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Buy Cuffs & Strap on Toys to Fulfil Your Sexual Fetishes

Discover the perfect blend of BDSM and romance with our Cuffs and Straps collection, designed for couples seeking delightful pleasure and exploration. Whether you're spicing your vanilla sex or stepping into the world of BDSM, the collection offers functional and comfortable BDSM accessories to suit your desires. From soft and fluffy handcuffs for beginners to luxury chain handcuffs for advanced players, explore a range of options from top brands like Lux Fetish, Sex & Mischief, Secret Pleasure, and Bijoux Indiscrets. Level up your intimate moments with the kinky touch of leashes, collars, bed restraints, and more because there's nothing naughtier and arousing than experimenting with your partner!

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Are handcuffs suitable for a beginner couple?

If you're a beginner in the BDSM world, we recommend you start with the soft and fluffy handcuffs and slowly graduate to velcro straps and metal cuffs. Go slow and discuss your safewords with your partner before starting. Remember to always use the product as per the instructions in the manual and have fun!

What are the benefits of bondage restraints?

Bondage restraints are great accessories for couples who enjoy dom-sub roleplay in the bedroom. Bringing in a bondage toys helps limiting the movement and enhance sensory input, intensifying the remaining sensations. Power Dynamics and Role Play: bondage restraints can facilitate power exchange dynamics, allowing participants to explore dominance, submission, and role-play scenarios. Exploration of Fantasies: bondage restraints provide a safe and consensual way to explore these fantasies.

How to Use Handcuffs and BDSM Restraints?

You can use the handcuffs and restraints with lot of creativity, but remember Using handcuffs and BDSM restraints involves a combination of creativity, communication, and a strong emphasis on consent and safety. Keep in mind: - Before engaging in any BDSM activity, including using restraints, have an open and honest conversation with your partner - If you're using restraints for the first time, consider doing a practice run without engaging in sexual activities. - Pay attention to the position of the restrained person's body.

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