How to Measure your Penis Correctly

Measuring your penis isn't as easy as you might think at first. Actually it is a bit tricky and if you are wondering how you can do it yourself then you have come to the right place. And don't forget penis size isn't only about length. After all most women prefer girth vs length. Girth should be measured as well. First lets start by measuring length.

How to measure penis length

Penis length should only be measured when you have a full erection. After achieving an erection take a ruler and place it right next to your small friend. Then press the ruler gently inside your fat tissue. With this gently push you will probably gain 1-3 cm or even more if you are fat :)

Generally the size of the erection depends on some factors including the time of the day and how aroused you are. So in order to take 100 % reliable results it is better if you take 3 different measures:

  • one in the morning
  • one in the noon
  • and one in the evening

Then sum these three numbers up and divide them by three. This way you will have a number that is as close as possible to your true penis length.

How to measure penis girth


Measuring your penis girth is actually a bit difficult! Why ? Well again you have to measure your penis in the morning, noon and evening. But each time you have to get 3 different measurements as well!

First for measuring your penis girth you are gonna need a tape measure. Use it to measure your girth at the base of your shaft, at the middle of your shaft and directly below the head. Take these three measurements, sum them up and divide by three. Now you have your girth size.

Like we mentioned before do this three times (morning, noon, evening), take the final three numbers, sum them and divide by three.

Regarding girth

There aren't much clinical studies about the mean girth size. Actually according to Wikipedia there is only one study about girth. This study claims the mean girth size to be around 12-13 cm.

About your score

I am sure that you probably wonder how your score compares to the rest of the male population.

First let's begin with length

According to the studies featured in the Penis Wikipedia Article

  • If your penis is anywhere between 10-12 cm you are small :(
  • But don't get disappointed, there is even worse, if you are less than 10 cm you have a micropenis
  • If you are anywhere between 12 and 16 cm you have an average sized penis
  • If your penis is 16-20 cm welcome to the big guys club :D
  • If you are 20 cm + you can easily become a porn star, congratulations!
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