A Beginner’s Guide To Exploring Lingerie

A Beginner’s Guide To Exploring Lingerie

According to popular beliefs, lingerie isn’t limited to bras and panties. The world is far more extensive and exciting than whatever you already have in your drawer. When it comes to modern-day lingerie, there’s a mix of essentials. Some take on your everyday routine while others serve a fetish. Your lingerie plays with your mood- fun, flirty or comfortable. And sometimes, you just have a piece because you saw it on sale and thought it would be hilarious to wear but sadly, that moment has never come.

Exploring lingerie is a fun and empowering activity. It’s a self-expression of sensuality and it’s up to you on how you want to go about it.

Before you get started on blindly purchasing products, remember a few things to help get started:

  1. Why are you doing this?
    We’ve been through uncomfortable lingerie and burning them up. Before jumping into adding things to your cart, understand why you want to explore new lingerie. Is it because you’ve grown out of your existing ones? Does your current lingerie not give you the confidence you need? Do you want to surprise your partner with something sexy? Or do you simply just want aesthetic pieces because the Instagram models just seem put together? Your desires will help motivate you to get the right pieces for the choices you have to make. There’s no right or wrong answer just a lot more clarity.
  2. Dancing with Comfort
    Lingerie is made to celebrate your body and help you feel GREAT. There are countless pieces in the market, try and pick the ones that make you feel comfortable and sexy. When picking up lingerie, go with what makes your body look good cause everybody is unique. Lingerie is made to support and decorate your body so don’t spice it up with pieces that bring you down.
  3. Go on an Adventure
    When it comes to lingerie, experiment with different styles. Just like how you would with clothes. Try romantic lace or sexy leather. Try underwires or pushups, you never know what your body will find comforting. Bored and tired of a bra? Throw it out and grab a bralette! Try patterns with polka dots or baby strawberries. Don’t limit your body to only bras and panties when you can also try bodysuits and babydolls.
  4. Honey, size DOES matter
    If your would is a size 7 you’re not gonna try and fit it into a size 6 or 9, are you? So don’t mess around with lingerie sizes. Ill-fitting lingerie is not comfortable and certainly not flattering. Go to the store and get yours measured professionally, and pick your pieces immediately after that. Lingerie is not meant to be unfordable and if it is, it’s probably the wrong size.

    Pro Tip: If you have a body that’s changing or going through changes, measure yourself every 4-6 months. Bodies change and your 18-year-old body isn’t the same as your 28-year-old body.
  5. You gotta breathe
    Invest in quality pieces made from good quality fabric. You will notice the difference. Splurge a little if you have to, good quality lingerie will last longer and make you feel like a million bucks.
  6. Build a Rainbow
    Pick out colours like red and black to make you feel sexy and confident but also pick our soft colours like pastels and nudes to carry out a more versatile lingerie collection. The colours can reflect your everyday energy leading you excited to pieces out instead of making you feel overwhelmed.
  7. Personalise to the dot
    Matching sets are hot but you can always get a personalised touch to your pieces and get creative. Wear a gingham printed bra with a nice bright red bottom or pastel blue boxer shorts with a yellow bralette. You can also add other elements of lingerie like robes, garters and stockings to your everyday pieces.
  8. Talk it out
    If you’re choosing to get lingerie to spice up some bedroom activity with a partner, talk it out. Communicate honestly regarding what you and your partner would like to expand the whole experience. While enhancing to important, discuss boundaries to make sure you and your partner are on the same page.
  9. Adventure (Check) Explore (Double Check)
    Once you’ve experimented with different styles, you must also explore different brands to elevate your overall experience. Some brands offer a wide range for your body type while others offer an extensive collection for a certain kink. Explore various brands for different materials, patterns, sizes and everything in between.
Take Your Time
Lingerie is about feeling sexy and powerful. Pick pieces that give you comfort while elevating your sensuality. Don’t rush into buying pieces if it doesn’t go with your vibes. Your body will appreciate you for it all.
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