What's India's Obsession With Dildos?

What's India's Obsession With Dildos?

The dildo. Not just any sex toy but a very phallic and prominent one. No matter the age, a dildo will get a reaction. Some like to giggle while others like to raise an eyebrow. Whether you are buying a dildo online in a city like Mumbai or any tier 2 or 3 city in India; if anyone notices you with a dildo in hands, you will get a reaction.

While discussions around sex toys remain discreet, the embrace of sexual empowerment and openness is gradually challenging societal taboos, and a small step towards that is simply being able to buy a dildo online discreetly in India. Many might think that sex toys come from western influences, but that is far from the truth. India’s engagement with sexual pleasure is evident in ancient texts, art, and other cultural practices. But that’s no surprise since we have the Kama Sutra by our side.

The History Lesson On Dildos That All We Missed

Many Indians would admit that sexuality was the one thing that was never discussed, assuming it was either bad or something we didn’t have enough information on. The irony is that some of the oldest texts on sex and sexuality come from India. A classic example of this is the Kama Sutra. While the Kama Sutra, discusses a variety of topics, what stands out are the many ‘chapters’ on sexual behavior. All of which were composed between 400 BCE and 200 BCE.

How Did The Subcontinent Become So Conservative?

Through invasions and British control, India was faced with different challenges and rules. Leaving the country pretty conservative.

So, Were Sex Toys Used In Ancient India?

Well, there isn’t proper evidence of dildos, but some art and the Kama Sutra do depict sexual objects being used. Some scholars say it was for health benefits, while others just think people were having fun. The Khajuraho temples in Madhya Pradesh, the Sun Temple in Odisha, and the Ellora Caves in Maharashtra all depict scenes of love and intimacy. While these depictions might carry various philosophical meanings, it’s safe to say, that India wasn’t always so conservative with sex. It was all a part of the human experience.

An article by the Daily Mail, UK states that “In ancient Greece, in particular, reports claim traders in the city of Miletus made and sold objects called ‘olisbos’, intended to help wives achieve sexual penetration while their husbands were away.” It’s interesting to note that everybody was having sex in some way or the other!

How Has India Changed Over the Years?

Over the years, India’s approach to sex toys has been pretty vague. That being said, sex toys are still sold and enjoyed by many. You can buy a dildo today whether you are in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Gurugram, Noida, Chennai, or Kolkata by simply searching for ‘best dildos online’ or 'best dildos near me’ and ordering one for yourself. And don’t worry the Glass Dildos will reach you in one piece covered and protected.

The common stereotype is to associate the usage of sex toys with younger people. However, according to an article by Home Grown (2021), men and women over the age of 65 have also been increasingly busy adding a few pleasure toys to their carts. Senior citizens who are women have been showing interest and buying sex toys like realistic dildos, strap-on dildos, or vibrators. Home Grown also says ‘strap-on dildos were searched for 113% above average.

Dildos vs Indian Pop Culture

Indian pop culture has a long to go before depicting dildos in a more positive light. Movies like Thank You For Coming might not have been a success but their depiction of sex toys gives us hope. We see the female lead, often encouraged by her friends to use sex toys. They even gave her a whole suitcase full of it and there, we saw dildos. The curiosity for dildos and strap-ons is not limited to only India. According to Statista, the most searched sex toy on Google worldwide in 2021 was butt plugs while strap-ons came in second.

“I’ve been a part of many circles in my adult life and most of the girls I’ve met own a dildo or a strap-on. Some own it (dildos) for personal pleasure while others who are in queer relationships, own them to heighten their sexual relationship.” Said 27-year-old Sneha (name changed to remain anonymous). She further mentions how the concept of sex toys was introduced to her through conversations online. Which is how she bought her first dildo as well.

The toy is also often used casually in sentences amongst many folks. People may not know what a vibrator is but they sure know what a dildo is. Many even confuse the two. One of the most common questions on platforms like Quora includes people asking if they could use a cucumber or brinjal. The answer is no, because the truth is, they simply just need a good quality dildo.

Types of Dildos

The next time you are in search of a good dildo, it’s important to know the various types that exist in the industry. Buying a dildo online is the easiest way to get what you want!

  1. Classic Dildo: These dildos are great for first-timers and for those who are curious to see how they work. They are various in various sizes and you can use them however you want. 
  2. Realistic Dildos: The ones all the above 65 aunties want. We don’t blame them, because these dildos feel so real, you wouldn’t remember how old you’re after using one of them. 
  3. Double-Ended Dildo: These are used specifically during partnered sex, the straight and queer folks can get their hands on it! They have a shaft on both sides, drawing you closer to each other. 

Dildos in India will forever hold importance, no matter what people say. Sometimes they will be found in the middle of an airport and other times they might be hidden at the back of your underwear drawer. But these toys are here to make you feel good and hold your sexual freedom in your hands.

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