Cash on Delivery *COD* Policy

Cash on Delivery Policy - Now in INDIA!

First the Basics

Good News - We have recently upgraded our logistics and now are able to offer you 6 convenient payment options including a 100% RISK-FREE COD option. We take responsibility of International Shipping as well as Customs Clearance so your order arrives at your door, without you having to worry about anything. Just make the payment and relax, we take it from there to deliver you best sex toys.

This is the First time in India that a US based company,, is able to offer COD service to its customers in India. It is a unique and custom logistic setup done in partnership with DHL and BlueDart. Due to the complexities of the cross border setup, this service incurs additional charges, billed as 'convenience fees' on top of the total value of your order. These are paid to DHL and BlueDart respectively for providing the Risk-Free convenience of International COD facility. To eliminate the risks of fraudulent COD orders, we require these fees to be paid upfront before we can process your order. This is necessary to reduce false orders and to avoid two way shipping charges that they could incur. Incase you have selected a upgraded shipping option, those shipping charges are due upfront as well.

For a brief video explaining our COD Policy, please click here.

How Much Does it Cost? 

The convenience fees are calculated at 10% of the order value and due at time of placing the order.

For Example: If the total of your order in the shopping cart is Rs.2000, the COD convenience fees will be Rs.200 which brings your order total to Rs.2200. Of this total of Rs2200 you have to pay Rs.200 (10%) at time of placing your order via the UPI payment option listed on checkout. After this upfront COD fees payment is received by us, we are able to process and ship out your order. Upon arrival of your order in your local courier office, you will be informed by a courier service manager to have the balance of Rs.2000 ready which you have to pay to accept the delivery of the order. 

Steps for Placing a COD Order

  1. The minimum value of your order has to be Rs.99 and the maximum value is Rs.49,999 (exclusive of shipping charges). For orders below Rs.1000, a standard shipping fee of Rs.100 is added to the order.
  2. Proceed with your order in the cart, At the checkout payment page , select COD as payment option (COD (CASH ON DELIVERY)* 10% FEES DUE NOW).
  3. Scan the QR code provided and make the payment for the COD fees + any shipping fee applicable.
  4. Checkmark the tab which says I have made the payment and complete the order. 
  5. This will create an order for you and you will be redirected to the order confirmation page which will have the details of your order.
  6. You will get an auto-confirmation email shortly which will have details of your order.
  7. Reply to the email received, attach the screenshot/picture of the payment as proof, and send it to us. We will verify it and mark your order as partially paid and process your order
  8. You will get a shipment confirmation email containing the details of your order and the delivery estimates depending on the product you have purchased and its stock availability. 
  9. Once the order is processed, shipped and arrives in your city, the courier service will contact you on your mobile phone to schedule a delivery time so you can be prepared and collect your package by paying the balance amount (Order total only). 
  10. After you have paid the balance, your order is considered paid in full and complete. Enjoy !
If you need to reach us during any stage of this process, please do so by contacting us via LIVE CHAT, Email or requesting a CALL BACK between the hours of 10AM and 7PM IST.