A Man’s Guide To Lingerie Shopping

A Man’s Guide To Lingerie Shopping


Buy her the sexiest lingerie and you’ll reap the rewards! Choosing the right kind of lingerie for the woman in your life can be a daunting task. We ask you to follow these simple tips for getting it right.

Prepare Yourself. Before you decide to head to a store, do check out a lingerie website to see the different styles and to get an idea of what colors would look good on your girl. This research can make your shopping a little less overwhelming.

Remember that you’re not alone. As soon as you get inside a store, you will realize that you’re the only guy sticking around, clueless about everything that there is. Being in a lingerie store can be overwhelming. You can take a sigh of relief in knowing that there will be other men like you in the same situation. So now that you’ve got the support, go ahead without any hesitation.

Know the size. The one and only rule you should stick to while buying lingerie is to get the size right! It is highly likely for most men to know absolutely nothing about the size, and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Just know that different brands carry different sizes, so it would be better to check at least three of her bras and three panties.(Warning: don’t try to guess the size without any basis of info!) While at the store, avoid the hand-cupping and gestures that say "they're about this big" – nothing would be more embarrassing than that. If you’re in doubt (which you definitely are), ask her! There's no bigger dampener than having your girl struggling in and out of that sexy gift!


Consider her shape. If she has a big chest, choose a sheer bra or a slip dress with built-in cups and one that is underwired (for proper support). If she is petite, you should look out for a sheer camisole-and-panties set or a lacy bra (without underwire).

Think about the key assets. If she has long legs, think about something that will accentuate them – a short kimono or a nightie. If she has a flat tummy, get something that will draw attention to her trimmed tummy, think of a set of sexy garters. And if she has a great butt, you would want to go for lacy boy shorts or tanga panties that flatter the curves more than a thong or a G-string.

Buy for her. Remember that this is for her, not you. So, it might happen that what you find attractive may make her feel unappealing or uncomfortable. Every woman has a favorite when it comes to lingerie, so do take note of those styles and preferences.

Do your research and get the good stuff. Cotton works well for everyday basics. But, for special occasions, a woman reaches out for her sexiest clothing, so you would want to up your ante. Think of lace, satin, or silk; a combination of all of them would be better! Avoid anything that may be uncomfortable and opt for soft, flowy, intricate and elegant fabric.


Use your common sense.

Above everything else, use your common sense. Anything you do, just don’t freak her out. Having said that, don’t buy something too sexy if you’re in a new relationship. And do away with the nurse or candy stripper’s outfit already! If your wife or girlfriend has insecurities about certain body parts, then ensure that you don’t buy anything that reveals those parts. Women always prefer classy over trashy, and you can never go wrong with an elegant kimono, a satin slip, or a lacy black bra with matching panties!

Find help. You may not want to ask for directions otherwise, but this is one place where you would want to put your pride aside. If you’re in doubt, let the sales associate guide you, help narrow your search and take you to the right piece of lingerie, because you probably would not want to buy something that she’d hate or something that she'd hate you for!


If you’re still skeptical, you can always shop online to save yourself the awkwardness of being in a lingerie store, but it’s always a good idea to visit a shop and check the details in person before gifting it to your girlfriend. Once you’ve nailed these basics, you’ll be one happy customer! And your partner, a happy one too!

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