How to care for sex toys?

How to care for sex toys?

Here it is: Your best sex toy of all time. What to do to keep it enjoyable for as long as possible? It's easy! Just take care of it. Today we will talk about cleaning and storing sex toys. 

Don't worry, cleaning sex toys is not complicated. The only thing you need to remember is to clean your gadget IMMEDIATELY after use. Don't wait for bacteria to start families on the surface of your vibrator, masturbator, butt plug, anal toys.

The erotic market recommends various types of toy cleaners and this is a good option. Cleaners are safe for all types of toys, and in addition to the cleaning function, they also have a disinfecting function.

Spray the surface of the gadget with a toy cleaner, and after several seconds, rinse with water or wipe with a clean towel.

For stainless steel sex toys, plastic or glass sex toys, you can use soap or gel for intimate hygiene and water. The matter is a bit more complex in the case of silicone gadgets. Here we must be careful that the soap does not contain silicone. It is also worth paying attention to fats and oils that can be found in body wash gels. The use of a toy cleaner is therefore simpler and safer: one cleaning spray is good for all sex toys.

What is a toy cleaner?

Toy cleaner is a special spray or gel for washing intimate accessories. Toy cleaners are distinguished from ordinary disinfectants by their excellent composition. They do not contain alcohol or ingredients that could irritate the skin. Toy cleaners clean, disinfect and care for the surface of gadgets. In addition, they kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

If you are looking for a good toy cleaner at a lower price, see Easyglide Toy Cleaner or Jo Misting Toy Cleaner. And if you are looking for a product made only from natural ingredients, check out the Intimate Earth Green Foaming washing foam. All available means are safe and efficient.

How to store sex toys?

So that the children cannot see ;) But seriously, proper storage of erotic gadgets also affects their lifespan. If you throw your vibrator on a windowsill where it will be attacked by the sun's rays every day, don't be surprised that it will soon look unsightly or refuse to turn on.

Most brands, like LELO for example add fabric storage bags to their products. Use them and keep your sex toy in a dry, shady place. Underwear drawer? Bingo! Just put the gadget in the case beforehand.

A very popular option are also boxes for erotic gadgets. The point is that intimate products do not come into contact with dust and are not exposed to bruises, falls, or other damage. Remember that a damaged surface of a dildo or a vibrator will disqualify it from the next orgasm contest.

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