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Mood & Ambiance

Sex might happen in the heat of the moment for some, but at times, we need to set the ambiance right for the naughty times to begin. For all those moments when you want a mood-ignitor (other than you) in the bedroom, explore our hand-picked Mood and Ambiance Collection. In this fast world, take your time to slow down and savor the precious moments with your loved one, and indulge in the richness of natural ingredients like shea butter, almond oil, and rose petals. Romance-ify your dinner dates, anniversary nights, and every other somber occasion in your bedroom with the spiced and flavored delicacies of pheromone sprays, mood enhancers, massage candles, rose petals, cologne, and more with this irresistible collection.

Immerse in the quality experience of the finest mood-enhancers from the international houses of Kama sutra, Lelo, Bijoux Indiscrets, Donna, and Fifty Shades of Grey that make foreplay wholesome for you! These titillating enhancers lock you in a seductive grasp of aroma and texture, making them ideal for your love-making nights. Experiment with the wide variety of mood enablers, and embrace the sexy and stylish you with the refreshing fragrance from Mood and Ambience Collection. Adorn your sultry attire with fashionable jewelry to make a lasting first impression, and leave them impressed with the attractive aura. Switch from nice to naughty with the massage candles, and amp up your room to your honeymoon massage experience anytime you desire! Re-define your sensuality with the elements of beauty and lusciousness this luxurious assortment offers.

Go for a quickie after an hour at the gym or entice your partner for a night of lust and desire- possibilities of pleasure are endless for you! Engage in the temptations of the gender-friendly deluxe products from our Mood and Ambiance collection and experience your sexiness through your partner's touch!

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