Your turn-ons are normal. In fact, there are words for them.

Your turn-ons are normal. In fact, there are words for them.

As I grew into a more sexually liberated human being, I realized what’s sexy for some may not be very sexy for me. May it be clothes, sex positions, or even kinks. Of course, we have the usual choking, feet and hard play, but through active conversations with friends, I realise there were way more than my brain could comprehend. These learnings made me a lot more curious than before and my curiosity was well-fed by the internet.

So I took it upon myself to list down all the kinks I considered exciting and put them in my “must try mind folder”.


If there is a part of you that enjoys being choked, there’s a chance you would be interested to know more about Asphyxiaphilla. It’s when one is sexually aroused from the lack of oxygen. The most common way to explore this kink is by choking but you can also mess around with other barriers that restrict your breathing. It’s a very common practice in BDSM. 

While it can sound quite hot, be careful while you explore- a safe word or sign should always be accompanied by this kink. 



Picture this: You and your partner are having a slow day and suddenly your partner decides to mess around by tickling you. There’s laughter, fast breathing, some pulling and pushing and then the next thing you know you find yourself a little turned on. 

Knismophilia is when individuals derive sexual pleasure and arousal from tickling or being tickled. It’s not an unheard-of kink but it’s also rarely described as a kink. Many only realize their liking towards the act when it’s performed in the heat of the moment. It’s definitely a fun way to spark joy. 

It is considered a safe fetish and very rarely does it have bad news by the end of it. Unless and of course your partner isn’t a fan of tickling.



It’s a type of paraphilia where a person enjoys watching themselves in a sexual act in front of a mirror. This can be with someone or even solo.

Talk about a kink that satisfies an ego! But that being said, this fetish does not limit only to the mirror. One can even be aroused by watching themselves in the form of a recorded video (aka sex tapes). 

A way to spice Katoptronophila is by placing the mirror in different parts of the room. They don’t always have to be in front of you but can be in a corner or above the bed. Don’t forget to ask for consent if you decide to make a sex tape - no one likes being recorded without permission. 



Before we say anything. Here’s the dictionary definition. 

The desire for sexual gratification through inflicting pain on oneself or others; sadomasochism.

Studies have proven that pain can release endorphins, the chemical that induces pleasure. The pain can be released in a variety of ways like spanking, slapping, pinching, etc. But can also have a tendency to go wrong if not careful. While kinks are fun and have a lot of room for exploration, you and your partner must discuss boundaries and safe words. 

Those who have algolagnia might have it two ways. Either they love and want to explore it or they might not want to. Always remember to have an open conversation around it. 



If you were #TeamEdward growing up, then a biting kink isn’t a surprise to you. Odaxelagnia is the sexual arousal from biting. It’s a pretty straightforward kink and is considered a mild form of sadomasochism. This is a very common form of arousal, and we would like to tell you there’s a word for it.

So the next time you want to get bitten, you know what to call it!



Kinks and fetishes, for years, have been looked at as taboo. But don’t worry! That old-school thinking is also changing for the better. By practicing safe and consensual kinks, and having more open conversations about your preferences, there’s always a place for you to explore your sexual preferences and activities.

Remember to use safe words and active discussions before trying out something in the bedroom (or out of it). Do what makes you comfortable and remember TO HAVE FUN.

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