Going Down

Going Down: What Women Want


We love it when our men please us orally, isn't it? We feel that's the best way for us to achieve an orgasm as there are about 8,000 nerve endings on the clitoris (twice as many as the penis) to navigate. So much for some of us just can’t reach an orgasm through intercourse! Let this not be a dampener as we are here to share some exciting tips, tricks and techniques. So get down to the job and get ready to bowl over your woman tonight with these secrets:

Take an initiative

Oral sex should not be considered just a foreplay, because it is the “core play”! In order to make your woman truly & absolutely happy, then you’ve got to put those oral muscles to work. Let her know that the thought of going down on her, turns you ON as much as it does to her. Be vocal about what you’d like to do to her. Don’t just dive in eagerly, as that would instantly turn her off. Start slowly, let it linger. Follow the tips that we share and make it look easy and effortless.

Have fun

Understand that this is not your test and you won’t be graded based on this. Start with kissing her neck, tummy, thighs, inner thighs and then tease her. Alternate kissing between her intimate parts and other parts to get her into the mood. Be smooth, slow, as interested as you can be. A woman’s body is a wonderland – so explore! Make good use of your tongue, know that your tongue is naturally lubed. Begin with slow, long kisses and licking and gradually thrusting your tongue inside her vagina. Take breaks to explore what’s around it. You’d be happy to know that your tongue only can arouse heightened sensations in her and that can drive her crazy. So take a break, talk to her, avoiding any kind of full blown conversation asking what happened in Game Of Thrones!

Find the best position

Cowboy oral is for the pros, so whatever you’ve seen in a porn, just take it off your head – it’s not going to work here. In this case, the missionary position works best and you’re in full control of what’s going to happen. Let her lie on her back, bring her to the edge of the bed and have her rest her legs on your shoulders while you give her the head. You could also prop her up using some pillows. Ideally, the position that exposes her clitoris will experience more sensations and intensity. Wouldn't you love seeing her enjoy?



Keep moving your tongue in various directions. Keep a steady pattern while you experiment with speed and pressure. You can also use your teeth taking tiny nibbles, your fingers, the nose and your breath to tease her. Don’t be afraid to play with the clitoris, because women do love a little (do remember, just a little) biting as well. If she’s responding well (read: with excitement), like clenching the sheets, squeezing your hands or running her fingers through your hair, then you know you’re doing it right.

Use your fingers

If you feel that she’s aroused enough, then the use of a finger should blow her mind. Fingers can go deeper than a tongue and we feel that about half of your oral sex should be some amazing hand work! It will also give your mouth a little break so you don’t get tired quickly. Gently insert your finger in the vagina curving it upwards, where you can also massage the G-spot (about 1-2 inches away from the vaginal passage), while maintaining clitoral stimulation with your tongue or a vibrator.


If you plan ahead and put some extra effort, this won’t feel like an invincible chore. We hope that you took some cue from this guide and make it her best oral sex ever because if she has a good experience, you’ll feel better after you’re done.

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