10 Best Sex Toys That Should Be in Your Top Drawer

10 Best Sex Toys That Should Be in Your Top Drawer

The Oxford dictionary defines ‘Self love’ as the regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.

Every individual has their way of expressing self-love. Some like taking long vacations, others choose to relish in long baths, for some quality family time could do the trick while some may prefer solace and peace. Needless to say, there are infinite ways to have your need for self-love met.

One such method that might be a little taboo but works wonders is pleasuring yourself.

Helping yourself in reaching an orgasm or engaging in sexual activities is known to have many benefits to humans.

  • They can boost your mood and instantly make you feel better.
  • They are also known to improve your sleep.
  • Orgasms can also contribute to an increase in confidence levels.
  • They can also lower your stress levels, relieve pain, and much more!

While intercourse is an effective method when trying to climax, there are some amazing alternatives in the market that do the job even well.

Buying Sex toys online happens to be one of them.

Today we have got a list of some amazing unskippable toys that will spice up your life in the bedroom.

1. Butt plugs: Anal toys can be used to stimulate your sex organs. They are slightly similar to dildos and are inserted inside the rectum. The butt plugs can come in different sizes and materials to help increase your pleasure. Ideally, silicone is the best material if you are looking to buy a butt plug.

While most butt plugs can help with stretching and prepping you up for the big stuff– whatever it is you are into *wink wink*, we offer a range of vibrating butt plugs that can help accomplish all your orgasm jollies.

2. Penis Ring: Also known as cock rings, these are worn around the base of the penis and, sometimes, even the testicles. They can help make your erections harder and can make them last longer as well.

They come in a variety of materials, such as rubber, metal, and even leather. You can experiment with different sensations using the vibrating or remote controlled penis rings, and amplify the fun in the bedroom.

Apart from making sex or even alone time more pleasurable for you these toys can also help penis owners with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation

3. Dildos: When we talk about buying sex toys online, Dildos are easily the most renowned answer. They are fun sex toys used for penetration and come in all shapes and sizes. From 6 inches to 10, it’s no longer a dream.

Our store offers realistic dildos with a realistic skin-like texture to increase your pleasure. For those who prefer extra details, we offer dildos with enhanced vein-like texture or additional balls for the thrills.

Whether you want to lube it up for some sexy alone time or bring it out for exciting times with your partner, dildos can be the perfect toy to get things going in the bedroom. Dildos work great with water-based lubes and are capable of creating a realistic and addicting touch that you cannot say no to.

4. Fleshlight:

A masturbatory aid that can lead you to your booming climax. It can be used either by you or your partner. The fleshlight is an insertable toy that stimulates your penis. It is a sleek discrete device that provides your privates with a pleasurable grip and a realistic structure with snubs, and crevices to mimic realistic sex. However, if you are someone who finds more comfort in experimenting alone, fleshlight could be the perfect choice for you.

5. Sex dolls:

As the name suggests are sex toys that have similar anatomy to a human being. These too come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Our site offers waterproof, inflatable sex dolls that are portable and silky smooth. They can be the perfect partner for all your late-night adventures.

6. Straps-ons: A strap-on is usually a two-piece sex toy. It consists of a harness and a dildo. The dildo can also be replaced by other penetrative toys of your choice. You or your partner can use the harness to keep the toy attached to one’s hips and use the toy for intercourse or pegging.

It is a wonderful toy that works miracles for all genders.

7. Vibrators:

A vibrator is very easy to use and can be used by anyone in the bed. Not only can it help you achieve great results when having some fun alone but it can also make bedtime with your partner more exciting. Vibrators also come with options that can offer dual stimulation for women by giving attention to both your G-spot and clitoris.

8. Remote control toys:

These can be a great hit if you are looking for something to try with your partner. These come with remotes and a toy. The toy can stimulate your intimate parts while your partner can take charge of the remote. These kinds of toys come with an infinite set of vibration patterns and the speed and power too can be controlled. They are also soft and snug and fit your privates perfectly.

9. Handcuffs:

This one is no surprise. If you are someone with a Sub-Dom fantasy or just someone who does not like vanilla when it comes to sex, handcuffs are a must for you. Depending on what works for you, you can get a range of cuffs like metal cuffs, fur cuffs, ribbons, or even leather. These help you attain the pleasure you are looking for either through BDSM, Roleplay, or even normal sex. While your hands might be cuffed, the choice would still be yours.

10. Nipple clamps:

This one’s also for our people out there with little more elaborate kinks. If you are someone who enjoys BDSM, nipple clamps could be great for you. Even if the idea of BDSM doesn’t work for you, clamps are still something you can try to alleviate your pleasure. Clamps can sometimes be painful, therefore different categories of clamps are designed to be gentle yet firm based on your preference. We offer a range of clamps that can pinch and create the right amount of pressure while also maintaining sensitivity and taking care of your pleasure. Trying these only helps you understand more about what your sweet spot could do for your better experience.

All said and done, as important as it is to enjoy some time for yourself, it is equally important to maintain a style that keeps you safe and healthy. Sexual wellness, an often ignored conversation, is an irreplaceable part of maintaining wellness in our lives.

Sexual wellness for different people can look different.

  • For some, it might mean communicating more in the sheets.
  • For some, it could boil down to looking after their physical health.
  • For others, it could be educating themselves and setting healthy boundaries.

Whatever your definition of sexual wellness, we only want the best for you and encourage you to work towards making yourself healthier.

In a quest to do so, we have created a list to buy sex toys online. Our top 10 toys that can be easily be purchased on our site. They don’t only help you get going in bed but also help with other factors such as anxiety, sleep issues, and comfort with your partner. Sex toys can help you “talk’ about sex more openly and eventually prepare you for newer experiences.

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