Why Couples Should Add Sex Toys to Their Lives

7 Reasons Why Couples Should add Sex Toys to their Lives

While sex toys are probably the light of our lives during our singleness, a lot of us tend to stash it away, much like the porn we hid from our parents in high school, once our significant other comes into the picture.

But why hide the key to exorcism level orgasms? Toys do what our bodies can't. As much as the intimacy and feel of your partner can get you off, toys are literally designed to give you the big O!

If you're still apprehensive about spicing it up with sex toys, we have a list of compelling reasons to tip the scale.

1. Multiple Orgasms!

Need we say more? Sex toys can intensify pleasure. Toys like vibrators can genuinely make you shiver thanks to their ability to stimulate your clitoris as well. Between your partner and sex toy, you're in for a world of "oh my gods".

2. Take the pressure off you and your partner

Let's be honest, when we decide to get down and dirty, the common goal is to orgasm. But the pressure of having to orgasm or making your partner orgasm can actually take away the fun of the process. With a sex toy on your side, you're taking the load off!

3. Take intimacy to a whole new level

When you have an open discussion about the sex toys you want to use and what you want in bed, you're opening a whole new avenue for honest communication. Discussing your kinks, fantasies, and every other quirk is going to feel like a cakewalk!

4. Push you to try new positions and techniques

After you finally say f**k you to the stigma you may have had, you're going to be busy exploring a whole bunch of positions and techniques. Sex toys help you explore new avenues, be it anal sex or role-playing, they will help you get truly creative!

5. Make your fantasies come to life

You could have wanted to be pegged all your life or always been curious about sex swings but may have been apprehensive about bringing it up. When you explore the world of sex toys, all of your and your partner's fantasies could come to life!

6. Mutual masturbation is H.O.T.

Masturbation is great, mutual masturbation is greater. And it's not just fun, it's super educational too. When you watch your partner masturbate, you understand their body better, and the same goes for them.

7. If you and your partner are in a sex rut, they can snap you right out of it

You're not bored of your partner, but the sex can get monotonous when you don't try something new as a couple. Sex toys can help bring back the excitement into the bedroom!

We aren't saying change your bedroom into the backdrop of 50 Shades of Grey, but adding sex toys to your bedroom activities can really help you become a '7 am pep in the step' person!

Don’t know where to start? Here's a link to our best smart sex toys for couples.

Go ahead and indulge, and remember to Stay Besharam!

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