7 Solo Sex Positions You Gotta Try Out

7 Solo Sex Positions You Gotta Try Out

If you are someone who loves a good solo trip and by that I mean a tremendous masturbation moment then let’s quit the laid-back (pun intended) attitude you’ve been hanging on to.

While your fingers are your thrusted best friends, it’s time to explore your toys and make that Big O and BIGGER O. Masturbating with your fingers is a great solo play time but once you’ve mastered the art, it’s time to bring some company into the bedroom. Especially the ones that can vibrate, twist, thrust and make you scream.

Solo masturbation trips are purely based on your interests and needs. It’s a good time to experiment without thinking about the other person and purely keep your inner self thriving. While that’s said, you shouldn’t feel the pressure to reach orgasm even if you’re riding solo. This quality time is a chance for you to discover yourself better.

Before we get into it. 

A HOT TIP you should consider: Take it to the edge 

The best part about solo good times is that you serve only one person and one goal. You gotta keep yourself happy and you get to decide when you climax.

For starters, edging is a great way to practice letting go of yourself. Edging is a playing technique where you get yourself close to an orgasm but deny yourself the same just when you’re about to finish. The idea is to build the various sensations you’re feeling, so every orgasm experience after this only gets better.

  1. Meet Cute
    Your toys are now your partners. Get acquainted with your toy in a way you haven’t before. Usually, you grab your vibrator and get in a quick orgasm, right? Well, this time grab your vibrator and place yourself in a position on the bed that you would usually do with a partner like on the belly or on your side. Play with your favorite touch points, say your breasts or legs. Use your toy creatively- your clit vibrator can tease the nipples or the masturbator can be a resting place for the ball sack!

  2. Hips Don’t Lie
    This is a very fun way to fly to an orgasm. Lay on your back and grab your toy. While you’re playing around with yourself, rotate your legs while pushing your butt out. This provides an added sensation with the toy and your body’s movement. You will not hate this. If your vibrator is a wand, this will work like a charm.

  3. Two’s a Party
    Get your hands on two kinds of toys. One creates a vibration while the other can get your insides throbbing. That way you can attend to two spots as and when you need to. It might seem a little overwhelming at first, but you can stop when you want to and try it out again when you’re ready. A Rabbit Vibrator can be a good way to go, but you can also pair up with other sex toys (say cock ring with a masturbator/clit-vibrator with a dildo or nipple clamps.)

  4. Rock and roll
    Lay on your belly for this one, get your toy or your fingers and grind yourself on it. If you’re using only one of the two- try both. Play with your body pressure, movements and more. The idea is for you to get super creative by just following your body’s needs.

  5. Tease Yourself
    Get your body to feel wanted. While you do have the control over your orgasms, you need not give yourself everything. Slow your touches, take longer to achieve your orgasm, get to know some sensations, do some Kegel exercises, take it slow. You're on a first date with yourself. Pro Tip: This is a great time to use toys like anal beads and more.

  6. Change Locations
    If you stay alone, move to another location to achieve the big O. If you have roommates, then get off the bed and place yourself on a chair instead. Grab a toy or your fingers and let the excitement of a new location take you places. An orgasm can be achieved anywhere, don’t limit yourself to your bed.

  7. Side to Side
    Flip yourself to the side and let your near your vagina from behind. Go back and forth while letting your fantasies take over. While the party is happening at the back, use your fingers from the front. Give yourself two places to focus on while achieving the big O. If your hands feel numb, switch to the other side and do the whole thing all over again.

Having a good time with yourself is the first step to exciting orgasms and some much needed self love. Don’t hold back with things that excite you. If you want to get a little frisky in the kitchen, get a toy with a remote control so you can go handsfree while making your dinner. The date, time and venue are all in your hands (or fingers). Orgasms are meant to be fun and solo sex is your time to play up.

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