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Buy Premium Vibrators in India | | Fast & Free Delivery

Did you type Vibrator India to get here? 

Great, let me tell you a secret. Vibrators are INDEED awesome! They bring alive your wildest fantasies and make you experience a high. You are as entitled to your ‘me time’ and pleasure as men are, and vibrators bring that value to your sex. Feel the tides of pleasure and sensations in your erogenous zones like never before with your new pleasure companion.

When you asked us about vibrators online, we understood where you were coming from. After all, Vibrator India is one of the most searched Google phrases. Observing the popularity of vibrators among women, we have consolidated a guide to help our buyers make the best decisions, especially about their orgasms. Let's illustrate what vibrators in India are available, what they do, how to select the right one, and where to buy them.

What is a Vibrator?

As the name suggests, a vibrator is all about good vibes and mind-blowing orgasms. A vibrator is often a battery-powered or rechargeable, cordless sex toys that stimulates the genitalia (clitoris, vagina, and vulva) during solo play, massage, foreplay, or intercourse for intensified pleasure. 

While the simpler vibrators are either bullet-shaped or egg-shaped, rabbit vibrators, clitoral stimulators, wand massagers, and panty vibrators have a more contoured design for intense stimulation. The rabbit vibrators feature an external bunny ear for dual stimulation. And recent models of clitoral stimulators have been modified with eye-candy designs like cones, pebbles, and penguins, and advanced air suction technology that teases the clitoris to a euphoric climax. 

Mostly used by women to stimulate their erogenous zones, vibrators can externally stimulate the inner labia or the clitoris and please the G-spot internally. Vibrators like rabbit vibrators, thrusting vibrators, g-spot vibrators, and bullet vibrators are for internal use. They slide inside the vagina for varied sensations, up and down, in or out, to stimulate the deep-seated 'g-spot. Versatile in nature, these vibrators can also be used around the anus, on the breasts, or to tease a man around his penis or closer to his scrotum. They enhance pleasure by stimulating sensitive nerve endings around the erogenous zones.

Vibrators for Women in India - Increase in demand in the last few years

Vibrators for women have increasingly gained popularity in the Indian market, especially after the release of Veere Di Wedding, Lust Stories, and Four More Shots Please, where the female leads boldly engaged in self-pleasure with vibrators. The first-in-a-time explicit and candid portrayal of sex toys for women on the Indian cine screen made vibrators the talk of the sex town in India.

Since these mainstream movies have displayed women exploring their pleasure and sensuality unabashedly, most urban women feel less hesitation while they set out to buy vibrators. We have seen a spike of 25 % in demand for various groups of products for vulva owners in the year 2022, with an average monthly sale of INR 35 lacs+ for vibrators.

And women who may have never used a vibrator in the past may feel nervous. But no worries! There is always a first time for everything for everyone! It's alright to hesitate to use a vibrator for the first time, but the fun makes it all worth it! A vibrator is your wonder toy designed to make you feel good with enhanced arousal and climax while bringing intimacy to your partnered sex life. And if you already have experience with a vibrator, just let yourself be free to splurge and indulge in your favorite sex toy for couples!

How do I Use Vibrators for Solo and Couple Pleasure?

Vibrators are a perfect companion to tease the front and rear romps during solo play, masturbation, foreplay, sex with a partner, and long-distance sex. It is a good idea to select your vibrator carefully based on your preferences. These are available in varied designs, shapes, and sizes with different ranges of vibrations, sounds, and speeds to suit the needs and desires of all. Remember, the best way to use a vibrator is by following the instructions from the manufacturer. You can either browse through all the instructions on the package or watch an accompanying video to understand how it works.

For vibrator virgins, we recommend starting with using it during foreplay. Slide it gently over your body from head to toe, getting the hang of the sensations. Explore your body anew to spot new erogenous zones and understand what arouses you. Once you grow familiar with the stimulations of a vibrator on your body, it’s time to take the experience a notch above. Tease the exterior of your vagina with the contoured tip of the vibrator and move it around in gentle strokes. When you feel ready, slide it inside along the vaginal wall while touching your clitoris as if trying for shallow penetration. As you get more comfortable, you can be bold and push it inside further to make it penetrate deeply or even hit the G-spot.

When used with a partner, a vibrator can introduce a new spark and rejuvenate intimacy in your sex life. Slide the vibrator on each other’s body to explore new sensations and techniques that work for you. And if you desire to experiment, use it innovatively during butt play, shower play, or in creative positions. The mantra to happy sex life is to keep testing your comfort zone to continue exploring, experimenting, and enjoying. Remember to complement the play generously with a lubricant for a safe, relaxing, and pleasurable session. Also, know that it is OK to pause and keep the vibrator aside if you feel awkward or uncomfortable using the toy.

Different Types of Vibrators

We offer a diverse range of designs and types of vibrators that cater to pleasure for different body types. If you are looking for a wide range of vibrators in India - this is the correct address. Be spoilt with the choices the collection offers you when you are ready to choose and buy vibrators for women. And to begin with here is your quick mini-guide to different types of vibrators: 

  1. Wand Vibrator: An ideal vibrator for beginners, it is one of the oldest handheld massagers for the clitoris and vulva. The versatile design helps with non-genital stimulation, like teasing the nipples, the small of the back, the tip of the penis, and the balls. Wands are not the most discreet vibrator, but they can help with an ecstatic release without penetration. Our recommendation: Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Wand Massager.
  2. Clitoral Vibrator: The stimulator is ideal for external stimulation of the clitoris. A perfect companion for masturbation and partnered sex, the clitoral stimulators are discreet, have an ergonomic shape, and are convenient to carry. The clitoral vibrators tease the 8000 nerve endings of the clitoris with a suction effect or airwaves, depending on the technology, to deliver a wholesome experience. Our recommendation: PlusOne Fluttering Arouser.
  3. G-spot Vibrator: The g-spot vibrator has a curved or hooked tip. The shape allows precise stimulation of the deep-seated g-spot, a hard-to-reach erogenous zone. The intense vibration modes with hither-tither and in-out motions enhance the pleasure and can be controlled with an in-built button or external remote. You can use the G-spot vibrator for masturbation, partnered sex, or clitoral stimulation. Our recommendation: BMS Swarovski Racy Mini G-Spot Vibrator.
  4. Bullet Vibrator: When you need something petite packed with a powerful explosion, a bullet vibrator is the one for you. Also known as egg vibrators or mini vibrators, bullet vibrators can be used for both- internal and external stimulation. Versatile to use and easy to carry, the bullet vibrators are perfect for pleasure on the go. Use remote-controlled bullet vibrators to spice your partnered sex with public play. Our recommendation: B Swish Premium Wireless Vibrator.
  5. Rabbit Vibrator: It is ideal when you want to rock the g-spot and clitoris orgasms simultaneously. The rabbit delivers a superior experience with a built-in dildo and external bunny arms. The vibrator is designed for internal penetration. Our recommendation: Meta Rabbit Vibrator.
  6. Anal Vibrator: If you want to indulge in anal sex solo or with a partner, this vibrator can do the job for you. It stimulates your rear-end nerves. However, it is not ideal for vaginal sex. These are usually called vibrating butt plugs. Our recommendation: Rocks Off Bubbles Plug.
  7. Finger VibratorThese can be worn on your finger for manual masturbation. Just lie back and let it work to get you off anywhere, anytime. Our recommendation: Fifty Shades of Grey Secret Touching Finger Massager.
  8. Realistic Vibrator: Shaped like a phallic, this one looks and feels like a real penis. So, when your man is not around, or you both want some vaginal stimulation, a realistic vibrator will give you what you need. Our recommendation: King Cock 6” Stiffy Realistic Vibrator.
  9. Strap-on Vibrator: This is quite a well-liked adult toy among couples to add a zing factor to their escapades. It comes with a harness with a dildo attached to it. It can be easily strapped around the waist by both men and women. Our recommendation: Lux Fetish Vibrating Strap-on Dildo.
  10. Nipple Vibrator:  It can add novelty and fun to your sex life. It is available as clips, clamps, suckers, and pumps to tingle your nipples hands-free. Explore kinky nipple stimulation that will take you to new realms of pleasure. Our recommendation: Sex & Mischief Nipple Suckers.
  11. Smart Vibrator: Experience first-hand where high-technology sex toys can take you! Feel the thrill of versatile app-controlled toys, that work for solo play, couple's play, and long-distance relationships. Our recommendation: Lovense Lush 3

How do I Clean a Vibrator?

Every time you indulge with your vibrator, it comes in contact with bacteria putting you at risk of infection, STIs, and STDs. It's crucial to use your vibrator according to the product manuals to ensure a safe, healthy, and hygienic experience.

Always read the cleaning instructions in the manual to learn how to take good care of your vibrator. Sanitize the vibrator with a non-toxic sex toy cleaner, spray, or wipes before and after use. You can also wash the toy with a bar of mild and fragrance-free soap, but ensure no residues are left. The odorless soap is recommended so that the vibrator does not cause any kind of irritation on your skin. Alternatively, you can also put it in boiling water on the stove or top rack of the dishwasher for about 7-10 minutes provided the material is made from metal, glass, or wood.

In the case of battery-operated vibrators, you should first remove the battery and then clean it with a sex toy cleaner or a damp cloth and anti-bacterial soap followed by wiping it dry thoroughly. Reinsert the batteries and your toy is ready for use again! It is also advisable to store the vibrator in its original package or a cloth bag to keep it safe, functional, and of course, discreet from others.

Where do I Buy Vibrators in India?

When you buy vibrators, there are two key factors you need to bear in mind:

  • Material: A vibrator made from silicone, glass, and metal materials should be your ideal and first choice. They are easy to clean, use, and store.
  • Functionality: Check for its sensations, speed, sound, settings, and other features.

In India, you can easily buy vibrators online. However, there are again a few points to consider when shopping online:

  • Buy from an only trustworthy website.
  • See if the website is an authorized seller of the products it is selling.
  • Check for detailed product information, reviews, and warranty.
  • Buy only from a website like, which will respect your discretion, provide you with proper sales and after-sales support, and will do business legally and authentically.

After all, you’re out there to buy one of your most trusted friends, when it comes to exploring your sexuality, and body and having fun!

10 Best Vibrators for Women in India to Try in 2024

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation

The handy design of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin especially impresses newcomers to sensual solo play with its cute shape and simple use. The curved head on this pressure wave vibrator creates never experienced before climaxes with 11 different programs. The rechargeable batteries make it ready for any adventure.

LoveHoney Sqweel Go!

LoveHoney Sqweel Go!

LoveHoney Sqweel Go! for her is a best seller for a reason! It can lick your clitoris with insane power, mimicking the tongue of a real lover who ensures you cum first. With this vibe oral stimulation is at your service, whenever or wherever you please.

ROMP Beat Classic Vibrator

ROMP Beat Classic Vibrator

Size doesn't always matter, not with this cool vibrator. ROMP Beat is a super compact and easy-to-use toy that will pamper your clitoris and stimulate you internally. This powerful vibrator will turn your head. And since ROMP Beat is completely waterproof, nothing stands in the way of a long bath. So feel the Beat, your body will thank you.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Greedy Girl Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

Fifty Shades Of Grey Greedy Girl Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

Looking for easy pleasure, woman? All you need to do is sit back and let the Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Thrusting rabbit vibrator do the job of pleasing you. After you have taken this rechargeable greedy girl for a spin, you will be one grateful and satisfied bunny.

Voodoo Beso G Dual Vibrator

Ladies, we bring you Voodoo Beso G Dual Vibrator that is committed to re-define sexual pleasure for you through dual stimulation- giving attention to both your G-spot and clitoris- while worshipping your appetizing curves the way you deserve it. A petite vibrator with an easy ergonomic finger grip, this dual vibrator promises attending to your sweet spots with delicious sensations, and ecstatic climaxes.

Ohmibod Esca 2 For Kiiroo

Ohmibod Esca 2 For Kiiroo

Ladies, OhMiBod Esca2™ Powered by Kiiroo is here to make your bedroom turn into a pleasure playground with the OhMiBod Remote App. It is designed for G-spot stimulation and can be used both solo and coupled. Esca2™ is a Bluetooth-enabled, versatile wearable massager with a built-in LED indicator. It has an app-controlled play feature that lets your partner engage in naughty sex play from across the room or across the world.

Lovense LUSH 3 Wireless Smart Vibrator

Lovense LUSH 3 Wireless Smart Vibrator

Lovense Lush 3 Wireless Smart Vibrator is here with better technology, better design, and BETTER ORGASMS! In partnership with, the official distributor of Lovense in India, we introduce to you a super-powerful SMART vibrator that will take your self-pleasure and partner game to the next level delivering the most toe-curling orgasms that you may have never experienced before.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Pressure Wave Vibrator

Satisfyer Pro 2 Pressure Wave Vibrator

The popular classic Satisfyer Pro 2 guarantees explosive pleasure sensations with its innovative pressure wave stimulation. With 11 programs, the high-tech gimmick offers contact-free enjoyment, which can be experienced everywhere and anywhere thanks to the rechargeable batteries.

LELO Mia 2 Vibrator

LELO Mia 2 Vibrator

Ladies, looking to introduce some opulence and excitement in your boudoir? Your wait ends as LELO has come forth with the Mia 2 vibrator, a chic-looking, lipstick-style vibrator! With its graceful, glossy design, Mia 2 is not only the apt vibrator to target your clitoris with its eager stimulations but also complements your chic vibes exquisitely.

Lelo Sona™ Luxury Clitoral Massager

Lelo Sona™ Luxury Clitoral Massager

Classy to look at and magnificent to touch, the Lelo Sona luxury clitoral massager is the range rover pleasure prop for women. It can hypnotize you with just one glance and create a stronger spell as you use it. Lelo Sona Luxury goes above and beyond, even at the places you can’t see as it stimulates all of your clitoral nerves with light sonic waves instead of traditional vibrations.


Q1. What is a vibrator, and how does it work?

A vibrator makes shake­s using a battery or a motor that can be recharge­d. This is a kind of toy meant for making experie­nces enjoyable. You place­ it on soft spots such as the clitoris or vagina. Vibrators are available in many forms and dime­nsions, with options to adjust how strong and patterned the vibrations are­. Enjoy using it either solo or with a companion. Vibrators bring thrills, boosting the de­light you feel during use. It's pure­ly about positive sensations and amuseme­nt!

Q2. How do I choose the right vibrator for my preferences and needs?

Sele­cting a vibrator is individualistic. Determine if you pre­fer clitoral, vaginal or both types of stimulation. Ponder on the­ size, form, and substance -- silicone is typical. Re­flect about its power method: batte­ry, rechargeable, or corde­d. Browse through ratings to gain knowledge. If share­d with a partner, search for duo-compatible choice­s. Secrecy is key, he­nce assess the sound inte­nsity. Finally, choose something that's both cozy and thrilling. Probe to discove­r your ideal match.

Q3. Do vibrators come in various sizes, and how do I know which size is suitable for me?

Yes, vibrators vary greatly in size­. If new, start small for comfort. For intense se­nsations, go bigger. There's no unive­rsal size -- choose what fee­ls right. Experiment with differe­nt sizes, it's part of the fun! Don't be shy trying a fe­w to determine your unique­ preference­s and comfort zone. Find the size that hits your swe­et spot.

Q4. Are there health benefits or risks associated with using vibrators regularly?

Vibrators have good and bad side­s. The goods include sexual e­njoyment, reduced te­nsion, and mood enhancement. The­y might also strengthen pelvic floor muscle­s, assisting with bladder control and intimacy. However, fre­quent use may numb certain are­as temporarily. Therefore­, be cautious, vary your approach, and listen to your body's warnings. With proper use­, vibrators can provide a playful boost to sexual health.

Q5. Are vibrators safe to use, especially for beginners?

Vibrators can be safe­ for newcomers if used corre­ctly. Choose materials like silicone­ that are safe for the body. Start ge­ntly and strictly follow instructions. Cleanliness is key; use­ water-based lubricants for extra comfort. Start from the­ outside, move at a spee­d that feels right for you. Expressing your like­s and dislikes is important. If unsure, contact professionals. If use­d properly and sensibly, vibrators can be se­cure and enjoyable tools for self-discovery, especially for those­ starting out.

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