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Sex toy brand vs Sex toy website - What is the difference?

Did you know that the online adult toys industry in India is booming? It is currently a $400 million one.

That’s a lot of horny Indians looking for some pleasure right now, including your sanskaari auntie. Her preachy attitude and her wall-to-wall hips are misleading. She must be already hiding a vibrator somewhere. Don’t trust her.

You always thought you are going to hell for buying a masturbator online?

Well, at least you will have an awesome company down there. Every cool person will be down there – and having a great time.

Now let’s get serious. With an online sex toys industry as big as this, you can expect many vendors popping in to cash on it. Many dirty players.

They offer products of questionable quality, too cheap to trust. Don’t trust your health, your pleasure, and your privacy with cheap products. It could cost you dearly. The risk is just not worth it.

What does this mean?

It means that the online sex toy industry in India has two types of players:

  • Adult toy websites
  • Adult toy brands

You want to avoid adult toy websites. 

You definitely want to stick with adult toy brands.

Here is how to tell the difference:

Difference between sex toy website and sex toy brand.

When you buy a sex toy online in India, ask yourself. Are you buying from an established brand? Or a cheap looking website.

How do you know they are real?

How do you know they will ensure the privacy of your data?

How long have they been on this market? Just 7 months? Whoopsie?

Is it really a good idea to buy a kinky item from a 7-month-old adult toy website?

There are adult toy brands on the other side. Like

You will recognize one easily.

You can check out the founder’s story and see that there are really passionate people behind this business. We are not 7 months but 9 years old online adult toy brand in India.

We have a celebrity as the face of our brand – Sunny Leone, the hottest auntie ever and the most searched person on Google in India.

Sunny Leone

You can buy sex toys endorsed by Sunny Leone herself.

Our sex toys are not Desi ones or Chinese ones, made to be cheap but of exclusive high quality imported from US and Japan. You don’t want that vibrator to catch fire inside you, right? That would suck.

A sex toy brand will never offer an untested, low-range product on its website. You don’t buy a sex toy in India every day and when you do, you trust it your health, and your pleasure.

How to recognize an adult toys website which is not a brand?

They aren’t serious. The products appear too cheap.

Always keep that in mind when someone’s adult toys are priced lower than the industry average.

Don’t look for cheap sex toys; it’s too risky. The primary mission of these websites is to profit in the short term and then disappear by taking advantage of Google’s technical flaws.

How do they do it?

They create websites that are stuffed with keywords.

Websites which Google would never allow to thrive for long because they are not informative and genuine but only meant to rank higher in search results.

There is a month or two before they are caught by Google and Google bottoms their ranking. They shut the website down and opened another one under a different name a month later. The same thing occurs. And on and on. There is no real connection, real trust built with customers.

What if you want to return your sex toy after buying it? You couldn’t because by that time the old website would already be gone.

The main motive is short-term cash. as much as they can before Google demotes their website's ranking in search results This is the jugaadi way. There is no long-term commitment.

Avoid the jugaad way. Be careful whom you trust with your pleasure, your health, and your privacy.

The safest bet is to shop for sex toys online with an established, reputed brand like

Besharam 9 years

We’ve been into this for almost a decade. It is our bread and butter, it is our passion. It is what we will keep doing for the next decade as well, because we believe in the pleasure industry that is starting to boom in India. So help us, gods of pleasure!

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