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Buy Energy and Performance Products for Men in India

Energy and Performance for Men: How To Get Your Hard On (Pun-Intended) 101!

Low energy can be a real drag and especially when you and your partner are both in the mood and cannot wait to jump in bed for a happy hump fest. But who would’ve prepared anyone with the perils of being an adult?

Fatigue that kills the mood in bed

This tiredness being translated in bed can be a real bummer when your partner is just getting started but you have already reached your pinnacle. Now, although this may seem like an embarrassment to many, you gotta understand that your good boy Charlie probably needs a little help in the department and would appreciate it if you gave it the due attention. Or maybe it’s just a performance issue and you’re having trouble being able to bring your most attractive front forward. In a time where we still are not able to openly discuss any problems that you face in bed, we’re here to tell you that it’s perfectly fine for you to seek external options which drive high performance levels while doing the deed. And no, we do not mean the Bob Marley kind of high.

Using products which drive performance and energy equate with you being able to pull off being sexy and we are so much surer of you feeling a lot more confident in bed.

But does using a booster means telling goodbye an otherwise healthy sex life, without any supplements? Of course not. Rather, you’re in a position which lets your dicktaphone dictate what it needs and you will only be in a capacity of fulfilling it’s needs!

Male energy and performance products come in varied options

There are sprays which act as aphrodisiacs and are manufactured for the sole purpose of attracting your partners. You spray a couple of spritz on your neck and wrists and you’re sure to attract anyone like the way we see in men attract women in deodorant commercials. And although we do not wish to see you follow that line of imagery, we’re sure that you might just need a bodyguard when the sex appeal boosters get their job done.

Creams and sprays to the rescue

You can also consider using creams on your penis which delays your gratification and gives your partner maximum pleasure. They come in odorless and tasteless formulae so that you are not left dealing with any unpleasantries. Paying attention to the skin will send all those neurons in a frenzy and give you harder climaxes if you consider using gels for massages on your penis. Using delay sprays on your penis is also a simple way to enhance your performance. They desensitize your penis to decrease sensitivity which prolongs intercourse. Pro tip: using them with cock rings will get you going gaga, quite literally!

So, the next time you get in bed and are feeling even a little apprehensive of whether you’re going to be able to get the deed done, we advise you to get in your sheets, scoop some of the wetness (pun-intended) from the bottle and give your penis the massage it deserves before indulging in a night full of eroticism.

Top 5 male energy and performance products that we are sure will end your night on a much relieving high

Screaming O Dynamo Delay Desensitizer Spray

Screaming O Dynamo Delay Desensitizer Spray

Dynamo Delay is a product made in the USA with an FDA-approved indication to treat premature ejaculation and slow the onset of orgasm. Using active ingredient Lidocaine, Dynamo Delay provides a topical numbing sensation with a higher concentration that requires less product to provide the same effects.

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Promescent Delay Spray for Men

Promescent Delay Spray for Men

Sex is like a cup of hot cocoa- best if it is enjoyed hot, but slow enough to savor every sip. Promescent Delay Spray for Men helps you enjoy being with your partner just like that. It brings out the best in you by making your penis less sensitive and lasts longer, even during oral sex.

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Swiss Navy Max Size Male Enchasement Gel

Swiss Navy Max Size Male Enchasement Gel

Swiss Navy Max Size Cream from MD Science. Swiss Navy Max Size Cream Enhancement Cream is a male enhancement topical formula that provides a unique trans-dermal delivery system for quick absorption and immediate results.

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Orgie Xtra Time Delay Serum

Orgie Xtra Time Delay Serum

Orgie Xtra Time Delay Serum is a boon for every penis owner, especially if you are looking to level up your sex game. Are you tired of having your erections going away soon after you get into sexual acts? Do you want to satisfy your partner more? Want to get the reputation of “he lasted so long, I couldn’t match him”? The answer to all of these questions is this one product that gives the Xtra strength to last long for your penis.

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Pjur Superhero Strong Performance Spray

Pjur Superhero Strong Performance Spray

The unique intimate care product, specially designed for prolonged enjoyment for men. Pjur superhero strong spray is one of the top selling Pjur products worldwide - now exclusively available across all cities in India at IMbesharam.com.

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So, sit back, relax and get ready to ride your partner what may seem like an endless night. And although, that may be a metaphor for long drawn and lonely nights, we assure you that you’re going to be left feeling harder than the men on the cover of Boner magazines.

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