Your Beginner’s Guide to Shopping Dildos

Your Beginner’s Guide to Shopping Dildos

The Dildo, the toy that every dude who knows what a sex toy is calls a sex toy, though they are partially correct-you and I both know the variety is immense.

It’s a sex toy that is phallic shaped to resemble a penis and is used for vaginal & anal stimulation. But unlike a penis, which can often come with an added attachment (a human), a dildo comes in various shapes, sizes, textures and wait for it…colors! It’s generally used for penetrative play, but you can totally hang it up in your drawing room to amp up the decor. We won’t judge your creativity.

5 Types of Dildos You Should Consider Exploring and How to Use Them

First things first, grab some lube!

  1. Strap On Dildos: The strap-on has a harness and a dildo. If you’re someone that does not have a penis, do try swinging it around. You know you want to. The harness belt can be worn with straps around your crotch while you can penetrate your partner with the dildo attached to it. The strapon dildo is removable from the harness, making it fun for you to explore some solo moves as well or style it as an accessory. Hot Tip: Try different positions out while you’re strapped on. Explore yourself with your partner during this process and voice it out. Bring out the belts, pillows and imagination.
  2. Thrusting DildosWhen it comes to innovation- dildos aren’t spared. Thrusting dildos move back and forth with the wonders of tech. After using one of these, you can officially call yourself a tech bro. Perfect dildos for women or vagina owners, one can stimulate oneself anally or vaginally. And you wouldn’t even know when to stop considering your hands won’t be worn out. These are great for when you have had a few glasses of wine. You don’t require a partner for these either, which makes things a lot more spicy.
  3. Double Ended DildosThe double-ended dildos are often used between two partners. Sometimes when two people want to be penetrated at once, a double-ended dildo is the only thing you need to bring between your relationship. They come in various sizes and colors and sometimes they vibrate too. These are fun dildos for men and women. If the double-ended dildo is used between two people, one must insert one end and should then move to penetrate their partner with the other end. This is considered the lady and the tramp- in the adult world (wink wink). If you are considering solo play, bend the toy in a way that it penetrates you in two places at once.
  4. Glass DildosYes, these can look scary. But they are not. No, they will not break inside of you. No, it will not scratch you either. Glass dildos are for when you want to elevate your orgasms and take them to the next level. Unlike silicone dildos, these feel different. Since dildos bring in a lot of heat, you can let these chill in a bowl of ice to try a temperature-controlled night (or day) of fun. But do not microwave or freeze them.
  5. Squirting DildosThese dildos provide a very different experience, unlike their close relatives. While they look and feel similar to the other dildos in the market these dildos have the added advantage of being able to release inside of you without giving you a pregnancy scare. These women's dildos are great for couples in long-distance relationships or for people who love the feeling of release.

How Do You Clean Your Dildo

Dildos must be cleaned before and after you use them. You can use water and a mild soap but it’s best to use a toy cleaner if you’re a dildo owner. A good hygienic experience is always fun and try not to share toys that belong to ONLY you. If you share a toy with a partner, use a condom to ensure clean play. Don’t want to be catching an STI in the process of having fun. Now do we? It’s also recommended to use a new toy with a new partner.

Dildos vs Vibrators

While the dildo and vibrator share a common end goal- your pleasure. They function very differently to get you to climax. Dildos, though are penis-like, can be made in both a realistic and fantasy-inspired way. Sometimes the head of the dildo can be massive or the shaft can be extra veiny. And if you’re looking for something different, the balls could also be textured differently.

Some dildos come with vibrations for you (or your partner) to explore. And due to its resemblance, it can give you the feeling of a proper erection. Moreover, dildos are unisex in use and can be conveniently used by vagina or penis owners. Buy dildos for men and dildos for women in India at If only we could pick our partners the way we can pick our dildos.

Vibrators on the other hand can look, feel, move, and more in many different ways. While it can resemble a dildo, it can also resemble a rabbit, a rose, a bullet, a wand, a palm, and more. They can be a lot more hush hush unlike a dildo but both the toys can be played in different ways and together.

    Dildo Myths BUSTED

    • Dildos can cause diseases and irritation: Myth but also not. If your dildo is purchased from unreliable sources, the chances are it could be made from cheap material that will not react well to your body. Sex toys are made for you to feel good and not itchy. And I recommend buying dildos online only from trusted sites like - India’s #1 Adult Sex Toy Store.
    • Dildos will make you forget about real sex: This is a myth. Dildos are toys used to enhance your sexual experience. With a partner or solo, a dildo is only an added sexual enhancement to make your organs sexy and powerful. It will not replace a human connection. It will however replace the tantrums of a human being.
    Dildos are meant to bring a fun and exciting experience for its users. Play safe and take it slow. And, Check our top 10 dildos of our collection.
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