Much Ado about Lingerie

Learning About Lingerie!!!!!

Panties!!!…….WOW Guys relax I have just started and mostly this blog is for women. All the beautiful, Bold, Confident women of the world, Lingerie’s tells a lot about who you are. They make statements for you when you don’t talk. Countless choices are available today ranging from conservative briefs to G-Strings. Most women don’t know what Lingerie to wear and when to wear them. Let’s try and break it down for you today-


Granny Panty- Who asked this…GET OUT and don’t come back…

Briefs- Alright now we are talking. Briefs have full coverage in the rear and rise up to the waist just below the navel. They are popular every day wear Lingerie. These can be boring but if you choose right colours and wear them sensibly, they surely bring comfort to your crotch area. These can be worn under Jeans, salwaars, shorts etc.

Hipsters- Hipsters are sometimes mistaken as briefs. Hipsters have a waistband around the Hips and are worn lower down the body. They are categorized as mid coverage panty but the legs are cut like briefs. They are perfect to wear with low cut jeans and for girls who think comfort first, these are for you.

Bikini- These always make a guy’s eyes pop. They sit at hip level and the sides are cut narrower. These are most widely worn style by women worldwide. Some bikini sides have strings mostly to worn on beaches, swimsuits or for the passionate night. These are very comfortable for daily wear. The front triangle covers everything important and a bit more. These can be worn mostly under everything except dresses or sheerer fabric pants to avoid visible Panty Lines.

Boy Shorts- These add flexibility to your lingerie and can be worn all day every day. These are sexy and stylish at the same time. Boy shorts are generally made seamless with microfiber material eliminating any chances of visible Panty Lines. These cheeky shorts are rapidly growing in popularity and women who don’t prefer G-Strings choose Boy shorts. They can be worn under dresses, tight fitting pants, Skirts etc. These are ultra-sexy and can also be worn as lounge or intimate wear.

Thongs- These give you a sleek appearance and are meant for women of all sizes. The back is ‘V’ shape at the waistband and narrower to the crotch area. The cheeks of your bottom are exposed but not fully. They leave something for your imagination. Thongs are gaining a lot of popularity as a style of intimate clothing but they are also comfortable and can be worn under pants, skirts, sheer fabrics, dresses etc. as the chances of Panty Lines are minimal. Reserve at least one day of the week for thongs and trust me it will be worth it.

G-Strings- If Bikini’s and Thongs make a Guys eyes Pop than a G string is surely to make his eye balls fall to the ground. A thong has a narrow strip attached to the waistband and has no rear coverage. Your buttocks are exposed and nothing is left to the imagination. They give the word sexy a new level. The front area is similar to the thong. They are most popular style of intimate clothing but very few women know that they are actually a perfect choice for Tight Fit dresses, Office trousers, pants, skirts etc. Since panty lines is not visible so the surely keep the perverts away. 

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- Contributed by Money Singh

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