita Wadhawan, a marketing professional and a single mother, who confesses to being ‘sexless’ for over a decade and occasionally jokes about becoming ‘revirginised’, sought to break the jinx of this ‘menopause’ by pampering herself with a rabbit vibrator—known to offer dual stimulation, to both the G-spot and the clitoris, something she’d read about in magazines like Cosmopolitan and seen in her favorite soap, Sex In The City. Initially too embarrassed to ask her colleagues exactly how to go about acquiring one, she was fina­lly encouraged by a newly marr­ied junior colleague to check out sex toys being sold online. “Lata had a naughty hen party where she was gifted a kinky hamper with eve­rything from handcuffs, arousal oils, erotic lingerie, adult games, delay gels and edible body paints... READ MORE

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While the metros of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore top the list of buyers across e-commerce platforms that sell adult products, the “business of pleasure” is gaining popularity in smaller cities such as Ahmedabad, Chennai, Faridabad, Pune, Roorkee and Hyderabad. (IMBesharam)   Indians may be perceived as shy about their sex lives, but their demand for sex toys and aides, a nascent and as yet clandestine industry in the country, is going up by leaps and bounds. While the metros of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore top the list of buyers across e-commerce platforms that sell adult products, the “business of pleasure” is gaining popularity in smaller cities such as Ahmedabad, Chennai, Faridabad, Pune, Roorkee and Hyderabad. The share of orders from non-metro big cities and small towns is going up, the vendors say. While across-the-board average is not forthcoming as it is a fragmented industry, websites say that for some products... READ MORE

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The sexual wellness industry in India is estimated to be at Rs 2500 crores, with several sites selling adult products tapping into a market which promises ‘exponential’ potential.  There are vibrators and dildos, masturbators and vibrating rings, massage oils and soft bondage products, condoms and lubricants, edible lingerie and personal care and hygiene goods, among the plethora of products that can be bought online from these adult e-stores. Driving the surge in demand are consumers from across the social spectrum. While metro cities continue to dominate the scene, it is the smaller towns and cities in India that buy adult products like never before.  Speaking to The News Minute, Samir Saraiya, CEO of, described as ‘India’s first personal products destination’, says that in the first and second year of their operations, i.e. in 2013-14, most of their business was generated from Tier-I cities. 2015 however saw Tier-II & III... READ MORE

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Remember that awkward moment when you go to a pharmacist and ask for condoms? From dotted to flavoured, you are spoilt for choice but there is little you can say across the counter. On the World Contraception Day on 26 September, Techcircle looks at startups that help customers find and buy products according to their needs and nature and also, mitigate awkwardness involved in buying them over-the-counter. SMS Contraceptive – As the name suggests, you can find condoms here and a few more things such as emergency contraceptive pills, lubricants and instant pregnancy test kits. The simple and to-the-point site allows you to place orders on WhatsApp, on phone calls and through Snapchat. You can also request a call back. The special packages, which include condoms, lubricants and emergency contraceptive pills, range from Rs 300 to Rs 750 depending on the offering. They promise to deliver your order at your doorstep... READ MORE

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When was the last time any of you went shopping for a lingerie or you had to pick up condom at a medical store, and you found yourself in a slightly uncomfortable conversation/zone? See a quick video that shows the dilemma of a girl out to shop for a bra -  Being the culture that gave the world, the KamaSutra, we as a nation never got the right outlet to express our sexual desires or the source to procure such ideas, products and accessories to experiment the same. Being creatures of curiosity, desire and always on search for better levels of happiness and satisfaction, the pursuit was always there. Hence there existed the gap between what we want or not knowing what we want and what is available/accessible to us.  Now with major advances in technology, and R&D on consumer demand and requirements, the shape, packaging and appearance of such products has... READ MORE

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The ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie might not have been released in India, but ‘’ of Besharam Adult Store definitely has a collection of fifty shades of grey. Sexuality and sexual awareness isn’t new to India. It is the land of Kamasutra and erotic art and architecture. Yet, there is an unease and taboo associated with anything related to sexuality. Globally, sexual wellness is a highly lucrative market; the revenues in the US are estimated to grow to USD 52 billion by 2020. Changing behaviour patterns However, with everything online today, trends and behaviours are changing. Raj Armani from Imbesharam shares his findings and says, “When we went live, we saw 70/30 male: female ratio in traffic, but sales were 87/13 from the same visitors. Now, we see 64/36 ratio of traffic, and the sales have risen from women shoppers to 72/38, which we consider a major achievement.” The effect... READ MORE

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A few months ago, the corporate office of a Mumbai-based adult online shopping company received a strange request from the female customer in Delhi: 120 tubes of chocolate flavoured edible body paints. The caller wanted to gift it as a return gift to young couples at the party which she and her husband were throwing. Unprepared for such a huge order for a single flavour, the company appeased her by offering an assortment of different flavours.  SHADES OF FUN The company, on its part, wins customer trust by ensuring that the products are packaged in tamperproof bags and are delivered discreetly at a time and place of the customer’s choice. The anonymity and convenience have emboldened the shoppers to haggle and ask for discounts on condoms and personal lubricants just like any other consumer goods.  “We get customers who want an explanation on why the price is what it is. They... READ MORE

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Sunny Leone's bold and sexy endorsements Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone has established herself in Bollywood as a popular actress who is hugely in demand not just for films and item numbers but also for ads and endorsements.  She charges high (over one crore) for them, but is still a preferred choice because of her huge fan base whose imaginations she sets on fire when she promotes a condom or an alcohol brand. From mobiles to adult websites, Sunny has an enviable number of endorsements to her credit. Have a look at those ads made spicy with her sizzling presence. One of her earliest endorsements was that of Chaze's mobile handsets. The shooting for the brand's television commercial was done in Bangkok. Sunny Leone has been the face of, a US-based adult Webstore. The webstore is a one stop destination of products like software adult toys, adult games, adult... READ MORE

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  THE SEXUAL wellness industry in India is alive and well online. Some refer to it as the adult entertainment industry, but, whatever name it goes by, buying toys and products that enhance the sexual experience is now just a click away. Till a few years ago, such products were only available in seedy corners of specific markets in metros like Palika Bazaar or Lajpat Nagar in Delhi and Crawford Market in Mumbai. For customers, it was not a pleasant experience because of the smuggled products and the sordid manner in which they were sold—a covering lifted to show a vibrator or creams and potions meant to increase sexual appetite. E-commerce has put an end to this furtiveness and led to a boom in the sex toys’ market. It is currently pegged at R1,200 crore-R1,500 crore and expected to reach R2,450 crore by 2016. It can even touch an enviable... READ MORE

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  MUMBAI, JULY 17:   The sexual wellness category just got a little competitive with India’s largest e-commerce player Flipkart launching it on its portal. Until now, it was the forte of certain small niche players such as, and, who have explored the potential of this highly unorganized and untapped market. However, other online marketplaces such as Snapdeal and Amazon are also selling a few products in this category. For Flipkart, the entry into the category is to tap these unorganized players, for whom selling sex-related products is still seen as a taboo, experts feel. Also buying such products online is comfortable for Indian women and men, who are opening up to new ideas of intimacy.   Potential goldmine E-commerce experts peg the Indian market for adult sexual products at about Rs. 1,500 crore, which is expected to double by 2016 and touch about Rs. 8,700 crore by 2020. Vinodh Reddy, founder,... READ MORE

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The Business of Pleasure: How 'Adult' Products Are Finding Takers in India Online An edible thong made out of candies; a lubricant to enhance and prolong bedroom 'play' time; a Bluetooth-connected toy that turns your smartphone into a tool to have long-distance moments of intimacy. This might sound far-fetched, but these are all products you can get on various Indian websites. The industry is nascent in India, but as taboos erode, people are starting to talk about what they want from their partners, and a lot of new websites are rising up to fill the gaps in the market. One of the better known sites in this category is That's Personal, which started in January last year. That's Personal has products like gels, lubricants, lingerie, and adult games up for grabs for those wanting to spice up things in the bedroom. Samir Saraiya, CEO, That's Personal says that when he was... READ MORE

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E-tail gives sex goods a big push BANGALORE: This may be the best kept secret of India's $2 billion e-commerce story. The country's middle class has found in it a platform that satiates their sexual desires and fantasies in ways that weren't possible before. E-commerce portals like kaamastra, thatspersonal, ohmysecrets, imbesharam have emerged over the last one year or so offering products that include plain vanilla condoms, edible lingerie, play toys, baby dolls, role-play costumes, enlarger creams, tightening lotions, and much more. The target audience spans a wide age group of 18 to 65 years. Over the next six months the product range will see the addition of imported sex furniture (designed for various positions) and tech toys that Vinodh Reddy, founder of ohmysecrets, believes would put the segment in an altogether new growth orbit. "We are even developing a love app whereby a husband and wife through their telephonic... READ MORE

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  The Indian culture has always imbibed a shy factor which has pulled the audience away from expressing their sexual desires openly. However, with the emergence of online portals in this space, a wide segment is utilizing this opportunity to satiate their untold needs. Sexual wellness industry is flourishing in India with the adult sexual products market, expected to grow INR 2450 crores in 2016 and INR 8700 crores in 2020. Also, the surveys have revealed that majority orders are received on online portals by women shoppers and from the Tier1 and Tier2 cities. “The global solution is eCommerce and this industry has quickly moved to the web from the physical retail model which has been prevalent for several decades in other parts of the developed world. What’s interesting In India, is that we have never had physical retail in the form of adult shops. Therefore, this is one of... READ MORE

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Sunny Leone's ex-porn star status opens up edgy brand endorsement chances for the Bollywood actress   Sunny Leone, to her throng of fans, conjures up images that are mostly too vicarious to describe in these pages of resonant family reading. But once you hear her out, you would wonder whether it's a former porn star — adult entertainer if you will — or a marketing guru doing the talking. "I think I offer a unique brand of worldwide traffic and fans that is different from what is offered by other celebrities in India," says the Indo-Canadian actress who was born Karenjit Kaur Vohra to Sikh parents in Ontario, Canada. There's more: she also lets on that she's "specialized in social media marketing" and companies that tie up with the Sunny Leone brand "see the potential and value" in it. Meet Sunny Leone, porn star turned digital entrepreneur cum brand endorser.... READ MORE

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Adult online lifestyle store goes live, offering around 1,000 products as of now, an online one-stop shop for adult lifestyle products has gone live last weekend. The site is offering around 1,000 adult products including adult toys, energy drinks, lingerie, costumes, clubwear, fantasy wear, etc., and lifestyle accessories like sunglasses, scarves and watches. The site is powered by Canadian e-commerce solutions firm Shopify which recently launched its Indian operations formally. The products are offered in a number of categories (which are further divided into sub-categories), including those targeted by a particular gender besides simple ‘adult’. Apart from these, the site has a separate section dedicated to bachelor/bachelorette party products. “At the moment, we have around 1,000 unique items on the site. We will be increasing this number to over 5,000 by the end of this year,” said Raj Armani, co-founder, Mumbai and US-based Besharam CO, USA,... READ MORE

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Sunny Leone to go Besharam   The most sought after, the porn star, Sunny Leone's upcoming film JISM 2, which is about to release, is taking her places. After endorsing and being the face of a condom brand, the hottie will now be seen endorsing an adult webstore. Sunny will appear as the Face of the Brand called 'Besharam' - India's Premium Adult Webstore, which is based in US.The Webstore will carry a wide range of products produced - from software adult toys, adult games, adult products, energy products, bachelor & bachelorette party products, Lingerie from two of famous US & International brands, apparel & accessories for Gay & lesbian audience as well as an exclusive apparel collection including club-wear, party-wear, poolside-wear, nightwear, bedside wear and fantasy-wear. CHECK OUT: Sunny Leone comes out against sex to support PETA"We have signed Sunny Leone to represent the attitude, charm & wide-spread appeal as we feel she... READ MORE

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Sunny Leone is excited to be Besharam   Indo-Canadian adult film star Sunny Leone has been roped in as the face of, a US-based adult Webstore, and says she can't wait to see the website going live."Excited!! My new endorsement Besharam site landing page is up," Sunny tweeted.The Webstore will carry a wide range of products - from software adult toys, adult games, adult products, energy products, bachelor and bachelorette party products to apparel and accessories for gay and lesbian audience.The 31-year-old is presently in India to promote her first Bollywood film Jism 2, which released on August 3. READ MORE

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MUMBAI, India — India is continuing its love affair with adult and mainstream star Sunny Leone, this time tapping her to be the face of online adult lifestyle store, The operators, Besharam Co, USA, said the site officially goes live Aug. 27 and primarily caters to the needs of Indians worldwide by carrying a wide range of intimate apparel aimed at spicing up couples’ relationships and lifestyles. Available for the first time to the Indian market, the site features collections from Baci Lingerie, Hustler, LELO, Sex & Mischief, LEAF and more. The lines range from mens’ undergarments, women's lingerie, innerwear, shapewear. legwear, costumes and sexy separates, to luxury condoms, massagers, vibrators and an array of novelties for bachelor and bachelorette parties. “Leone represents the classiness and sassiness of our brand and expresses our motto of  'Be what you are, Do what you feel is right,” the company said. The site’s... READ MORE

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‘I am monogamous by nature’ If a picture is worth a thousand words, Sunny Leone's life is a tell-all book. When Mirror met the former adult star, she was in a candid mood and spoke about her past, her monogamous marriage and her future plans. Excerpts:How did your parents react when you first told them about your tryst with adult films? My parents knew my personality which is very independent. They were up against a very headstrong and opinionated person.The fact that I told them before any of our relatives did, helped the acceptance sink in faster. And it wasn't a plan. Adult films just happened and my career took off. But I guess I wouldn't have made it in the mainstream in the US. So what turns you on in a man? And what turns you off? An intelligent conversation is a turn on. Bad smelling colognes are a turn off. Buzz is,... READ MORE

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In a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, former porn star Sunny Leone talked about quitting the porn industry, her hatred for bad cologne, her monogamous relationship and the desire to start a family. The actress said that entering the porn industry came naturally to her and it wasn’t such a big deal telling her parents. When asked whether India would ever have a porn industry like the US she said that while the nation loves to watch porn on the sly, they don’t talk about it. She chose to stay on the safe side, saying people were conservative instead of labelling them hypocrites. She also has no qualms about her adult industry past, ‘I quit adult films even before I received the Bigg Boss offer,’ she said. Had it not been because of my past, I wouldn’t have reached where I have now.’   The 32-year-old also talked about being in a monogamous relationship with... READ MORE

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Sunny Leone Signed as Face of Besharam - India's First Adult Lifestyle Brand. Goes LIVE NOW! Besharam Co., USA announced the launch of their global Indian website, a one stop adult lifestyle shop for mature Indians residing in India and worldwide. Sunny Leone has been signed as the face of the brand due to her global fan following and her immense popularity in India. "She is every bit Besharam and represents our brand well," said Raj Armani, COO of Besharam. Sunny Leone has shot three commercials and photo shoots for brand promotions that will soon be aired on Indian national television. She will be the face of the brand for 2013-14 after which Besharam will launch a nationwide online campaign to hunt for the next face.  This is the first time in Indian webspace, an international brand has announced an adult lifestlye webstore, that both complies with Indian laws & import restrictions and offer free international shipping to India as well as Cash on Delivery as a payment... READ MORE

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Mom told me don't be "Besharam like Sunny Leone"   Introducing Sunny Leone as "Besharam of the year 2012", an Indian Adult Products brand featuring Sunny LeoneSunny Leone, One of the most talked hot sizzling Adult Film Star to debut in Bollywood in Pooja Bhatt's movie Jism 2, is twitted about her featuring website as India's #1 Premium Adult Web-Store. Check out her Pics, Tweets and uncensored youtube HD video about @Imbesharam ( I am Besharam ) She tweeted @SunnyLeone says-'I M Besharam, you know you are too'The Website Imbesharam has chosen Sunny Leone as "Besharam of the year 2012" and launched her raunchy, hot and sexy pics along with a chance to video chat with Sunny Leone. Also, the site says that you can find all the updates regarding Sunny Leone, her new videos, commercials, promos and freebies.The Website claims that India's #1 Premium Adult Web-Store, serving 1.3 Bln Indians world wide. India... READ MORE

Posted on 02/22/2014 08:12:00

Sunny Leone now helps promote sex toys in India – online!   Ever since Sunny Leone entered Big Boss she has taken the country by storm and on the way became the most searched person of the year in 2012 surpassing the likes of Salman Khan,  Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif. The former adult star has  pushed the envelope even more and agreed to be the face of – India’s number 1 adult lifestyle webstore. Besharam, positioned as India’s number 1 adult lifestyle webstore promises to fulfil every fantasy. The products include sex toys, BDSM objects, sexy lingerie, erotic books, sexy costumes and many other things which would be considered taboo in modern India. All the products are shipped from the US and UK in non-descriptive subtle packages that will be delivered discreetly to your doorsteps. The motto of the site seems to be that all humans are shameless (besharam) and whether they’re... READ MORE

Posted on 02/22/2014 08:09:00

‘Sunny Leone is every bit of besharam just like our brand is’    Unless you’ve been living under a rock or someplace similar, you must’ve heard – India’s number 1 adult lifestyle webstore which has the irrepressible Sunny Leone as their brand ambassador. We talked to its co-founder Raj about the company, their products and how they are going to help spice up the Indian bedroom. Excerpts from the interview: How do you think you can help spice up Indian bedrooms?  We’re nothing but a medium for the Indian audience to achieve a certain lifestyle they’ve been craving for a while. The impact of western culture has been profound in the general population in the last 10 years as is evidenced from the movies we watch, the TV shows we like, the clothing we wear, the lifestyle we strive for and maintain, and the relationships we get into. We are... READ MORE

Posted on 02/22/2014 08:06:00



We are a young company with a team of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who aspire to make 'Besharam' a favorite brand amongst the Indian population worldwide. We are determined to grow into a strong and reputable company in our pursuit of happiness by catering to the needs of over a billion people. We are certainly open to opportunities that will help the company grow & expand in the INR2,000crores in India (2013) and $12 billion industry worldwide (2013), we invite and welcome individual and/or organization's interest in owning a pie of the american dream. We are based in US, have offices in India and representation in Australia, Canada and United Kingdom. Please write to us what you may have to offer and we will take it from there.


We are actively seeking partners in India, Pakistan,Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Europe & USA. We represent many world class brands that manufacture high end Lingerie, Party wear, ClubWear, Footwear, Novelties & Games, Sexual Wellness products and innovative & creative Pleasure products. Depending on your location and local laws, we will be able to offer you very competitive pricing, high quality support and custom distribution & logistics. Below are some of the brands we carry and promote.

We are able to offer attractive incentives for parties who would like to distribute our products to Box stores and Departmental stores in the above mentioned regions. We are able to cater to the enquiries from most countries. Feel free to reach out to us to ask any question related to whole or distribution by contacting us by phone or email or visiting us in person. We look forward to doing business with you.



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