Why Should You Indulge In Some PDA

If you're like the regular woman, you probably like indulging in some public display of affection a.k.a PDA. Not everyone enjoys a public display of affection. There’s always some kind of moral police lurking around the corner, ready to pounce on you any minute! But this should not hold you back from showing some love to your significant other. So take charge and show them your affection in public, because if you don’t, it could affect your sex life — or even sabotage your relationship.

Love is fragile and when there's gentle affection involved, a relationship is more likely to survive. Innocent hand-holding, cuddling and pecks on the cheek are important than those hot sessions in the sack! All of the happy long-term relationships have the one thing in common. The partners always greet each other with a kiss, just like the time they started dating. When they kiss, it’s not hurried and they’re not embarrassed of doing it in public. They don’t care who’s watching because it is THEIR moment.


We’re not saying that you should give way to a make-out session in the public or suck face or even a public declaration of “I love you” may seem off —we don’t want to see all that! But simple things like holding hands pays off in a number of ways. So here we are penning down why PDA is quite necessary. And if that still doesn’t convince you to hold hands and kiss in front of other people, we’ll also tell you why indulging in PDA will absolutely result in hotter sex.

PDA makes women feel adored

Just like a woman loves to show off her new expensive bag or a pair of shoes, she would also love you to show her off to other people. No, she doesn’t want to be treated like an object, but if that object is something you totally love, are proud to be with and can’t wait to brag about, then yes!

PDA can make a woman feel horny

Most women need to feel loved to make love. So if you ignore her presence in public, she will begin to doubt your feelings for her. Occasional touching, kissing and squeezing will ease her doubts and make her open to sex. It’s like a foreplay, women won’t just be open to sex, but they’ll be craving for it!

PDA boosts confidence

PDA strokes a woman’s ego because it allows her to non-verbally brag to her friends — more importantly, her frenemies — whom she would want to show that the relationship with her man is just sooo great! It is similar to “marking her territory,” wherein she feels confident that her man is into her and "only" her. Having your woman confident about your relationship, she not only will be more laid back but also less likely to get jealous and be more adventurous and open to things you’ve been trying so hard to get her do in bed. All it takes is putting your arm around her shoulders or lightly squeezing her hand at your favorite bar now and then.


Having said this, we would like tell you that public displays of affection are still considered a taboo despite people doing it. They are pretty controversial. And we have come to associate PDAs with youngsters and people under the influence. While some people are totally okay with it, some won’t miss a chance to yell “Get a room!” You might ask whether there are rules for PDAs. Read on to know when is PDA okay..

A Romantic Dinner

A dinner date with your significant other wouldn’t be complete without candles and romantic music in the background as you lock hands. Just make sure that you’re not bothering other diners! If it’s a casual restaurant where people come only because they worship food, keep your PDA off the table. You wouldn’t want to profess your love in a crowded restaurant!

Weddings and Anniversaries

If you’re attending a wedding or an anniversary, we have good news! These are the occasions where a happy couple is allowed to express their love. Parties and get -togethers like these tell us about what’s important to us and it is easy to get swept away in the emotion of it.


Greeting Each Other

Everyday routine must include a quick kiss as you greet in public. And it’s totally okay. People are less likely to mind your PDA if you’re seeing off your partner, especially if it is paired with a tearful good-bye. Because we all love some good dose of emotion!

When you have to Share Personal Space

When in a crowded location, like a train or an elevator, you can lean on to each other to make some room for others. You can put your arms around him or gently lean your head against his shoulders without any explicit public display of affection. This is subtle and completely safe ;)


Normally, hand-holding and a quick kiss on the cheek is acceptable in public places as long as it’s not disturbing anyone else. Do remind each other that holding hands, a hug or a kiss is good for you and your relationship. PDAs like these also help reduce anxiety, stress and is great for building bonds and intimacy. Public displays of affection are all about showing that you care for each other and is TOTALLY acceptable as long as you’re not trying to get into each other’s pants!

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