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Buy Anal Toys Online, Best Anal Sex Toys - Anal Beads & Butt Plugs | IMbesharam.com

Explore new angles with Anal Toys.

Is Anal Sex Taboo? Taboo is what taboo does. However, something that is now increasingly mainstream, can no longer be classified as taboo. In this sense, the whole context around anal sex has changed. Ten years ago, double penetration or anal sex used to be rare and using anal sex toys used to be rarer. Come 2019, not just the LGBT community is legalized, anal sex toys are growing increasingly common too.

As an increasing number of us experiment with anal toys, there are still a lot of us who are skeptical. There are those who are scared, those who wonder, those who are curious, those who are sure that they want to experiment and those who are on the fence. However, like any other sexual act, whether or not, will you enjoy anal sex and anal toys is something, you can say for sure only once you try them. In this article, let’s see what are some of the things to know about anal fun!

When it comes to anal fun, communication and comfort are the keys. It is important that both you and your partner feel relaxed. You need to be comfortable with the idea mutually and neither of you should feel forced in being made to try anal toys. For that matter, you also need to know that sometimes you don’t even need anal toys. Anal fun can even be tried by fingers and other methods.

When you try anal fun and anal sex toys as the receiver, relaxing your muscles helps a lot. On the other hand, you need to go slow. Similarly, using a lot of lube when playing with anal sex toys is recommended. Also, hygiene is important. Especially because when using anal toys the bacteria from the rectum need to be thoroughly cleaned. In this write-up, we have more such tips and a lot more information for you that can make anal sex exciting for you.


Top Myths about Anal Toys:

  1. Anal Toys are Taboo – We have covered it in detail on the top. As long as it’s fun, consensual, non-damaging and within the constraints of physical, mental, emotional legal safety, it is not harmful to explore the activity.
  2. Anal Toys are Costly – First off, no. Second, even if they are, so is the pizza. A pizza is eaten once, anal toys last you for years:)
  3. Anal Toys are Dirty – Again, no. Cleaning toys is your responsibility. Toys cannot clean themselves. So, your anal toys will be as clean as your own ass is. Also, anal toys will be clean if you clean them before and after every single use.
  4. Only LGBTQ Folks like Anal Sex Toys – Again this is coming more from ignorance than judgement. All of us have nerves around our anal opening and they are fairly sensitive. Hence, anyone can enjoy anal sex and use anal toys. Straight people enjoy anal fun as much as the people from the LGBTQ community. 


Types of Anal Sex Toys

Anal Sex Toys are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. When you set out to buy anal sex toys online, you feel at ease, if you’re aware of the different types of anal sex toys and know how to pick them. When you start looking at what anal sex toys online will fulfil your need, you need to look at their material. A lot of anal toys are made of silicone, PVC, rubber, and glass. They come in various lengths, thickness, shapes and perform different functions. Some of them are listed below. Anal Beads and Butt Plugs

Plugs and beads are usually preferred a lot by beginners. Because of the spherical shape and the gradually increasing size of the beads, they are ideal anal toys for beginners.

Both smaller beads and plugs are anal sex toys used for the purpose of preparing and stretching the ass for a harder play like with longer / thicker dildos etc. Anal sex toys are available in different materials like glass, PVC, metal, and glass. Unless you’re allergic to either of them, all these materials are body-safe. Also, most plugs are available in various sizes and also have vibrating and inflatable versions. The inflatable versions are good for beginners who want to occasionally also try larger sizes. All that is needed is slow inflation of the toy once it’s inside your partner.

Anal sex toys can also be used simultaneously with the actual lovemaking. The sensation of being full in the nether region, while you’re making out with your partner, is very different than merely one of them. For maximum pleasure, they can be pulled out just as you’re about to orgasm.


Dildos and vibrators

Dildos are one of the most favourite sex toys used. They are used by men and women alike for both vaginal as well as anal penetration. However, they are used as an anal sex toy by those who are relatively more experienced. While those new to anal fun prefer to use beads and plugs, those adapt at it, prefer anal dildos more.

Anal dildos are different from regular dildos because anal dildos have tapered ends and are easy to insert, as compared to a regular dildo. That said, you might prefer to use the regular dildo as well and that’s equally fun as well.

Anal dildos are also shaped in a way so that the men can feel their prostate being massaged. Like most anal sex toys, anal dildos also come in the vibrating versions. Most dildos used for anal penetration are used with a harness like a strap-on.

Anal sex toys, when used to penetrate men need a woman to get the toy in a proper position. For beginners, unless you are proficient in using anal sex toys in different positions, a G-string version of the strap-on harness is much better than the thigh harness version.  You can use double dildos to pleasure both you and your partner, or even to double penetrate your partner both vaginally and anally. Similarly, you can use anal vibrators. You can also use the regular vibrators, however, just keep in mind that the normal bullet vibrator is thin and does not have a broad base.


Male Prostate Toys 

These anal sex toys are designed specially to stimulate a man’s prostate. At least 2 inches inside the anus, these glands can be stimulated to give a man immense pleasure and incredible orgasms. You may want to use this yourself or have your woman use it on you.


How to Buy Anal Sex Toys

Now that you know what kind of toys to buy, here’s more insight into where to buy anal sex toys. Anal sex toys are best bought online, rather than offline because of the immense variety and the good quality material that online portals offer. However, even among a lot of online portals, the best portal to buy anal sex toys is a brand like IMBesharam.

Brands are different from online adult product portals because they have credibility not just with the customers, but also with suppliers. This is important, specially when you want to buy something as intimate as an anal sex toy. They also have options which range across material, budget and size. They can cater to a variety of customers who come online to buy anal sex toys and facilitate pleasure and fun for a wide range of customers. So, choose your platform, the brand, the material, size and budget with freedom when you go online to buy anal sex toys.


How To Have Fun with Anal Sex

It is important to prepare for anal sex with your partner well before you decide to start using anal sex toys. This is specially important when both you and your partner are new to anal fun. Also, it is easy to prepare for anal sex as long as both of you do the following things:
1. Communicate – This is the key. If you and your partner cannot freely discuss how you want to include anal sex toys in your sex life, there will always be a disconnect. Your reasons for wanting to try anal sex, your discussions about confusions, myths and fantasies should all be up for a very non-judgemental discussion.
2. Use a Lot of Lube – Anal Sex Toys go into an opening that is not naturally lubricated. Also, the ass is usually way tighter than a vagina and certainly far tighter than your mouth. Hence, all the more reason to use a lot of great quality lube. Just one word of caution, do not use silicone-based lubes for anal sex toys made of silicone.
3.Prepare – If you’re a novice, start small. Try fingering, beads, plugs before you use proper dildos or a cock in the anal opening. Similarly, do clean and possibly use an enema if you like. It will also ensure that your hygiene is relatively superior during anal play. That said, don’t overdo it. Neither the enema, nor inserting the toys should be for long durations or at higher frequency.
4. Warm up – Just like stretching happens before exercise, similarly some fingering, some lubing up of the ass and then gradually stretching of your hole, eases you into anal play. Gently adding another finger, then a smaller toy and then a larger toy, makes it far more fun, rather than the rough play.
5. Take a Deep Breath – Relax. This is the most important thing to do. No matter what position you try anal sex in, you need to relax. Do not tighten your ass. The more relaxed you both are, the more fun and easier it will be. At any point it starts hurting, STOP! IMMEDIATELY!
6. Clean – Toys need to be cleaned, before, during and after the play with water-based cleaners. Remember, never to ass to vagina play or ass to mouth play. Once anything (including even your fingers), goes inside your ass, it comes in contact with bacteria. Inserting this object in vagina can give UTIs and in your mouth can give GIT infections. Hence, the rule of thumb is to wash and clean your toys thoroughly before, during and after the play. Every single time!

Now that you’re armed with all these tips, what are you waiting for? We invite you to check our awesome collection and pick toys you like. Any questions, our amazing support team is always at your service. Write to us at hello@imbesharam.com

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