The Ultimate Bachelor Party Ideas

The Ultimate Bachelor Party Ideas

First things first, Congratulations! You’re either a bride, groom or best friend. As the countdown to matrimonial bliss begins, there's one last hurrah that demands nothing short of legendary status—the bachelor party. It’s the best time to get dirty, crazy and absolutely NAUGHTY! Your squad is involved, your last few days of no life long commitment is involved, so it only makes sense to go all out! It’s the only appropriate time the groom gets to play some adult games too! Getting sex toys in India has never been easier.

To ensure the groom bids farewell to singlehood in style, we've curated a list of must-have adult toys and ideas for a bachelor party that will elevate the celebration to epic proportions.

  1. What the Fuck Drinking Game: This is essential for any bachelor party in India. No groom should be sitting sober and all his friends need to be completely aware of this. playing this game gives the entire party consent to get the groom drunk and he’s got no choice but to stay wobbly. His friends too will not be left alone. Turn things up a notch by answering some very spilling questions. Pass it on to a friend or the groom's stuck up boss, ensuring that everyone is on the same level of making drunken choices. The only way to wake up is with a terrible hangover.
  2. Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Silk Rope: Bachelor Parties can be a stressful event- for the groom. So a silk rope should always be in the hands of the best man! It’s a fun adult toy to use when the groom is being naughty. Tie him down to a chair and make sure you get him the sexy lap dance he deserves.

  3. Sex & Mischief Leash and Collar: This is one of those bachelor party ideas that cannot be missed! This is an accessory the groom gets to put on all his best men. It’s a bachelor party OOTD! Every man is now officially at the call of the groom and if one of his men runs off, you know how to find him. They are a great accessory to elevate your party, whether it’s pub hopping or a trip to Vegas, all men deserve a sex toy, even if they are a sexy red collar.
  4. Boob/Booty Inspector Badge: Honor your best man or woman with this badge so they can keep you and your party safe throughout the night. There will be naughty bachelor party activities that need to be inspected at all times. The party will be boob and booty checked throughout ensuring you a crime free rager. If you’re packing a great booty, allow it to be inspected, you deserve a good spank for all naughty behavior!
  5. Ladies Night The Game: Ladies! You are not forgotten. Being an adult means access to adult toys and adult games. So ladies, your parties will never see a moment of silence because the Ladies Night: The Game will spice up every conversation, dare and truth. The game is so versatile, you can play it at a bachelorette, birthday or dance party. You can answer questions around lifestyle, relationships, and super fun ones too.

  6. Cosmo's Hot Sex Moves: Adult games so versatile you can play them inside the bedroom and outside! Cosmo’s Hot Sex Moves is designed to take your bedroom moves to the next level. If you’re a groom you can do this with your bride and take your honeymoon activities up a notch. But, if you’re in the middle of a bachelor’s party, then put your party to the test! This game includes 100 moves, ask anyone from your party to pick a person and get them to try the move. If they fail…SHOT SHOT SHOT!
  7. Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Anticipation Handcuffs: These ditch the boring cuffs and cuff it up with the Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Anticipation Handcuffs instead. See a naughty groom? Cuff him up onto a chair and teach him a lesson he cannot forget! These cuffs are classy and beautifully crafted with padding and reversible design, so they will cuff-in with style! These cuffs are also great to put on those who lose in any of the adult games.
  8. Fifty Shades of Grey Please Sir Flogger: To add to the celebration, we must add a flogger to the list. Whether you’re the bride or the groom, someone deserves to get flogged because they’ve been naughty. Whoever holds the flogger need not be nice. This flogger is a beauty to look at with its faux leather whip and its silver detail. It’ll also add a sexy touch to the decor- if you’re too afraid to use it.

  9. Cosmo’s Wildest Sex Games: There’s no party without adult games for couples. That’s right, both the bride and groom should participate in this one. Now, if things get too heated these games can make a great gift for the couple too. In case they need to take things to another room. With game titles like “Kinky Sex Games” and “Truth or Dare”, these games will ensure the room and party get steamy. It’s also a perfect travel buddy for the honeymoon.
  10. Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games: We’ve crossed out the couple games for the party but the naughty couple will need another game to take back home to let off steam. And we’ve got 12 ways that’ll enhance your experience. The games come with everything you need from props to rules all you gotta do is wear lingerie or not.
Your Bachelor Party is a night to never forget! Sure, there are drinks and lots of dancing but it’s the little things that will complete the entire experience making it a night to remember. With the hurry of planning and prepping the perfect party, the simplest task is ordering the sex toys online. It’s the best time to play those forbidden and best adult games with your life long friends.
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