What is Foreplay?

Foreplay is important to a rewarding love-making session, besides being great fun and making you both feel good, hence, it is indeed an important ritual. If not done right, it can easily ruin her mood or simply leave her unsatisfied because it is integral to the female orgasm. So whether you kiss, hug, cuddle or strip, you’re kicking off your session with a great start!


Foreplay increases intimacy and lowers any sort of inhibition prior to sex. To put it in simple words, foreplay is like opening the doors to her sacred space rather than rudely barging right in. It allows more stimulation and a lot of time for arousal, which will make whatever you’re going to do effortless and more pleasurable.

People keep emphasizing on how much the act of foreplay matters to women – which it surely does – but men can also benefit from the same by putting some extra effort before intercourse. It helps maintain physical intimacy as well as emotional intimacy. Foreplay is not just a great way to intensify your sex life, but is also helpful in improving your relationship outside the closed doors of the bedroom.


Foreplay, generally, leads to longer sex and better orgasms. It is especially indispensable for long-term relationships. When you go on in life, things starts to get in the way over the course of time, and to be able to maintain the initial connection, intimacy is the key and foreplay helps you with that.

A successful foreplay is particularly necessary for women because a woman generally takes longer to get to that level of arousal that’s needed for an orgasm. A man can just think about sex or look at his woman’s naked body and get an erection, but for women, sex is not just enough to reach orgasm. Foreplay fulfills a physical as well as an emotional resolve, helping prepare both the body and the mind for sex. Most women need to be hugged, kissed and caressed ever so softly and feel intimate to lubricate the vagina which is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable sex.

Since stimulation is all it takes to achieve pleasure, a woman's vagina must be lubricated to reach an orgasm. But women are more than just biology, they’ve got feelings. She needs an emotional affirmation that the man she’s about to have sex with really cares about her and wants to be with her. And this message can be conveyed during foreplay by giving her time and attention.


So it’s time you get on to action! Don’t be embarrassed to talk about it. If you feel like you need to do a lot of foreplay before sex, then be it – let your man know about it. Ask him to stimulate all those erogenous zones  –  the nipples, area around the nipples, the back of the neck & ears, all have nerve endings. So put your shyness behind. The only shame and embarrassment that comes with foreplay is a missed opportunity for pleasure.


Having said this, foreplay isn't the only way to have a mind-blowing sex, but, as you look at the bigger picture, it definitely is important for most people. The thing that matters at the end of the day is that both partners must be sexually satisfied as that is going to benefit the relationship as a whole. So, it’s certainly not wrong if your partner loves to indulge in some quickies, as long as you ensure that it’s fulfilling to both of you.

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