Lube: Your best-friend in the bedroom!

Lube: Your best-friend in the bedroom!

We’re pretty sure you’re aware of the saying “The wetter the better”. ESPECIALLY when it comes to the NSFW activities that happen in your bedrooms. While engaging in sexual intercourse, or just a good old play sesh with yourself, the wetter things are, the better your experience turns out to be!

But things don’t always work in our favor, right? And sometimes we all need a helping hand in life! This is where we introduce an element that is bound to make your ride super smooth (pun intended).

Lube, short for Lubricant, comes in a large number of varieties all with the singular goal of making things easier for you and your partner(s) in the bedroom! This is why we called it your best-friend, it’s always there for you.

In its essence, lube is just a liquid or gel that’s intended to prevent unwanted friction in the bedroom. One can use it for different types of sex or as well as masturbation.

A common misconception that we want to knock straight out the door before we get into the technicalities of lube is that IT IS NOT A REMEDY ONLY FOR VAGINAL DRYNESS!

Lube provides much more to the entire sexual experience such as - less friction, smoother skin, yummy taste (we’ll get to that later), and more!

The entire idea that having to use lube is an indicator that your partner isn’t turned on or attracted to you is SO archaic that it makes annoying 70 year old uncles look like Vicky Kaushal.

Types of Lube: Which type should you buy

Alright then, so you know what lube is. That brings us to our next topic - what type should you get?

There are primarily 4 different types of lube:

  1. Water Based
  2. Oil Based
  3. Silicone Based
  4. Flavored

1. Water Based Lubricants

Any lube you get that is water-based can be used for almost any activity that your devious mind can think of!

It’s called the versatile lube exactly for this reason. Water based lubes can be used with both latex and non-latex condoms, and even with silicone toys. They’re the most popular type out there for three major reasons - doesn’t stain your sheets, goes easy on your skin, and is easy to wash off!

2. Silicone Based Lubricants

If you’re someone that’s got sensitive skin, then silicone should be your go-to lube option. Imagine spreading smooth silk sheets all over your genitals, yup, that’s what it feels like. Silicone rarely generates an allergic reaction so you should ideally be good to go.

How is it different from water-based lube? Longevity.

These types of lubes stay for longer on the skin and need to be reapplied less often. That means no stopping things right in the middle just to re-lube.

Silicone based lubes are safe to use with condoms, but not with silicone toys as they can damage the surface of the toy with abrasions. If you’re someone that prefers sharing your sex toys, we’d recommend not using silicone based lube.

3. Oil Based Lubricants

Once you get into the zone, you’re someone who wants to keep going, and going, and gooooooiiingggg. We get it!

Oil based lubes are made just for you then! They’re known for their forever lasting properties, and can also double up as a sexy massage time lubricant.

But what’s the catch? They aren’t compatible with latex based condoms, and can often cause the condom to tear, defeating its purpose. Nobody wants that.

It’s also oil, which makes it tougher to clean up once you’re done romping around. If you’ve got expensive sheets, you might want to reconsider before getting a bottle of Oil based lube.

4. Flavored Lubes

Our personal favorite! Flavored lube is just regular old lube with added flavors to help make love-making more…..delicious.

You get sex and you also get some yummy taste on the side, we’ve been sold on it for ages already.

While it makes for a great oral experience while you’re licking and kissing and doing all things possible to your partner’s body it also comes with one major drawback.

Any flavored lube should be kept away from the vulva as the both do NOT work well together!

Putting sugar or any other chemicals in the vagina can cause a Ph imbalance, leading to yeast infections.

How do you lube up?

There aren’t any fixed methods per se. Once you’re in the zone but feel your body isn’t, pick up that bottle and spread liberally until things get less friction!

Some people can’t get wet enough during sex and use it on themselves and their partners genitals during foreplay to ensure a smooth experience.

Once you know which lube you’re going to be using, warm it up a little bit in your hands before spreading it anywhere you like - be it on the vagina, the penis, or the anus!

No matter what your reason is for using lube, remember: It’s a simple and fun way to take your sex life to the next level. So go forth, and lube up!

And there you have it - a full on introduction to your new best-friend whom we hope is also going to be a part of your bedroom escapades here on out! The more the merrier, right?

Stay Besharam!

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