Intense Sex Skills No Man Can Resist!

Intense Sex Skills No Man Can Resist!

Hey, you! You’ve got the body. You’ve got the moves. You’ve got the confidence and sass too. Then what’s stopping you from blowing his mind away, and you know...that too! But if you need some help, that’s what we are here for. We believe adult toys, coupled with some naughty tricks, work like a charm. Check out these intense "special" skills that will leave your man begging for more.

Be Bold and Naughty – Slip into Sexy Little Things

Move beyond your regular bras and panties. Wear sexy lingerie that entices him with all that nakedness under it, but at the same time adds mystery to your body and leaves a lot to his imagination. Wait for him on the bed, or wine and dine with him, or give him a lap dance in your sexy lingerie. Let the sexual tension escalate! If you are newlyweds, then honeymoon lingerie is a must-pack item in your travel bag. When he sees his new bride in the revealing underdress, we bet he won’t be able to keep his hands off you.

Drive Him Crazy with Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is a perfect ingredient for decadent sex. Call him on the phone or send him flirty texts and be as explicit as you can be with your vocabulary. In the bedroom, whisper sexy, sensual stuff to him over pillow talk, sweet nothings in his ears, and leave no detail as to what you want and crave. This is a sure-shot way to heighten his excitement.

Switch on the Role Play Mode

Ditch your monotonous routine and personality. Be another, dirtier version of yourself and bring alive your wicked fantasies. Role play costumes can make your foreplay extra fun, joyous, and versatile. Dress up as a bad school girl, a hot flight attendant, a saucy nurse or a bootylicious prison officer and you will end up sexually provoking him in no time.

Kiss His Body from Head to Toe

Next time you are lip-locking with your partner, experiment with different kissing styles. Gently nip his earlobes and then soothe the tingle with a feathery kiss. Or you could try the single lip kiss, where you suck your partner’s lips, keeping them between yours. Start a duel of tongues with the French kiss or give him a hickey as a souvenir of your passion. This erotic foreplay with kisses will make him go weak in the knees.

Channel Your Inner Goddess

A woman who takes control in the bedroom and plays a dominant sex diva is every man’s fantasy. If you and your partner don’t mind indulging in BDSM activity, then put on a leather harness, get a leash in your hands, and whip your sexiness around him. You can buy women’s harness or bondage kits from online shops such as IMBesharam.

Master the Art of Foodgasm

Tantalize his carnal desires by getting him to lick and bite delicious food off your body. Chocolates, honey, strawberries, and champagne – the options are many. But, when you want to do something really mischievous, an edible bra laced with candies or body toppings in varied flavours will fit the bill perfectly. Never before would he have experienced a sweeter, more erotic orgasm! Don’t worry about the sticky mess. You can always take an intimate shower later.

Give Him the Hottest Massage Ever

A sensual, gentle rub with your fingers will not only unwind his tension but also make him feel as if it is pure heaven. While the head, forehead, neck, back, and shoulder blades are the most common massage areas, there are a few other erogenous spots on the body that could be massaged to bring novelty into your foreplay. How about alternating between tickling, pressing and kneading his shaft with your foot or massaging his inner thighs and big toe with an aromatic oil? Travel down his body leisurely and discover his pleasure points; you will know what he enjoys the most. Put these skills to the test, and you will thank us for the earth-shattering orgasmic sessions that will follow.

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