Interview with Hindu Business Line

Interview with Hindu Business Line

Q: How is the adult wellness category growing?

A: Adult wellness category, just over this year has grown twice from last year, both in demand, new brand entrances and exposure as we have experienced from our customers and other online sources in India.  This also relaxes our need to market them as customers come to us looking for these products making our primary focus be on customer service and operational efficiencies as well as improving and expanding our collection.

This is a huge blessing for us as we continue to maintain our market leader position by attracting over 150k visitors on monthly basis and converting 2-3% of them at an average of Rs3900/order. We also rank way ahead in terms of online standing and popularity of website as published by Alexa ratings.

Q: How are investors looking at this as a potential business?

A: While we receive almost 12-15 various business and investors  inquires a month, we only consult with a few and qualify them either as whole sellers or brand partners to further expand our wholesale business. The larger investors, I think are waiting and watching as even though they may be attracted to this segment of products/ecomm, they would be apprehensive about how this model would thrive in India, due to the speculation in application of law as well as public perception and need for a discreet but well organized and sophisticated business operation to be successful.

They will come with big bags of cash soon the little grey clouds of doubts in this business model fade away in a few months. We would be one of the first companies to release our P&L out to public to encourage expansion of our segment category in the market

Q: What is the market size?

A: In my opinion it is too early to estimate the market size and all the numbers that you hear thrown around are mere best guesses. If these products enter the FMCG category the market can become well over several billion $ just in India alone, however if you want a number from us, based on our research, the age ratio and population analytics, income to expense calculation and access to Internet devices, we will tab it anywhere between 300-500 crores in next 12months.

Q: With Flipkart launching the adult wellness category, how do they see the competition?

A: We love flipkart and we will also be showcasing our exclusive international line with them, so while they command high traffic, we command better one to one boutique store experience. We carry over 3000 skus and flipkart may carry about 1000 sku's at this time. The market is so huge that all the well organized players can not only take a big sip, bit also a nice shower in the ocean and some. Having arrived at the right time has helped us hoist that flag, so when people search for products, they first look at our store and then try to look other places to compare for prices. Our customers very well realize that they get what they pay for, and since these products are for personal use, not many people will compromise quality for a few bucks and would prefer to but it from source, which is right behind our office doors.

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