Ladies, 10 Reasons Why To Invest In A Sex Toy?

Ladies, 10 Reasons Why To Invest In A Sex Toy?

You don’t need to own a car to get to places. But it sure does help!

While a car can seem like a huge investment, a sex toy isn’t. Sure, you have your fingers or your partner to help to get an orgasm or two. But it sure as hell would change your pleasure play bringing a toy into the room. Society might have a few things to say when it comes to women and their orgasms, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing the things you want in the bedroom. Unless of course, you’re bringing in the whole of society to watch you- then you can expect a couple of comments.

Jokes aside, owning a vibrator is great and can help you feel relaxed and liberated whenever you feel like it. Don’t believe us? Well, here are 10 reasons why!

  • Good Vibes and Extreme Pleasure
  • It’s no secret that one of the main reasons every woman should own a vibrator is because it enhances pleasure. Vibrators are designed to make you feel great, they come in various designs for the same reason. May it be for vibrations, suctions, size, or more, they are designed for your erogenous zones while making you scream with pleasure.

  • Adventures and Explorations
  • Granted, your finger can take you places. But a sex toy can help you explore a variety of sensations without giving you a cramp or a tired arm. The vibrations a vibrator provides cannot be naturally replicated, it’s safe to say it’s a unique experience. Different sex toys are designed for you to have different sensations. Some vibrators can fill you up while giving you a sensation of pure pleasure while others can be connected via Bluetooth leaving you with an app that can help you customize your vibrations to an exciting rhythm.

  • The Post Nut Clarity 
  • We get it, it’s usually associated with penis owners but after a quick session with your precious toy, any decision can be made with ease. To top it off it’s great for stress relief and you never have to worry about getting into the mood. Studies show that orgasms release oxytocin which can relieve stress and lower your blood pressure. Who needs health insurance when you can get a vibrator? Kidding kidding, but definitely get that vibrator (and health insurance).

  • You’ve got nothing to worry about
  • If you buy your toy from a safe and trusted brand, you have no reason to worry about your body. No STDS or unwanted pregnancies coming your way. The toy will just need some basic love and care so that it can love and care for you. The only worry that might unfold is when you decide to unwind after a long day to only realise your vibrator hasn’t been charged.

  •  Dopamine Hit
  • Vibrators help you relax and get your mind off all your stresses. Some meditate and some work out but masturbating using a sex toy is a different kind of way to let go of your body. 

  • You get to be PICKY!
  • While there’s always judgment and finding the type in the real world, when it comes to you and your vibrator nothing matters apart from the choices you make. You can pick from colours, sizes and even technology. There’s no judgement and you can answer all your curiosities according to whatever your clit wants.

  • Guilt Free Me time!
  • Vibrators give you the space to feel yourself (pun intended) in all sorts of ways. That is while getting to know your body, you also learn to love and appreciate yourself. You’re alone and there’s a feeling of freedom that only you can understand with your vibrator alone. Masturbation isn’t meant to be dirty, it’s very beautiful if done right. It’s the one time you can purely feel like yourself and it’s important to take that time out for your mind, soul and body.

  • You Learn More- About Yourself
  • Sometimes, when you’re with a partner, navigating pleasure can be a little tricky. You may indulge in activities that you don’t find joy in or communication gets tiring and you just do what needs to be done. Sex toys help you get to know your body better, making pleasure for you rewarding while also helping you take your learnings to the next person. Knowing and learning more about your body can be empowering, it gives you the confidence to communicate in bed while also being able to point out what doesn't work for you.

  • The partnered Play Way
  • While a vibrator is great for solo rides, it can be even more exciting if you have a partner. Choose from Bluetooth-connected sex toys or rabbit vibrators or even suction toys! It will help you and your partner explore each other longer while also achieving an orgasmic release.

  • A Sense of Freedom
  • Owning a sex toy is in a way taking control of your sexual independence. For years women have been told what to do and what not to do. Sex is always hushed and having an orgasm is often faked. A sex toy can help you feel in all the right ways while also giving you a chance to be carefree. The toys help you achieve an orgasm while also helping you get to know yourself in a way no one else can. And it’s not always about solo play, your understanding of your body will help a partner or partners connect better with you too.

    Now that you’re convinced to get your hands on a vibrator, click here to grab your new toy!

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