Cum Cam Came - Camming & Lovense

Cum Cam Came - Camming & Lovense

Raghav, a regular call center executive from Gurgaon, seems happier than the rest of his colleagues. He does the same job, faces the same issues, but he doesn’t complain. He takes the 8:30 metro and does his 10 to 6 shift, and gets home by 7: 30. He lives in a 10 X 15 studio flat on a top floor of a duplex in a posh colony of Gurgaon. All of it seems normal right?, It is. It will not be so normal to you, why, you will know after two paragraphs.

But first, let’s talk about Betty, She is a British woman staying in a remote village of Himachal Pradesh. She is here teaching kids on a 6-month project. What you don’t know is, she got married only 10 days before and she had to leave because of an opportunity like this. She is staying and teaching at the local school. All this is priceless for her, Only one thing’s missing. What, we will get back to it.

I think you would also like to know about Ramanna now, An engineer by profession, From a topmost college in India, Single, got more than Nines on his CGPA but a zero on women skills. Apparently, they teach you to code & the bro code in college but not communication skills. Maybe he got the job because the HR was a man and he could talk to him. What does he have, apart from a fat paycheck & very slim chances of falling in love, sorry, getting to make someone fall for you?

Why did I choose these three stories to tell you, They are totally unrelated. If you are too high on Sherlock like me, you must have figured out that they connected somehow. A habit, college, Social media, mutual friend, what could it be. We will come to that too, let me tell you what I have kept you longing for. Raghav, Betty & Ramanna.

Raghav has an alter ego and he is known by the name of Rocco69 to his viewers, he is an Adult camming Artist and makes a fortune out of it while keeping his day job. He is a favorite among the men & women looking for Indian Sex performers. If you have no idea what camming is, you are missing out.

Camming is different to different people. As Raghav uses it to make an extra buck, Betty uses it for pleasure, it helps her stay connected to his husband. She uses the Lovense Nora, while his Husband in London has a Lovense Max 2. Because of these beautiful & friendly products, they are on their virtual honeymoon for the last one month, With the latest update, both Lovense Nora & Max2 sync, control & Interact with each other. You just have close your eyes and imagine being with him/her or open your eyes and watch ‘em online and have one good camming session. You can get these at like Betty & Raghav. Wait I haven’t told you what Raghav is using for a safe & fun camming session with his fans. He loves his Lovense Hush & Max 2, having it both ways. Not to mention you find Lovense Hush too on the official sellers of Lovense products in India. A little brand integration won’t hurt the readers :P.

Ramanna is an engineer and was pretty much familiar to camming, When you have been through 4 years of college with only 4 girls in your batch, you start having fun online. That’s where Raman found his pleasure, he could watch & and tip online to control her vibrations.2 months into the job in Mumbai, he met a woman through a friend. He may be not good at communicating his feelings but he knew what a girl likes: The Lovense Lush. But this story doesn’t have a happy ending. The girl liked it so much, she forgot who had gifted her this. She felt she is not single anymore. But Ramanna still has his access to the camming sites and for now, he is exploring the things he missed being busy watching. He just got a Lovense Max 2 from & is in self-indulgence right now.

Now if you are anything like my family you will judge Raghav for his life choices, betty for being away and still looking for pleasure & Ramanna for not waiting for an arranged marriage and finding his happiness in the adult recreational toys. But I don’t, I like them the way they are. You guessed it right, they did have a connection, love for themselves & Love for Lovense. Thanks to Lovense for enabling us to Love our partners, Love ourselves, and Loving Life. A big shout out goes to for letting us order these products easily. Like I said earlier, a little brand integration didn’t hurt anyone, at least not anyone I know. I want to talk more about how IMbesharam is creating a world for happy singles, a world where being single is a blessing in disguise but let’s table that discussion for our next article. Till then,

Keep Camming, keep Cuming.