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Buy Lubricant Gel Online for Male Masturbation | Buy Lubes for Better

Enhance your self-exploration journey with our Masturbation Collection. Discover a wide range of gels and lubes for intensified orgasms and effortless pleasure. Use these gels with sex toys or directly on the skin in your solo sesh or partnered play for heightened sensations. Brands like Intimate Organics, Kamasutra, Sliquid, Astroglide, Pjur, Lelo, Swede, and Fifty Shades and more ensure the highest quality experiences. Whether you desire warming, cooling, or kinky sensations, this collection smoothens and enhances masturbation. Reconnect with your pleasure and redefine your sexuality with our Masturbation Collection.

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Are there specific gels or lubes recommended for penis owners versus vulva owners?

Whether you are loooking for a cooling sensation or a hotter one, our Masturbation collection has it all. The Masturbation Collection a variety of gels and lubes for both vulva and penis owners. For penis owners, there are slick lubricants available that provide a wetter experience. For vulva owners, there are arousal gels designed to enhance sensation and provide a convenient experience.

Can the gels and lubes be used with sex toys?

Yes, gels and lubes can generally be used with sex toys. However, it is important to ensure compatibility with the material of the toy and follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

Are there any special considerations when choosing a lubricant for anal masturbation?

When choosing a lubricant for anal masturbation, opt for a thicker, longer-lasting formula. Look for lubricants specifically designed for anal use, as they provide extra cushioning and comfort.

Why should I use a lubricant for masturbation?

Lubricants reduce friction, enhance comfort, and increase pleasure during masturbation by reducing any discomfort or irritation. They can also make certain movements or sensations more enjoyable.

Will they stain my sheets and clothes, answer should be revolving around this (please make sure to change the answer but include all points)

Water-based: No, a simple wash cycle will remove any residue left behind from using water-based personal lubricants. Silicone-based: A silicone-based lubricant will stain certain fabrics such as satin and it could be a bit tricky to remove from sheets, clothes or upholstery. Use a degreaser if staining occurs. It’s recommended that you wash after using a degreaser, but DO NOT put the fabric in the dryer and instead let air dry.

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