Eat Between the Sheets

Eat Between The Sheets

Want to spice things up on the bed? How about we tell you that it is way too easier than you could imagine and that it involves food! Turn up the heat between the sheets with these food that tickle your taste-buds. Here we have listed some of the sexy eats that you can take from your dinner table to your bed.


Mango has an intoxicating aroma that is makes it a good option for a nice foreplay or ‘food-play’, as we like to call it. It is sweet and a bit tangy, which allows the two of you to feed each other repeated bites (just make sure that you cut it in cubes rather than having it whole!). And who could say no to it, we all like some nice juicy mangoes! If you don’t like it too sweet, just add a dash of lime juice and cayenne pepper.

Sparkling Wine

There is something special about sharing a bottle of wine in bed, if you have sparkling wine – that will be even better. Let the effervescence play on your palate and tongue. Don’t just chug it down and get lost in the taste – alternate between a few sips and kisses. After a glass or two, pour a little down your partner’s body and then put yourself on clean-up duty. Oh-so-sexy! Need we say more?


Start with playing a game: Close your eyes and ask your partner to dab some honey on their body while you find it using your tongue and lips (without opening your eyes, of course!) Take turns until you’ve finished it all.

Warmed figs

We all know that figs are a great aphrodisiac, but little did we know that apart from being visually erotic, they contain manganese, magnesium, vitamin-E and zinc, which are all essential for sexual health. Have them warmed up or fried in honey, we are sure they’ll evoke a sexy sentiment in both of you. Here’s a very quick recipe: Pre-heat oven, put a few fresh figs, cut into halves, on a baking tray and lightly brush them with canola oil. Bake them for about seven minutes. They’ll have an almost creamy texture so you can have them as dessert.


Sushi is luscious, rich, indulgent and just the right amount of risk. Place an order for high quality sushi and then share bites in bed. And things can get pretty serious, sexy and way too interesting if you get to have sushi off your man/woman's body!

Homemade whipped cream and strawberries

It’s time you ditch your whipped cream bottle and make your own whipped cream, because the one that’s homemade is definitely lighter and fluffier and matches perfectly with bright red strawberries (no, they need not be plucked from your own garden!) Here’s how you can make it: Take 2 cups of heavy cream in a metal bowl and place it in a larger bowl filled with ice cubes. Whisk the cream until about 10 minutes until it thickens and add strawberries. Do this ahead of your special date and keep it refrigerated till the moment comes.

Chocolate truffles

When we think about chocolates, the first thing that comes to mind is chocolate sauce dripping down your partner’s body. But, chocolate sauce in bed can get messy. So we go for a better and a cleaner option, and that is, chocolate truffles. Break the shell of the chocolate truffle ever so gently and let it slowly melt in your mouth. Just be a little careful while you’re doing all that, unless you love all those chocolate-smeared bed sheets!


Steak on bed? A piece of meat on bed? Yep, you heard it right. If you love it so much, then why not! Let’s make it sexier, picture it in this way: A thick chunk of grilled steak, tender and very very juicy, its juices dripping down your chin after you take a good bite. Think about the wonderful smokey flavor and the char and the grill hatch marks - we know that you just cannot look away from that sexy hunk of a meat. So bring it on to your bed right away and have your partner relish it too!

Granita or sorbet

Ice creams can be too heavy before you jump on to the bed for a sexy romp! A lighter and more refreshing option for a dessert is granita. You can make granitas easily at home and you can prepare it ahead of time. It is also an easy summer dessert. The best flavors would be pineapple, orange, and passion fruit together, but you can always customize according to your partner's & your taste buds.

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