Welcome To The World Of Vibrators: A Beginner's Guide

Welcome To The World Of Vibrators: A Beginner's Guide

Vibrators are a girl’s best friend. Yes, the rumors are true and you may consider this a formal announcement. Everyone deserves a best friend and if you’re new to the world of vibrators, you deserve one more than anyone else. Since you’ve found yourself here, it’s clear that you’ve been on a hunt to buy a female vibrator while it can seem intimidating at first, by the time you reach the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what you want (and how you want it).

Too Many Choices To Buy A Vibrator

Choosing the right kind of vibrator sex toy can be tricky. There’s a large variety of them on IMbesharam.com and it can get a tad bit confusing if you are new here. The vibrator toys you see are designed to fulfil your needs through sensation and visual pleasure. You deserve the best for your insides and outsides. You need to identify what exactly you need before closing in on a vibrator. Use the following as a mental checkbox to make your process easier.

  1. Do you live with a flat mate?
    If you said yes, you’ll need a vibrator that's super quiet.
  2. Do you want a vibrator that looks like something that’s not a vibrator?
    Vibrators come in the shape of flowers, and rabbits. They can even be shaped perfectly to fit your palm. Some vibrators also feel magical like the wand.
  3. Do you want something powerful yet discreet?
    A bullet vibrator could take you to places with its compact size yet discreet design.
  4. Do you want something that’s possibly breaking the world of tech?
    Then we would recommend a Bluetooth vibrator that’ll give you a very different experience.

While you spend some time thinking about these little possibilities, your choices in vibrators can be singled out based on your needs. Think about its features, design and of course how you would plan on storing it.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Vibrator?

The reasons can vary based on every individual but the reasons are always positive.

  • To take your solo play to the next level: Orgasms can be achieved with a partner but they can also be achieved alone. While your fingers can only do so much, vibrators help you achieve sensations your erogenous zones could only dream of.
  • Get to know your body: You understand your needs better and feel super powerful when doing so. Your body becomes familiarised and you slowly understand what your turn-ons are.
  • Better sex: Vibrators help you understand your orgasms better but it also makes partnered sex super exciting. Keeping things in the bedroom is always exciting.
  • For better reach: There are only so many spots your fingers can reach. Vibrators help you get into different positions while also being able to reach different spots. A wand vibrator is long and can help you experiment with various body positions.
  • Better sexual gratification = happiness: An orgasm can make you smile. An orgasm can be a quick way to destress.

What’s Next While Selecting Vibrator For Women?

Now that you know what kind of vibrator you need and why you need it, it’s time to look into how you could use it! Every vibrator works differently while hitting various erogenous zones. It’s important to read the handbook before you get started on your sexy time. While the handbook will tell you how exactly to operate it, we’ll buzz you in on a few tips before getting into the fun.

  • Get to Know Your Vibrator Toy: Understand the various features your vibrator has to offer. Figure out what you might want from it and in case you are not sure, don't worry about it. You’ve got all day and night to figure it out. Once you learn the various features and modes, start experimenting with different speeds followed by various rhythms. And moments after you experience your first orgasm with your vibrator, you’re officially ready to go to town with it. Experiment with various positions, movements, speeds, and if you’re home alone- rooms too!
  • Buy and Use Lubricants With Your Vibrator Sex Toy: Vibrators can be used externally but there are many that can be used internally too. When using the vibrator internally, add lube to ease the process. The more the lube the better the fun. There are various types of lube in the market. From silicon-based lubes to water-based lubes. For toys made out of silicone, rubber and a realistic feel, use only water-based lubes as other lubes can destroy the material.

Types of Vibrators

  1. Bullet Vibrator: Bullet vibrators may look small and cute but they are extremely powerful vibrators. Especially if you’re new to toys. They are not so intimidating and often come in multiple colors! Bullet vibrators are small and discreet but also come with a pointed tip giving you the extra satisfaction to navigate around your clit. These vibrators are also great for when you are partnered.
  2. Rabbit Vibrator: If you’re feeling like rewarding yourself, the rabbit vibrator is the perfect gift for you. These vibrators are made with sleek design and materials giving you a luxurious experience. These vibrators often join a pre-existing collection as it’s definitely an upgrade from a starter pack. These vibrators give you both G-spot and clitoral stimulation. They are made to last longer and are often rechargeable too. You don’t have to worry about batteries dying out mid-pleasure. They also come with a wide range of speed and features.
  3. Wand Vibrator: The wand does look like something that would relax your neck and back, but while that is the case these massagers also make for the perfect clitoral stimulators. So it’s basically the perfect buy! Due to it’s massaging features, the wand offers stronger stimulation compared to any other product. Due to it’s size, it can be difficult to carry around but they make experimenting with various positions super simple. You can enjoy these with a partner too as they aren’t made for a particular body part.
  4. Clitoral Vibrators: Clitoral Vibrators are made specifically to stimulate the clitoris. After all, there are 8000 nerve ending down there that are waiting to explode. These vibrators often have more power than the bullet vibrators while also being shaped differently. They sometimes have a cup shape to focus on the clit. These vibrators also can help you focus on a larger area.
  5. G-Spot Vibrators: These vibrators are created to stimulate your G-Spot. The design is made specifically to reach your G-Spot, it features an upward curve and a girthy head to help you achieve maximum pleasure. The different speed settings offer you various enhancements too.
  6. App-Controlled and Remote Vibrators: These vibrators are fancy and are also every LDR couple’s best friend. These vibrators come with a remote control or an app that helps you or your partner connect to the toy while being able to control its various pleasures. These toys can customize your speed and create personalized pleasure for you! While offering you various patterns these toys are also great for couples that enjoy power play as well.
There are many more vibrators available to you if you’re curious enough. But this is a great list for you to start with while also building an excellent and exciting collection for yourself. Vibrators will not replace your sex life but it will definitely make it far more exciting.
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