Sex-related Questions

Sex-Related Questions You’re Too Embarrassed To Ask

Whether you’re single or in a loving relationship, there are some awkward questions about sex that you’d rather not share with anyone, because they are just too personal and, not to mention, embarrassing. We answer some of those complex questions, and of course, you can thank us later.

Why don't my breasts match?


No one has perfectly symmetrical breasts unless they’ve had a boob job done and that’s mostly because breasts are made of fat and mammary gland tissue, and each breast contains naturally different amounts. If you find this embarrassing or affecting your sex life in any way (which we think it shouldn’t), then surgery is an option. If you notice a stark difference in the breast size or if one of the breasts suddenly becomes bigger than the other, then you must take heed – for it could be an infection or tumor. In such case, rush to your gynaecologist and have it checked.

Can I break his penis?

No, because it's not a bone, but it can definitely get injured. You can accidently fracture a penis due to trauma during an intensive sex session or masturbation. When a penis is erect, it is engorged with blood and due to aggressive sexual play, you can bend it leading to serious injury. Your next move? Head to the emergency room ASAP!

What if the condom comes off inside me?

If this ever happens, do not panic because this is totally common. Just take it out carefully and ensure that it is intact. It is also recommended that you take emergency contraception if you’re not on any form of contraception already.

Why don’t I ever orgasm during sex? Is something wrong with me?

Nope, nothing is wrong with you. It is all about finding the right spot. And many women do not orgasm during intercourse alone and they need a direct clitoral stimulation – from their partners or by masturbation. There are certain factors that can affect orgasm including medical issues like diabetes, cardiovascular disease or depression, poor body image, trouble in relationship, hormonal changes and even stress. Direct clitoral stimulation ups the chances that you’ll have an orgasm.

If you’ve never ever had an orgasm, then consider using lubricants and experiment alone. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t see immediate fireworks. It might take 20 minutes to an hour of stimulation to reach an orgasm.

How can I prevent queefing during sex?

Queefing is totally normal and is definitely not farting out of vagina! And the answer to the question is that you can't prevent it. Queefing occurs when air gets trapped in the vagina during or after intercourse, and gets released without you having any control over it. So now you can breathe a sigh of relief because it is not the air from your body, it is the air that got from the outside and is now being pushed out. Your body is pretty normal. We can tell how you can limit it. 1)You can try positions that don’t involve you being upside down or bent over. 2) Ask your guy to do it slow. Not only this is sexy and hot, it doesn’t allow much air to get inside. 3) Those long in-an-out strokes are the main reason for air being trapped inside. Make him grind rather than pump!

Is it possible to pee during sex?

No, not really. During sex, it is highly likely that you ‘feel’ the urge to pee and that is actually a good thing. This basically translates to your G-spot is being hit in the most precise way, and that you might be close to orgasm. But, if your bladder is actually full, it is possible to leak urine and you shouldn’t be embarrassed about it.

Is it normal to get really wet during sex? Or should I be worried?

Yes, it is absolutely normal with a little liquid or more. If you're facing the opposite, that should be a problem and it’s time you grab some lube. You can choose from a variety of lubricants - water based or silicon based - they both have their pros & cons. Depending upon what your likes and preferences are, you can easily choose. Lubrication also makes it easier to orgasm!

What if I come across a curved penis?

Don’t be alarmed, penises come in every shape, size and color – some curved up, down or sideways while erect. This is quite common and normal and shouldn’t be a problem unless there’s pain or interference with sex. So consider yourself a lucky girl because a curved penis might just hit you in all the right spots!

He’s terrible at oral. Help!

Every woman is different and when it comes to oral sex, she requires different forms of stimulation. So you need to be more vocal about what you want and how you want it. You need to tell him all the directions he needs, because after all, no one knows your body better than you do! If he doesn't understand that, you can always show him with your fingers the most sensitive areas along with the amount of pressure and speed that you need.

Will using a vibrator desensitize me?

Well, this totally depends on the power level of the vibrator and the duration for which you use it. If you use your vibrator very often or on high settings for longer periods, you may experience some issues with clitoral sensitivity. Having said this, you can also recover from this and regain sensitivity. If you're using your vibrator with your partner having a long session, then you might experience less sensitivity. And this is also the reason why there are specifically and differently designed toys for couples.

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