My First Sex Toy

I just bought a sex toy as a surprise to my wife. It's my first time on a website that offers these and it's pretty obvious I didn't know stuff to arrive at a conclusion that I'm making the right choice.
I did do some research on how to select a right sex toy but trust me nothing helps because there will always be a doubt in your mind and that random article on the web may not help us clear that doubt.
That's when I came across and their pretty quick mail responses and call back service are what I loved the most. The way they cleared each and every doubt that I've had was so helpful.
Even if my question was so basic and weird, they answered back humbly and that's what you need when you want to select a toy that's not easily spoken about. So yes. I'm excited and I'm sure I made the right choice with all the advice I've got from IMbesharam.
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