5 Gift Ideas For A New Girlfriend

5 Gift Ideas For A New Girlfriend

Men who love buying gifts for their girlfriends are so rare to find. Those who are lucky to have had long-time girlfriends have, more often than not, let them down on a number of occasions with worthless gifts. These men also get super-anxious when the gift-giving time rolls around. The same anxiety becomes tenfold when the man is in a New relationship as he surely does not have the wiggle room to screw up royally and still be able to keep his girl around.

When it comes to gift-giving, don't we believe that it’s the thought that counts? Unless of course, you’ve been planning to buy a meaningless gift that’s corny, cheap, or has absolutely no connection to her whatsoever! Don’t be a thoughtless tightwad. However, if you’re one of those who will blow his paycheck in an attempt to impress a girl with his gift-giving skills, you will seem like a financially irresponsible person and women don’t find that attractive either. So, yes, there are a lot of landmines that you can avoid.

We have some good news for you! We can help make this awful process of buying gifts more fun, less scary, less overwhelming and light on the pockets too. Regardless of the price, if you choose something that associates to your relationship and gels with her personality, passions or beliefs, she will feel that you listen to her and care about the relationship. Here are some gifting ideas to show her that you like her.

  1. Significant-Moment Gifts

These gifts represent the important moments in a relationship. While thinking of a gift, think of things you did together which made those sparks to fly. Give her something to recreate the same moment with her. Watched a movie together? Buy some of her favorite movie DVDs. This makes for an amazing gift as you can also plan a romantic “date night” and stream those movies again!

If a coffee shop is the place where you first met her, then, another great idea is to gift her coffee grounds from that coffee shop. If you don’t find that, a pack of high-end gourmet coffee will do. Brew up some together with her and tell her how it reminds you of your special first date at the coffee shop. This “aww-inducing” gesture will melt her heart and you’ll be super caffeinated!

  1. Future-Event Gifts

There’s a fine line between knowing that you have a future and diligently planning it with your woman. This balance must be maintained when in a new relationship. If you start talking about your future with your new girlfriend, it can intimidate her. However, if you don’t discuss or plan anything beyond a weekend, she might feel that it’s not a long-range potential. This fine line is impossible to see, but a nice gift can walk that line..

Get her tickets to an event that interests her — a wine-tasting event, a concert, food festival, etc. these ‘future event gifts’ say that whatever plan you make, she is a part of them. For a teaser, you can hook her up with gifts which lead up to those events. For example, a premium bottle of red wine, a wine-tasting guide or a pair of wine glasses.

  1. Thinking-of-You Gifts

In a new relationship, it is natural for you to think about her every minute. You start remembering every little thing about her. You’ll find yourself smiling at strangest things – something funny that she said, the way her eyes squint when she smiles. She doesn’t know this yet, but she’ll absolutely love it, if you put in some hints. Start collecting the things that make you think of her, because, little things like that mean a lot. Put them in a basket and, voila, you’ve just created a beautiful and unique gift that she will treasure!

Just think of how her hair smells, or about the color of her warm eyes. Fruits like strawberries work well, in which case, chocolate-covered strawberries are even better. Basically, chocolate-covered anything are a great choice because they simply mean “you’re super sweet”. Be sure to explain why it makes you think of her, otherwise, you may look like a creep!

  1. Crossing-Off-Her-List Gifts

Think of all those first conversations where you spent hours sharing details about your past, your present and even your dreams. She must have mentioned something that she always wanted to do. Grab that opportunity and make that dream a reality for her. Maybe she always wanted to try a new sport; get her enrolled for that. Maybe she always wanted to go skydiving – start planning to take her. If she has ever mentioned things like traveling, learning a new language or photography, offer to do it with her. Doing a fun activity together is always an interesting idea and she’ll definitely love it.

  1. I-Know-The-Real-You Gifts

There are some universal gifts that almost every woman appreciates – like a bunch of flowers and chocolates. But when you get your hands on something that shows that you know her as a person and not just as a woman, she will appreciate the fact that you care for her. In such situations, think about the things that she likes or is particularly fond of. If she likes to write, a stunning leather-bound journal with a personal note, will be an ideal “I-know-the-real-you” gift!

So, she loves animals? How about asking if she’d like to adopt a dog or a cat. This will let her know that you fully understand what she feels within. The gifts can be as simple as a custom tee with her favorite movie character or a quote. Whatever the gift is, the “I-know-the-real-you” gift should make your girlfriend feel extra special and appreciated!

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