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MaleEdge Penis Extender

MaleEdge™ is the ultimate natural penis extender. Grow your penis bigger without pills or surgery.

Male Edge - Edge out with the ultimate penis extender

If you are a firm believer of “Yeh dil mange more” but your dil is actually your penis, we have some good news for you! Our MaleEdge penis extenders will add the extra length and girth on your penis to make it bigger- no pains, pills or piercing required. It is time to add another niche next to BBC- BIC, if you know what we mean!

What makes Male Edge penis extender awesome?

MaleEdge Penis Extender Second Generation

Penis extenders are like a gym for your penis. You hit it for a few hours every day and get bulky, except you don’t go there after a break-up! This smart tool goes over your penis and extends the tissues by a small margin with every use. Then, as you work out every day with the MaleEdge and find your groove, pump up your reps to really increase the size of the penis. Moderately level up its power, traction and the hours you put into using this penis enlargement product.

How does Male Edge penis extender work?

If you are going to buy the penis extender, you gotta know how it works, right? Well, it uses phalogenic traction to facilitate penis extension and does not pose any high risks. In other words, it works on creating new cells and tissues to organically grow your penis. The only other proven penis enlargement method is a surgery but why go through the snip-snap when you can get bigger naturally, easy peasy?! All you have to do is follow the procedure carefully anywhere you want, even at your home. You can discover other ways of penis enhancement if you want. But we are telling you- the MaleEdge penis extender device is “The One” for you.

Your penis might be as exquisite as a Taj Mahal, but it doesn't need arches. The MaleEdge penis enhancer can act as a penis straightener to correct penile curvatures, also those occurring by Peyronie's disease or chordee. Discover more with regards to how it can fix your penis with Peyronie's disease, click here. If you want to see how the pro penis extender can help with chordee tap here.

MaleEdge Penis Extender Second Generation

Benefits of using Maleedge™ Penis Extender

There are various advantages of using MaleEdge™ Penis Extender:

  • Success requires putting in hard work and our penis extenders know that. So, it can ceaselessly work for hours on your penis to stretch it.
  • The technique matters just as much as the hard work does. The penis traction method for penis enhancement will show you results within months of daily use.
  • This is your chance of making the big dreams of a bigger penis a reality as the penis extender expands the length and girth of your penis. The penis traction method facilitates generation of new cells resulting in bigger and straighter penis so the results are long lasting.
  • A little bends and bows can also bend your confidence. Fix it with the MaleEdge if you have suffered through Peyronie's disease.

Male Edge Penis Extender Kits

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Male Edge Basic Penis Enlarger Kit

Male Edge Basic

₹30,999.00 ₹24,999.00
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Male Edge Extra Penis Enlarger Kit

Male Edge Extra

₹34,999.00 ₹29,999.00
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Male Edge Pro Penis Enlarger Kit

Male Edge Pro

₹36,999.00 ₹33,399.00
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any prescribed time for using the MaleEdge Penis Extender?

During the early stages, a concise and slow usage is suggested. After that, users often increase the usage to 5 to 6 hours every day. This will provide you a very recognizable 10% length expansion within the 2-3 months in erect form. The clinical trials note that continuing the use for 4-6 months results in an average growth of 28% in erect penis length and 19% in circumference.

What is the maximum growth I can expect and will it be lasting?

Theoretically, it is recommended to use the penis enlarger consistently to keep getting better results. The maximum is not known but some of the persistent users have grown their penises twice the original size. “Double Dhamaal” has a new meaning now! As the penis extenders do not add artificial length but work on creating new cells and tissues, the increased size does not go away if you stop using the penis stretcher. Your super penis will be super durable.

Is the MaleEdge Penis Extender effective for all penises, big and small?

Well, size does not matter BEFORE you use it. The smaller can get bigger and the bigger can get bigger with proper use. The growth percentage mentioned above has been concluded from clinical, documented research, which you can check out here. Since every user has different bodies, the result might be lower or bigger than those numbers. The MaleEdge Penis Extender is ideal for penises measuring 1.6 to 8.7 inches (or 4 to 22cm) when stretched flaccid.

Is there a guarantee it will give me desired results?

Have some faith, my friend. If you dedicate honest efforts to the process and aim to achieve the above numbers, we promise it will work for you. All you have to do is buy the penis extender and use it properly everyday for the prescribed number of hours. On the off chance that it doesn't show any progress, we offer a Money Back Guarantee.

Will it be okay if I wear the MaleEdge Penis Extender while working or resting?

The worst that can happen while wearing the MaleEdge Penis Extender is that it will fall off without any harm. This will be okay while you sleep in your own bed, just be wary of your dog thinking it's a toy. We can't have such “wardrobe” malfunctions happening at your place of work. So, if you have a job that doesn't require you to move around a lot, you can take this bad boy along.

Is it safe to have sex when I am following the MaleEdge Male Enhancement Program?

This program is meant to improve your sexual experience so there is no point in not having sex! The treatment provides a better blood flow leading to erections that last longer and harder. You can grow your penis and put it to good use in bed. And when we say good, it is actually better as many users have said. So, with the MaleEdge penis traction device, you can bake your cake and eat it too!

MaleEdge Official Website Questions and Answers Documented Results
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