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Discreet Vibrators


If nothing arouses you better than sharing a dirty, dark secret with someone, our versatile range of discreet vibrators are an ideal fit to your sexcapades. Don't let the discreet size of these vibrators trick you, because they pack a hard punch nonetheless. And the added advantage is that you can keep your little bundle of joy close to you at all times- literally!

Wanting to keep your sex toy practices a secret doesn't make you any less sex positive, and we want you to know that! A whisper quiet motor might be the quintessential feature but, you might also be looking for a toy that doesn't look like a sex toy- something that can be tossed in your travel bag or left carelessly on the top drawer. Queens, don't hesitate to prioritise your pleasure and your comfort with these discreet vibrators available in versatile shapes, materials and sizes because why not. Pick up T. Eggs, clitoral vibrators, knicker vibrators and a lot more from this range, with each toy helping you explore a sensation you never knew existed! 


Does travel take you away from the luxury of your comfort bed-and-toy combination? Well, you might just be a few clicks away from your new favourite as discreet vibrators are meant to be sleek and travel friendly. Have a few minutes of privacy in your busy day? Slip your fun companion out of your bag and experience the blissful release of a good orgasm. 

To make sure you get a toy that is tailored for your wants, this collection has vibrators that stimulate any specific areas that you wish to target. Made with skin-friendly materials that are a treat to touch, you can trust the durability of the product as it is built to last. Aesthetic to look at, and great to feel against your erogenous zones, these discrete vibrators aren't winning just orgasms! 

Drip wet with pleasure while travelling in a busy road or tease your partner with stifled moans as they control the bullet vibe inside you with a remote- you can now do it all with these discreet vibrators. Whether you're looking for vaginal stimulation, or clitoral pleasure or sweet sensations for your penis, this collection has something for you. Superlaced with jaw-dropping features like remote control accessibility, rechargeable batteries, and temperature sensitivity, you're going to get hooked. 

Complement your self-exploration adventures with these vibrators or set sail with your partner to the pleasure land, discreet vibrators aren't here to disappoint. Get ready to fall off the edge into an orgasmic ecstasy of sweet yet intense sensations with these subtle toys because that's what they do! 


Can’t seem to pick just one from our amazing collection? Pick two! Our Discreet Vibrators are as affordable as they are fun, and trying multiple toys in different combinations is bound to be amazing- think of it as a make-your-own orgasm kit! Let’s get the party started with our recommendations for you: 

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