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Vibrating Penis Ring

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25 products

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Buy Vibrating Penis Rings Online in India

All about Penis Rings - Your personal little bundles of joy!

“My most intense experience of an orgasm was thanks to my vibrating penis ring” - Atul.

“Buying a penis ring online was one of the best things my husband could have done. I was initially a bit skeptical, but the vibrations and his long-lasting erection, finally brought excitement to our married life” - Sunita.

These are only two of the multiple reviews and emails that we receive from our clients, who have bought our vibrating penis rings online. These emails make us examine what information can we compile and share with our customers so that they can choose their vibrating cock rings online wisely.

What is a Vibrating Penis Ring all about?

A vibrating penis ring is an adult sex toy. It is a ring-shaped structure, true to its name, made of a flexible, slightly stretchable material. It is meant to smoothly slide it over the penis and then to be worn around the base. The penis ring then creates a pressure on the base of the shaft and thus reduces the pressure of the blood flowing out of the shaft of the penis. Most men vouch that it keeps their erection in place and also delays their ejaculation or climax. They also feel like penis rings make their orgasms more powerful.

Most reliable manufacturers ensure that the vibrating penis rings they manufacture are body-safe and easy to use. They also try to bring in different materials, different sizes, different functionality and even vibrations, so that users can pick from a wider range of options that suit them. Vibrating penis rings are fairly simple to use and non-invasive. They cause intense pleasure and sensual touch.

Why is a cock ring used?

Cock rings are physically used by men. However, their pleasure can be felt by both genders unanimously. It is one of those male sex toys that brings pleasure to both the partners. In this sense, they are like strapons and dildos. You can buy these little bundles of pleasure, either to use it for yourself when masturbating or for gifting to a boyfriend so that they can try it with you.

  • Some of the uses of a vibrating penis ring are as follows: Cock rings beat monotony in your sex life.
  • Penis rings help people with erectile dysfunction to get hard and stay there for longer.
  • Cock rings also help people with premature ejaculation.
  • Vibrating penis rings are especially fun because they not just cause a long, firm erection, but also create a sensation for your balls and other organs.

How does vibrating cock ring work?

To understand how a vibrating cock ring works, let’s quickly understand how the male sexual organs work. When aroused, blood flows to the penis so that it becomes hard and a man has an erection. Now sometimes the blood flows back from the penis due to either a dysfunction, or simply because your mom knocked your door, and you lose your erection. In the case of erectile dysfunction, men are unable to perform to their full potential during intercourse.

However, when a vibrating cock ring is used, it prevents the blood to flow back from the shaft. It creates a pressure on the base and keeps your erection firmer and longer by keeping the blood inside the penis.

Typically, a vibrating cock ring is designed to bring up to 15 or 20 minutes of pleasure to both the people. It teases, tantalizes as well as holds the rigidity of the male member. That said, most manufacturers suggest that vibrating penis rings should not be worn for more than half an hour so that the blood circulation is not cut off. Most of these manufacturers sell their products and their penis rings online.

Features of Vibrating Penis Rings

While all penis rings perform the same basic function, their features are what make them preferable for customers. In this section, let’s quickly look at what features do buyers look for and love when they buy penis rings online. Once we go through this brief list, you will discover, how much there is to love about these tiny little sex toys.

  1. Power packed Sensation – The most effective vibrating penis rings have the powerful vibrating feature built in them. They allow the woman to get the clitoral stimulation that she needs much.
  2. Mutual Pleasure – Most of us like to share pleasure with our partners. For instance, vibrators are great, but you don’t want your man to just hold the wand against you, or watch you playing with yourself. Instead, you want to use a vibrating cock ring and ensure that both of you are focussed on the sensations together.
  3. Size is Important – General rule of thumb for cock rings is – the smaller the better! However. You do not want to pick a very small size, or it could cut off your blood circulation.
  4. Longer pleasure – The batteries of any good vibrating penis ring can last easily up to 20 minutes. When was the last time you held up that long and, challenged yourselves?
  5. Multipurpose Vibrating penis rings – Some cock rings also include a sleeve and can double up as a finger massager. Specially effective during foreplay, they can be used instantly as a ring, the minute you both want it. In fact, like a finger vibrator, they can actually be used on other parts of your body too.
  6. Compatible with Condoms – Most good quality vibrating penis rings online are compatible with condoms. This is a huge bonus and helps in protecting users from STIs and also avoid pregnancy. Of course. One has to wear the condom first and the ring after that.

How to Use a Vibrating Ring?

The way to get the most out of anything is to use it effectively. In order to do that, it always helps to read manufacturer handouts, watch product videos, and of course, like with anything, apply presence of mind. Here are some general things to keep in mind when buying a vibrating penis ring online and using it:

  • Before using a vibrating cock ring, shaving your genital and pubic area is actually a better thing. It’s easy for hair to get stuck in a ring that’s made of silicone or latex. In such cases, if hair gets stuck or pulled out it can be really painful. Also, your hands should be dry when you are using a vibrating penis ring so that your grip doesn’t loosen up.
  • The ring is supposed to be put on the flaccid or semi-erect cock so that the experience is smooth. Using a little lube helps. You can wear the penis ring either on just the shaft or also around the other organs.
  • Using and gradually perfecting the right position of the penis ring is important so that both you and your partner can get the maximum pleasure out of it. Putting it face up can help stimulate your partner’s clit whereas putting it face down might stimulate the posterior region.
  • It is important to be mindful of switching off the batteries when you are taking a break. That way they last longer.
  • Try not to pull cock rings around your testicles initially. Ideally, it’s not the best way, unless it’s designed that way. So, the simplest and the best way to wear a cock ring is to wear it at the base of the shaft.

The smoothest way to use a vibrating penis ring is that you use it with the lube. Whether you’re using it on your penis or on a dildo, it needs to slide on smoothly. It’s important to especially remember that dildos change shape. So, you need to find a ring of the exact size.

Frequently asked questions about Vibrating Rings

1. What should I keep in mind, when I set out to buy vibrating penis rings?

First things first, select the right size. Too large, won’t function. Too small, could damage your blood flow.

Second, silicone rings are good to begin with. They are soft, easy to use and clean and stretchable. Metal or glass cock rings are trickier because they are hard, difficult to use and also you need to know the right penis size in order to find the right fit.

2. Where can I buy vibrating cock rings?

You can easily buy vibrating penis rings online. All it needs is for you to go to a reliable adult product e-store and look at what options have they listed for the penis rings online. As a result, you can pick different materials, sizes, vibrating intensity and choose what suits your needs and desires the best.

3. Are the batteries of a vibrating penis ring replaceable?

Generally, cock rings come with replaceable batteries. However, some manufacturers may not have that feature. So, when you buy your toy, just ensure that you’re selecting the one with the right features.

4. Are vibrating penis rings waterproof?

Yes. Most rings are made of silicone and are hence waterproof. In fact, you can even soak them in warm water and clean them thoroughly. However, if your ring is embedded with a vibe, then you need to ensure that the vibrator doesn’t get damaged by the water.

5. Are penis rings like sleeves or condoms? How are they different?

No, penis rings, penis sleeves and condoms are very different. Sleeves and condoms are barrier protection and cover the whole shaft. Sleeves sometimes also act as penis enhancers. Penis rings however, do not provide any protection. They are only an enhancer.

6. I have erectile dysfunction. Can I wear penis rings?

Absolutely! In fact, you will notice that when you wear penis rings, your erection lasts longer, it’s firmer and you can perform better and please your partner more.

7. How do I know I’m not using a penis ring properly?

Typically, when you use your cock ring, your penis will be slightly large. However, it should not be painfully or intensely hard. Pain indicates the wrong usage. Don’t pull your ring out with force in such a case. Just lube it up and gently remove it.

8. Should I consider buying a penis ring with a vibrator?

Penis rings with a vibrator, are the most fun toy to use. They don’t only hold your erection longer, but also provide your partner with immense gratification.

At IMBesharam, we have a large collection of penis rings online. If you want to buy penis rings online in India, all you need to do is look through the features and pick your preferred toy. In case you need any support, our team is available at

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