Worst first date ideas

If you have reached this article by via Google, then you are already in a precarious position. Irrespective of anything, expecting an article to give you suggestions for your first date, is quite lame in itself. Despite that, here are a few howlers you should avoid.

1. Friend’s birthday party- The last place you should go on your first date. Nothing is a worse idea to break the ice with your first date than making her do it with 5 other strangers.

2. Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag- No occasion should demand such cruelty.

3. Google Hangout- Technology is replacing experiences in person, but a Google Hangout is a sure shot bullet to the head.

4. Football match with Beer and Tandoori Chicken- Because nothing spells doom better than your onion breath next to a girl frantically searching for ways to escape.

5. A Stroll In the Park- Unless you are 15. Or 65.

6. Your House- The classic line of " Your place or mine" works only in Bond movies. Unless you are the Prince of Jordan, this wouldn't work.

7. Her house- Did you not read the previous point?

8. To a Club- One usually goes to a club to puck up chicks. Taking your first date there is Hara Kiri. There is barely anyone who can maintain a sane conversation over blaring lyrics of Hookah Bar!

9. Anything to do with Friends- While you would eventually like her to have a good compatibility with your friends, the first date must be exclusive and personal.

10. Your Office- A strict no. Unless you are the CEO of Google. In which case, you wouldn't be reading this.

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