Exploring Anal Play: A Beginner’s Guide for Men

Exploring Anal Play: A Beginner’s Guide for Men

One of the cruelest tricks played on man is placing the male G-spot in the rectum...

As many women know, there is nothing that can truly ever compare to the ecstasy that comes from a G-spot orgasm. It travels through your body, livening up every nerve, leading to a mind-blowing and toe curling orgasm, like nothing before.

While the female G-spot is far more widely known, the male G-spot is equally powerful. Stimulating it can lead to an incredible sensation that allows you to experience the full range of pleasure your body can provide. However, anal play is something that can be quite intimidating and taboo for most men. It is often considered dirty or perverted, and presented as something men should not enjoy. But do you really want some ill-informed stereotypes to prevent you from having the best orgasm of your life?

In this guide, we will address all your concerns, provide you with a comprehensive overview of anal play, prostate stimulation, male pleasure, sex toys, and everything else you need to know before you embark on this journey to spectacular pleasure.

Where exactly is the prostate?

What we call the male G-spot, medically known as the prostate, is a small organ located internally between the base of the penis and the rectum. It is about the size of a walnut and about 2 inches deep inside the rectum. It is extremely sensitive to pressure, and if stimulated, can provide incredible sexual pleasure.

The most efficient way to stimulate the prostate is anal play. This involves inserting a finger or a toy into your anus, to stimulate the prostate through the rectum. This way allows you to experience the full extent of the pleasure of the male G-spot. However, if you just want to try a taste of it, you can try massaging your g-spot through your perineum. Perineum is the small strip of space between your testicles and your anus, use a finger to gently put pressure and massage that area while you masturbate, to get a hint of what anal play could feel like.

Isn’t it going to be dirty?

Unless you don’t make it a habit to wash between your asscheeks often, it is not going to be dirty. But you should make sure to take a shower, or at least wash your ass with some soap and water, to make sure it is clean and hygienic, especially if you're playing with a partner.

First and foremost, take a trip to the bathroom if you feel like you have to go. Trust me, you don’t want to try anal play if you need to poop. Ideally, take a shower, wash your anus with soap and water, as normal. There is no need to clean the inside of your rectum, just make sure the area is clean.

Will there be poop?

Well yes and no. Unless you really need to go to the toilet right before you start anal play, this isn’t something you really need to worry about. Poop uses the rectum to exit your body, but your rectum is not constantly filled with it. Normally, when you want to try anal play, you should find your rectum empty, and there is no need to worry about a sudden poop explosion. However, (pun intended) shit happens. You need to prepare that sometimes, there might be some poop. Worst-case scenario, there would be some residue left on your fingers or toys, but this isn’t anything some soap and water can’t take care of.

However, if you are still worried about poop, you can try douching your asshole. Though this is not necessary for hygiene, it might make you feel more comfortable. This means you buy a douching kit, which allows you to push water into your asshole, and expel it. You can do this until the water runs clear, or you feel more comfortable.

Lube up everything

Like most things in life, preparing well is of utmost importance. Unlike a vagina or even a mouth, your asshole does not self-lubricate. It is very very important that you keep a bottle of lubricant handy. Ideally, you should be using a silicone based lube, as it is thicker and lasts longer, however if you are using a toy made out of silicone, you should use a water based lubricant, as silicone lube can corrode the toy.

Lube and patience are two of the most important things in anal play. When you are starting out, use as much lube as you want and do not hesitate to reapply, both on your asshole, and whatever tool you are using to insert.

Make sure you are in a comfortable position, and your (or your partner’s) finger nails cut short with no sharp edges or jags. You don’t want sharp nails poking in your butt.

How to get started

For your first exploration into anal play, we would advise you start with your fingers.

Once you have made sure everything is clean, with no sharp edges, and everything is lubed up, do what you would do normally, and get yourself in the mood and start masturbating. When you feel ready, put some lube on your fingers and slowly start stimulating your asshole, with the finger you are comfortable inserting. Use the finger to trace circles around the edge of your anus, putting some pressure as you feel comfortable. Insert the finger just a few centimeters first and hold it for a few seconds until it starts to feel slightly less awkward. Then slowly move your finger in and out of your asshole, increasing the depth a little bit each time.

Take your time, add some more lube if you think you need it, and feel free to stop, if it starts hurting or you are uncomfortable. Though initially anal play and fingering may not provide you with the incredible pleasure your prostate promises you, your anus is still an important erogenous zone, and when combined with masturbation it can feel good, even if you don’t reach your G-spot initially. Keep experimenting with the speed and depth, and add more fingers as you get used to the sensation.

Pick the right toy

Once you are used to anal play with your fingers, using a toy will really level up the experience. There are a wide variety of sex toys available for men’s anal pleasure. Butt plugs, prostate massagers, and other toys such as dildos or even vibrators can enhance anal pleasure, and explore new sensations. IMBesharam’s Anal Fantasy Small Silicone Plug is a good one to start off with, as it is made of high quality material that is healthy for body insertion, and the perfect size and length for a first time user. Try wearing a buttplug for a few minutes, or even pushing it in and out as you masturbate.

Once you have grown used to this sensation, you can graduate to increased levels of simulations and use anything from dildos, vibrating butt plugs, anal massagers, or even a strap on with your partner. Just make sure whatever you choose to insert into your asshole has smooth edges, is clean and healthy to be inserted into a body cavity, and has a wide base. The anal sphincter is a very strong part of the body, and if your toy does not have a wide base, it can get sucked up into your rectum and get stuck there. Nobody wants to go to the hospital, just for trying to have an orgasm.

Anal play is something that can add a whole new level of pleasure to your sexual experiences. It just needs a little bit of courage and patience. It may seem intimidating at first, but with the right prep, tools and techniques, you can open yourself up to some of the most earth shattering orgasms you have ever experienced. Don’t be shy about exploring these sensitive erogenous zones in your body, and remember to be patient and to check in with yourself often to make sure you are comfortable. So, spice up your sex life, and unleash a whole new world of pleasure with anal play.

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