Sunny Leone's journey from LA to Mumbai

Sunny Leone's journey from LA to Mumbai

Sunny Leone, which suddenly became a household name a year back from being a Porn Star. Well not just a Porn Star, not many people knew she was a business women as well and a rather good one. It took balls to get a big company like Vivid Entertainment to bring them to her terms. (Balls are metaphorical; you know what I am talking about Honka Honka…wink wink).  Let’s get to know her better. Roll the clip…

Sunny Leone (Karenjit Kaur Vohra) was born in a Sikh family and is considered to be the biggest PornStar of Indian descent. Sunny was named Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003 and was a contract star for Vivid Entertainment. Leone was a name given by Vivid Entertainment’s founder. Her parents enrolled her in a catholic school where she had her first kiss at 11, found out she was bisexual at 18 and lost her virginity to a basketball player at 16. Sounds exciting, get your popcorns ready.

She was destined for bigger things, started her career by working in a bakery, who would not want to eat cupcakes from her hand but that was not enough She was studying to be a pediatric nurse when a friend introduced her to an agent, who introduced her to a photographer for Penthouse. God Bless her friend!!! Sunny became popular instantly and soon entered Adult Porn industry largely for money. Success came quickly there too, all thanks to you guys and she became a brand, A brand that had power and authority which inspired her to start her own production company called SunLust Pictures.   

SunLust was started with her husband Daniel Weber, a musician. Toot Gae Dil…..YES she is married. Everything was going smooth and she was happy with her career but kahani mein twist aya when Bigg Boss producer’s approached her to be a part of their show. I want to KISS them for doing so!!!. She was shocked and amazed. She said NO straight away thinking of radicalists in INDIA but the show producers kept pushing (mehanti log), and to shut them down she gave them a big number which she thought she will never get but Indians kis se kam hain, they agreed to the number and this is when a new chapter in Sunny’s life was written. She became an apple of everyone’s eyes in INDIA, She was cute, adorable and a genuine human being. People saw the real her and started relating themselves to her and wanted to know her better. It was this fact that sunny became Google’s #1 searched personality, her website was facing huge traffic and she was the talk of the town.

Everyone wanted to know her, talk to her and many other things. (Ahem Ahem public audience wala blog ha Ya…) Mahesh Bhatt saw the potential or rather wanted to use her fame to market his movie named Jism2, came especially to the show to sign her up. Whatever it might be humara toh fayda hi hua. We got to see her in the big screen where other big things were looking even bigger and better. Now she has a list of movies in Pipeline and is super busy in her Bollywood career. She did an Item number too, 'Laila teri le legi' but it was nice to feel the emotion in a song.

The founders of Besharam, Raj & Salim acted on their instincts when they saw the shift in public opinion and the resposnse Sunny Leone received during BigBoss. They immediately called and met with the husband and wife team of Sunny & Daniel, struck a deal, quicte a hefty one, to have Sunny be the face of Besharam, India’s first adult lifestyle webstore.

Two glamorous all day video and photo shoots later, with a crew of 10+ in a upscale mansion in Los Angeles, Sunny Leone was ready on tape to not only announce to the world, I'm Besharam, you know you are too, but also to record her LAST adult full length feature before her big move to Bollywood. Now that you have seen her on, look forward to some more fun, exciting and besharam times as we move along to bring the amazing world of adult desires, pleasures and fantasies right to your door.

We are Besharam and we know you are too!


-contributed by Money Singh

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